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  1. Rivera is a reclamation project. The guy just screams "carry me"
  2. Only thing missing from his final walk out was getting a hit on Cam. Then he too, would have gotten his shot in.
  3. I wonder if he'd still have this sense of humor if he lost his job because he sucked as a coach with no personal responsibility and his life and family weren't covered by the millions of dollars he drained over the years. Bet that would be hilarious too. Must be nice.
  4. Now the presser just needs an appearance from John Fox and Jake Delhomme crying and it would be set!
  5. Too bad he couldn't help himself understand the game better too.
  6. Tepper gonna keep Hurney around the same reason Jerry kept him around. Its nice having a guy who won't rat out your.......... activities.
  7. He's gonna be made head coach cause why not. The Hurney curse cannot be denied.
  8. I agree let's thank the man for all the success. Thank you Cam Newton. Done.
  9. Goodbye you turd. I just wish it had been done sooner before he ran Cam into the ground. Midseason firing couldn't happen to a better person. Maybe he will take one final shot at his players. At least he's got his two time Coach of the Year awards though!!
  10. God damn obnoxious as hell. Like hey look at me im terrible at my job and have a 65 IQ and still make 7 million a year.
  11. His obvious lack of coaching ability aside, which would be plenty reason to fire him, how exactly is he a nice guy? A guy who blames his players all the time in the media (Hey, look at the guys we have to work with!) uses bad excuses for his poor work, sacrifices his guys to cover and save his own butt (lol Washington last year) ridiculous punishments (The tie incident) for certain players and provides zero backup like when Cam was being outright targeted (Id have taken a shot too) doesnt really scream jeez what a wonderfully nice man. Maybe hes a good family man or something. Not sure how many people here would really know that but I dont get all that nice guy stuff really.
  12. They are trying alright. Trying to get that moron fired.
  13. Honestly, Kyle Allen is a hero right now. Doing everything he can to get Rivera and Hurney fired, give us higher picks and preventing any thought process that he will be the guy going forward, if there was any lmao. Lord lol, and the way the media and some people on here ran away with this scrub was ridiculous. For the love of god Cam get healthy soon this team needs you again. Not that these fans deserve it.
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