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  1. Different level of defensive opponent. Getting wins against 3 teams that are like 4/15 in games with terrible defenses and relying on a ton of YAC makes you look good.
  2. I’m sure Rivera wishes he could take a shot on Haskins.
  3. Rhule doing his best to honor Rivera’s time honored tradition of not winning games against division opponents. At least Teddy has over 300 yards with all that YAC!!!
  4. Rivera got upset that Haskins wasn’t his savior like he had for so many years and benched him within a few games lmao. I’m sure he’s shooting for a new savior in the draft so he can continue to poo out terrible defenses and archaic coaching/management decisions all while getting another round of coach of the year awards. Hopefully the next guy won’t get his head and body illegally blasted as the cost.
  5. Rhule and company have found a winning formula with all that hard work and desire. As long as the opponent has 4+ turnovers and like a billion penalties we should be set! Being near last in missed tackles and one of the worst scoring offenses won’t stop this juggernaut!
  6. Had to turn it off. My sleep is more valuable. God these guys are terrible.
  7. Not voting for either of these trash human beings regardless of the lies they spew tonight. Would be funny if it all wasn’t so real.
  8. Bull thinks all Muslims are terrorist and all protesters should be murdered forgive him if he can’t tell time.
  9. Hurney about to make Davis the second highest paid rb in the league.
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