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  1. I can only think that Verge is some how confusing Marquis which is a title for a nobleman with marcus which is a name that is commonly used by the african american community.
  2. And Putin said Russia did not interfere in our election.
  3. https://www.fastcompany.com/90180122/the-u-s-job-losses-from-trumps-tariffs-are-starting-to-pile-up
  4. Do you dispute his statement?
  5. Yes it smells - that is why impeachment is happening.
  6. You will not post it even later tonight because those were not her words. --- During the Obama Administration, arguments against the provision of lethal assistance centered on Russia’s ability and willingness to steadily escalate conflict in response.156 In August 2017, then-U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in Kyiv that the Trump Administration was “actively reviewing” the question of lethal assistance.157 In 2018, the State Department approved a foreign military sale of 210 Javelin portable anti-tank missiles, as well as launchers, associated equipment, and training, at a total estimated cost of $47 million. According to media reports, the missiles are stored away from the frontline.158 -- Policy changed in 2018 which would provide lethal assistance to Ukraine. Obama did not block aid, selective aid was approved and provided.
  7. Provide the direct quote from ambassador Yovanovitch.
  8. And obstruction of justice which trump is committing daily. trumps handlers won’t let him near testifying because he lies ass off.
  9. And you know there is a the pesky issue of the ease of traveling over state lines. Pretty sure people in CA have banned guns they legally bought from other states.
  10. Im sorry - why does it matter if schiff and the whistle blower were dating? Testomony and documents make it irrelevant. Who care about this?
  11. Stop making sense about the profit margins, risk pools, and full cost of health care - you just want your free stuff.
  12. I think the problems are: 1. They think that was enough - America was great because women can work, gays are tolerated, etc but moving to full acceptance of equal pay and rights from these groups has been very hard for the boomers. They also benefited from the expansion of social programs but get made at "young" people for wanting the expansion to move forward. Its a I got mine and we werent that bad mentality which leads into number 2. 2. The population boom and disenfranchisement has kept boomers in power WAY WAY WAY too long. Our politics have to be dragged forward because a influx of new blood has failed to take hold. The fear of the switch is further pushing the MAGA movement - they are holding on and dont want it to happen.
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