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  1. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    Why don’t religious people just leave us normals the what we want to do alone. If we support or have abortions let us rot in hell like we are supposed to.
  2. Me and the Washington post. Right? this is twice this week you have hoisted yourself above her with your bleaching into the wind. As an exxon stooge I know you hate her.
  3. Yeah Harbi has the hard on over her like Fox News. The profit is hard to dig out A. because this was grant and government funded so their research "costs" were covered B. profit is not shown on line by line like that.
  4. "Most of my rapes were not the gentlemen jumping out of the bushes that nobody had ever met. That was one or two times out of one hundred. Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible, but I sat in court — sat in court — when juries would struggle with those types of situations where it was a 'he-said she-said,' and they would find the person not guilty. Unfortunate, if it really happened, but I had no control over that, because it was a judge or a jury making those decisions. But we'll just say someone is sexually assaulted. They have eight weeks to make a decision." -Republican Rep. Barry Hovis,
  5. Hey tariffs have worked in his master negotiations He has now forced Mexico and Canada to crack down and verify that they are not being a pass through for Chinese steel into America (something they werent even doing). Another WIN for Mr. Art of the Deal https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/trump-delays-auto-tariff-threat-for-up-to-180-days/2019/05/17/95432e8e-78a7-11e9-b7ae-390de4259661_story.html?utm_term=.de87c04caac0
  6. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    Give him a break. He will stand up the the right wing when the round up brown people and ship them out and will allow a woman who was raped get an abortion. He meets both groups in the center with his powerful fight against the Alt right.
  7. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    Sit in the center. its great. You will stand up when the round up brown people are force a rape victim to carry a fetus to term. Otherwise I am open to all opinions and are cool either way because "both sides"
  8. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    you are so open and cool. You are like twylight without a thesaurus. But hey you arent overt in your racism (are okay with "brown" people existing) and you only want mild to medium oppression and you even allow the gays to get married! What a great center.
  9. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    So you are okay with right wing oppressive rules but are a centrist because you advocate for "exceptions" in extreme cases. Hmmmm how centrist of you. But hey you dont have an opinion. You just are cool with oppression with a few exceptions in extreme cases.
  10. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    or perhaps we know you are a right winger in disguise. The type that would be okay with a president saying there are "good people" on both sides between white supremacists and those protesting white supremacists. All "centerist" do is allow the ills of society be brought forward because "everyone opinion is worthwhile". They are not see white supremacists.
  11. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    The can disagree strongly. They can not insert themselves in the decisions of the individual or give a voice to a non thinking object over the voice of a living human. Guns effect the public. Fetuses do not. They have no rights, they have no voice, they have no capacity for thought. They are an object and you can not put an object above the opinions and feelings of a living breathing human.
  12. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    As I said it would be guns right advocates saying who will give a voice to the Guns themselves? they can not speak for themselves so I need to speak for them.
  13. Fryfan

    Pro Life

    Im not sure your centrist shtick works here. The point is your opinions or you "speaking for the unborn" stop at a woman's personal decisions. Its fine to have the opinion that abortion is bad - then don't have one. This is fully a choice of the woman and does not impact anyone OUTSIDE of the woman and her doctor. Guns do have outside impact. Abortion does not.
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