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  1. If you are sincere research your area and find groups that work on housing solutions for low income people. Put some time in volunteering there and getting to know what the struggles and needs are. THEN you can bring forward an idea based off actual experience and knowledge.
  2. Yes asking people on a football forum to fund millions while you remain hidden is so efficient and expeditious
  3. I do saha. Community activism is easy to get involved with. Without hidden agendas.
  4. Hey everyone, Saha had a great idea to help those in need and be outright social active. Now he wont outright associate with it and actual is not doing a thing at all but he did lay an idea out. So now all those that question him or dont sign on to give to this project are hypocrites and dont really care about the community. --- Saha - does that sum up the point of this thread?
  5. and mocking people that you would like to help you with this. eye roll
  6. So your goal is to take undeveloped land and via private fundraising turn it into affordable housing yet you refuse to associate with the project over fear of being doxxed?
  7. They are actually not silly. They point out to the fact that over multiple generations each additional child exponentially increases the carbon footprint of humans. But at the same time say a pay off from population reduction is over generations and we simply dont have that time.
  8. One of Jeff Session's first acts was to reverse a Obama era Justice Department rule that would reduce the number of private prisons. I will take any reform offered and the First Step program I do support but the Trump administration has some very heavy lifting to get anywhere close to making things better.
  9. “When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.” Donald J Trump on voter fraud -- Wow. I like how Sarah Huckabee clarified his ID needed for groceries a few months back to mean alcohol. Trump decided to double down on how much Sarah will lie and specified cereal. Take that sarah!
  10. Also hammy - 2nd & 3rd generation populations have LESS kids as they acclimate to our society. Living in America immigrant families will get better health care and better services and that leads to LOWER birth rates over time. This is all data we have in front of us.
  11. The kids exist. Yes it will be helpful to THEM to grow up in our country. You are making the case for bringing them in.
  12. jesus christ is this stupid. You understand carbon impacts are global issues. Children that exist are on the planet. Yes lets take in refugees and move to 1st world practices that have less environmental impact.
  13. Fryfan

    Just in time for November

    You understand climate change is a global issue.
  14. Fryfan

    Just in time for November

    Man - wow. Scary stuff. Then I read the article and watched the videos and looked at the other pictures. A handful of people sat up on the fence - a couple went under then quickly scurried back under to Mexico. Maybe our troops could station there and help process paperwork for those that want to come over to make asylum claims. That would be helpful.
  15. Fryfan

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    Sound progressive taxation policy, reduced military, alleviation of employer burden on healthcare. The "how do we pay for it" is a false argument. Enough money flows through our system to pay for everything on that list - its about realigning what we spend and societal priorities.