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  1. Tepper could threaten to leave Charlotte, but honestly, where else would he go? Could the tax base in South Carolina support it alone? Probably not. If anything the money should come from a regional coalition. If it's TWO STATES, ONE TEAM, then two states should be involved.
  2. At Bank of America stadium, expect a third of the crowd to be there in Elton John gear
  3. Is this more of a Sting turning heel.... or are you going full Hogan NWO heel?
  4. If the Saints fans want to keep eating those member berries, don't forget the ones where their coach had to sit out a year
  5. If the Packers are playing a game the same day, then yes. With this being the only NFL game on Thursday, then maybe not so much...
  6. If you read the intro, they took 1 simulation out of 20,000...So nothing but a random sampling "Today, we took just one of those 20,000 season-long simulations -- No. 1,721 -- and played out the entire slate with final scores for all 267 games. And we baked a little creative license into the details along the way."
  7. The ticket scanning worked for me without a hitch. However, I had to politely ask to skip ahead of about 8 people who were holding up the line trying to figure out the system for the first time. Stadium staff giving friendly reminders to people to have their tickets ready before they get in line would help keep things moving.
  8. Guess it would have to do with all the behind the scenes prep work that is done before the broadcast. The production crew usually interviews players and coaches around their plans for the week and they even watch a few practices. It gives the announcers and the camera crews something to look for during the game. Doubtful it's much that you couldn't figure out with game film though.
  9. Watching Tepper doing "another Panther first down" in the owner's box means I'll be watching all of this tonight...
  10. While transferable and with some market value, I never thought of my PSLs as an asset, but rather an investment to hedge against inflated resell ticket prices due to popular opponents, given that I want to go to each game. Alternatively, the money to be made is in reselling game tickets that you acquired at face value. Sell enough over a few seasons to make up the PSL investment, then you're in the black.
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