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  1. WonderBoy

    OK, who is getting poo canned?

    I watched every game of the 1-15 nightmare season with Seifert & the 2-14 season with Fox but I swear if they don't fire Rivera soon, I don't know if I can watch another game. I just can't stand seeing Rivera standing there emotionless on the sideline. Since we're obviously not going anywhere, I wish we would just fire Rivera right now.
  2. WonderBoy

    The coming offseason

    Probably people who realized the Steelers and Panthers were playing this year and the game would be really easy for the Steelers to win if Rivera was still there (which it was).
  3. WonderBoy

    What we know after tonight

    We know what most of us here already know: we will never win a Super Bowl as long as Ron Rivera is our head coach. We can win on talent alone & great plays by some great players (Cam , CMC, Luke, Gano in the Giants game, etc.) but we will have multiple games a year we will get outcoached and embarrassed and if Tepper wants a Super Bowl here, he needs to fire Rivera. Everyone has a salary cap but coaches are the only way you can get an edge in this league, and we need a better coach.
  4. If Clark was a solid left tackle, he wouldn't have been sitting on his couch when the football season started.
  5. Having so many injuries on offensive line doesn't help. It takes time for deep plays to happen.
  6. Okay then fire them all.
  7. I hope this stops the Hurney love threads. He could have chosen Calvin Ridley over DJ Moore. Tepper, please fire Hurney.
  8. It's a valid point strictly thinking of Byrd as a receiver, but if we cut both Byrd & Barner (which she has us doing), who is our return man? Hopefully it wouldn't be Samuel or McCaffrey, they are way too important on offense (especially McCaffrey) to risk that kind of injury.