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  1. I wanted a full fledged tank. I think it was @RoaringRiot that said there were folks on the team that did think we could compete. We appear to be spending $100M in cap space in the next two years on Okung, Short, Anderson and Teddy. That’s 25% of the total cap for 2020 and 2021. It’s not a trace amount and it seems like we spent close to what we lost. It’s not like we tried to keep good company picks or got picks for Turner or saved cap for when we are ready to compete so I can’t see how we aren’t trying to be competitive. If going 1-15 with a gimme no Brees win in the second halves of the last two seasons didn’t kill support, a full rebuild knowing we could get a stud QB would keep the rest of us around. The whole spend $100M on mediocrity because we’d lose support is silly. Not having a QB of the future to be hopeful about after losing Cam is what would erode support. Continuing to be 5-11 to 8-8 every year erodes support. Having a plan to go full rebuild doesn’t. We’ve been through two before and both times it led to our best two seasons in a few years.
  2. Yep. Everyone and their mother has us at the bottom. Tampa picked up Tom Brady, NO has been a playoff team for years and we can’t seem to beat the Falcons but let’s act like we can and sign a bunch of OL to one year deals, not use last year’s one year deals to get comp picks, spend a ton on a bridge QB, sign a ton of WR FAs in the best WR draft ever or as good as OBJ’s year and not cut a DT making top money with 3 sacks in 2 years. We let a ton of FAs walk making it seem like we are rebuilding and then we decide we’ll make some moves looking like we are going for it now. It makes no sense. I mean 2020 couldn’t have been more tailor made for rebuilding hard.
  3. He didn’t mention he wasn’t big enough to defend the run. His point was that Brown and Burns and even YGM are guys with physical tools to be able to turn into pro-bowlers. No guarantee but they have that upside. Weatherly may have size, he doesn’t have the upside. Wes Horton had enough size to defend the run and had some success to get sacks but in the end he didn’t have the physical tools to be a stud DE.
  4. The bold is part of the reason why I was saying that overall there could be less spreading if they are focused on playing football than just being students and/or being home. You can be a bit more certain that the young folk who don’t want to be in a bubble are taking the precautions because they have to and have people reminding them. If they aren’t playing football then what are they doing and are they coughing on grandma? It sure seems like this is another political divide instead of a real discussion. Trump wants to play football. Anti-Trump says think of the children we are basically throwing these players into a forest fire. I think there’s way more to it and actually think players could end up safer and if there is transmission it might be better because it’s caught/tracked better and the infected are in general more healthy than family members. The Indiana kid is the poster child but have there been deaths or more hospitalizations? Are there more serious cases than the general public?
  5. Good joke, but here’s a thought based on above. Players aren’t going to be around their grandparents while being in a football bubble.
  6. I’m sure this came up, but it honestly seems to me that the college kids in a semi-bubble being tested a ton, having access to medical facilities, etc. would potentially make them safer than just being students or potentially being at home. I’ll take Clemson as an example. I believe that the AD just mentioned that all athletes right now are negative and they had at least 20 something football players come to campus with CV. Feeney from Indiana is the only player we’ve heard about with serious symptoms and only two other players were positive so I’d be interested to know how he got it. Seems like everyone was screened so if he and the two others got it while attending a party or going to a restaurant, it would be good to know. He’s being used as the poster child and if he didn’t get it from the football team, would it have been worse if he and the other two weren’t getting tested? Would they have spread it to their families? Seems like there’s been a ton of inter family spreading and here’s a kid who didn’t spread it because he was on campus in a high testing program. Just my thoughts which aren’t going to move any chains. It seems like a high test, high medical availability, less contact with older family environment could actually be safer than the risk of player to player spread.
  7. I’m with you. I looked at Teddy’s logs and nobody counted the game where he played most of the game when Brees got hurt in the first quarter and they lost. He had one huge game at home against Tampa. Outside of that he was just OK and not close to Brees results even in a year where Brees appears to be fading a bit. Allen outplayed him week 17 the year before and it wasn’t close. I’ve never been impressed by Teddy. He could surprise but I don’t think it was worth going 6-10 with Teddy vs 2-14 with Grier. I don’t think Teddy is our make the playoffs and go on a run guy. He’s not what Cam was in his prime so unless we build a stud D and a good running game, we will continue to be middle of the road at best.
  8. Exactly. Didn’t Elway come out and say they weren’t looking to resign Paradis? Anderson commanding $14M a year? C’mon, who would believe that going into the ridiculously deep WR draft with a lot of top tier talent. He’s not Diggs nor has he ever been mentioned near that level. With this draft, $10M was a good deal for him. It’s not a horrible price for us, especially if you are going to ignore WR in the draft. $14M was absolutely floated by his agent.
  9. Not at all. Based on all of the discounted vet QBs and the best WR draft in many years, it’s not surprising that we paid a lot for Bridgewater and Anderson. Of course and signing the hot commodities of Seth Roberts and Pharaoh Cooper. Of course, we still think we are going to play well enough to waste money on Short. I hate to rehash but our timing to move on from Cam was just about perfect. 2020 big D draft, tons of FAs going away to save a ton of cap ($90M without Short, Teddy and Anderson), 4 comp picks including a 3rd, Brady and Brees retiring while our young guys get acclimated, Ryan getting closer to 40 and the best top of the draft QBs in years. We could have had an epic 2021 draft with a franchise QB and OL our the wazoo. Could have taken the best available 4 IOL with each of the comp picks and still had a full set of picks to load up on O. Could have rolled over all that cap to sign two Khalil Mack level FAs in year 2/3 of the rebuild and kept Moore and Moton. We could have owned the South for years and made multiple deep playoff runs. Instead, just like the last few years, we thought we could compete so we didn’t want extra picks or tens of millions of extra cap space. This will be a wasted year anyway, would have been perfect to go full rebuild. Anyway, I think I’m done with that spiel. Can’t change it now. Hopefully, we still pick up a stud QB in the next draft of two. We need our next Cam. I had no issue not committing a huge deal to him at this point but he needs a real replacement.
  10. Yeah, gotta love the comment that there was very little interest in him as a FA. That’s not a great sign seeing him at the bottom in separation.
  11. NC against ND/Alabama and the playoff game against Ohio State he shined. Ohio State was him carrying the offense. He won that game and I was impressed. Okudah destroyed Higgins and Ross wasn’t the same WR in this year’s CFP. If you told me that Etienne would have 36 yards rushing and that Higgins and Ross would combine for 80 yards receiving, there’s no way I would have guessed that Clemson would win or score 29 against a freaking great D. OSU had 3 D players drafted in the first with Okudah and Young at 3 and 2 and another CB in the first. DT and LB in the 3rd. Another CB should go first round this year. I came away very impressed that game as even with a huge hit by Young (I think it was him), Lawrence carried that offense when his WRs did nothing and Etienne had no room to run. I’m a big Lawrence fan. The LSU game was by far his worst, but as a true sophomore, it’s going to happen. 933 yards passing and 10 TDs with no turnovers against the other 3 with a ton of first round D talent is impressive as a 19/20 year old. It is hard to evaluate QBs but he’s going to be about as high as you can grade. I hope Fields and Lance are as well because I don’t know if we’ll get the top pick.
  12. You want to see a mess. How’s the NFL draft, 2021 season and CFB 2021 season going to look if they play CFB in the Spring this year? CFB players just going to get a few weeks off before starting up again? Wear and tear and injuries galore. Preparing for the draft? Not going to happen. How many Seniors and Juniors will opt out to be ready for the NFL draft and training camps instead of risking injuries.
  13. Ooh burn. You are just a master of everything. I’m sorry, you got scared due to the mega quake. Best part about your condescending know it all posts is that you posted about living in Japan and post the above about me living in LA. Hypocrisy at its finest. Just go swim with gators and get it over with, you aren’t as special as you think you are.
  14. I don’t mind us not signing him if we are just giving the young guys a chance. I just don’t get why we seem to be rebuilding (lost a ton of FAs) and still pay a guy like Short $13M this year when he’s clearly on our 1 year plan or not just start Grier when we could have had our pick of the top QB in what appears to be the best top QB draft in a long time. Oh well, here’s to not having an extra $60-90M in cap and extra picks to splurge when the young guys would be ready to compete.
  15. No poo. I lived in LA when the Northridge earthquake happened. That was an earthquake. I was sitting on my bed and felt it but this could have been a long fart and been about the same. Anyone who thought this was much or is tweeting about it needs to relax. Damage? Lol. Maybe if someone left a coffee cup half hanging over the edge of the counter.
  16. No, we complained that we didn’t get picks instead. We could have saved another $13M if we really just wanted cap instead of Turner. That said, I posted an article that came out the day of the trade and specifically mentioned the risk of retirement. We aren’t the GM’s so we don’t play through every scenario if we stayed we didn’t like the trade anyway. It just doesn’t surprise me that we were the team taking the injury and retirement risk. We paid $16M to Williams and Paradis coming off serious injuries and that was a bad move. In two years we will have spent almost $40M on vet OL who came off serious, missed most of the season injuries and we drafted 0 interior OL while losing the entire 2017 staring interior that all were all-pro/pro bowlers. Now we have a starting OL that has one person signed for 2021. We’ve done a miserable job of building the OL the past 3 years and this just adds more frustration.
  17. There wasn’t. We lose salary cap in 2020 but gain it in 2021 (although with no RG). If getting rid of Turner was solely salary then release him or trade him for picks, don’t pay Okung $13M for 1 year.
  18. Lol, no kidding. The NBA shut down 7 days after the trade. All sports were basically done a week after. The amount of hoops some guys go through to defend a guy who has been mediocre at best for the last decade is amazing. Acting like CV wasn’t even on the radar or that Okung retiring wasn’t a risk even without CV is blind yes man behavior. We didn’t discuss retirement back during the trade because the trade was done so we just wondered if we got the better end of the deal and that’s it.
  19. Lol. Really? Colleges and schools were shut down within a couple weeks of March 4th. Are you trying to say that on March 4th no one was thinking about CV being a problem for sports when our local school’s sports teams were finished for spring within two weeks. I’m glad you went to live games but the NBA shut down on March 11th and the ACC tourney shut down the next day. If you went to live games it was within 1 week of the trade so don’t try to make it look like games were going weeks or months after the trade. Okung probably had as big a risk of retiring as anyone for any type of CV stoppage. I’m not saying Hurney shouldn’t have made the trade. I wouldn’t have because I would have rather had picks, but let’s be real that this was a potential risk for a guy with a heart problem that mulled retirement after the last season. Let’s put it this way, it’s not shocking that we were the ones who traded for a high risk guy and it didn’t work out. Trying to make it out like this is some sort of shock or that it was months before sports and schools were shut down is disingenuous.
  20. Reminds me of Elway saying last year that they weren’t even considering bringing Paradis back. SMH. I’m so glad the coaching staff appeared to have taken over the draft because it’s moves like these that make you wonder why he’s our GM.
  21. Not true at all. He had a life threatening heart issue which caused him to miss 10 games. The trade was in March. Even the author of the article mentions the risk of him retiring right when the trade happen because Okung mulled retirement after the season. Sorry, but this idea that in March Hurney couldn’t possibly have seen retirement as a risk is bunk. If he felt like it was a risk he’d live with that’s fine, but it certainly wasn’t a unbelievable announcement that he’s mulling retirement. He’s literally the poster boy for a player who should opt out based on his heart issue last year. It would be more troubling if Hurney didn’t consider the risk at all.
  22. I think it’s cooler to diss him and act like he’s not good. I’d be ecstatic to have him as our QB. There is no guarantee but he’s absolutely one of the top rated QBs to come out in a while. This isn’t Mariotta/Winston or Darnold/Mayfield. Lawrence is a potential Peyton Manning. IMHO, I would have went all out for the chance to have a potential pro-bowl QB for 10+ years. If somehow Fields or Lance passed him then it will be because they had unbelievable years, not because Lawrence is overrated.
  23. Not true. Releasing Turner and trading him had the exact same cap result. Any unaccounted for bonus money hits the 2020 cap instead of spreading out over 2020 and 2021.
  24. How? The trade was March. Pro days were being cancelled and we were getting close to lockdowns and shutting down schools. A heart issue is one of the reasons why a player would opt out. There’s a difference between seeing it coming and being smart enough to realize that they were trading for one of the few people in the NFL who you’d say should sit out.
  25. Read the link I just posted. The author mentions specifically the risk of Okung retiring because of the heart issue. So yes, Hurney should have been aware that there was a big risk that if CV was around that he’d retire. The trade was in March. CV was already in the US and we went on lockdown in NC two weeks later. Let’s not act like this trade was done without realizing it was a risk. Pretty sure pro days and travel was already stopping. A guy with a life threatening heart issue is very much a guy who would opt out for health reasons. Pretty sure Okung is a perfect example of a guy risking a lot if he gets it.
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