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  1. Rivera wouldnt do that he is a great coach two time coach of the year dont you know? Didnt you watch all or nothing he dropped the F word hes top notch.
  2. Only the morons thought otherwise. Like really Kyle Allen in that Saints game was enough lmao
  3. lmao at anybody thinking these backup scrubs are worth anything. God please Cam stay healthy.
  4. Yerp I guess there could always be that one team but in reality nobody gonna trade for one of our scrubs.
  5. Best in the AAF. JAG in the NFL. Nope
  6. Pretty fair assessment he looks like he has done a good job this offseason but we will find out soon.
  7. No If our season is going to be over with an injury to Cam at least wait until the regular season where it matters and not being cute in the preseason. Anybody with half a brain knows what we got with him and what he means to the team. He's Rivera's meal ticket to the playoffs and herp derp 3rd coach of the year award.
  8. Hopefully if he makes the team and actually plays in games its because he's the best option and not simply because of the London connection etc. Kind of tired of a coach who gets paid 7 million a year or whatever it is to put the best plays on the field to play vets past their prime for good send offs or a guy who is just a jag to get time his time in sun in his home country for good feels while getting owned defensively and losing the game badly.
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