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  1. You really dont think the Chinese are up to the same stuff we are? Our navy back in 2016: https://patents.google.com/patent/US10144532B2/en
  2. I think there is a broad amount of speculation here. Not that my post contained none but you seem to be projecting a lot into what is seen. I think this is a very pragmatic outlook: --------- The government is making a smart move by announcing its intentions to formally document and analyze these UFOs, said Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in Mountain View, California. "The military is interested in this stuff not because they think that Klingons are sailing in the skies, but i think because maybe they think the Chinese or the Russians are sailing through the skies," Shostak said
  3. which is why this primary is a different realm and very important this time its not status quo v. progressive. Its various levels of progressive versus various levels of status quo. Housing reforms have become a recent highlight and candidates are tackling how to deal with this. Student loan forgiveness is another. https://lifehacker.com/every-2020-democrats-plan-to-fix-the-housing-crisis-1838144931
  4. Drones. This is happening with more frequency. I honestly believe alien life form exists the universe is infinite there is a very high probability that basic lifeforms live elsewhere in it. A advance society able to span those insanely vast distances is what is the giant giant giant giant giant stretch.
  5. Is it wrong to ask a candidate to better represent concerns? Bernie made a lot of movement on justice reform after pressure from BLM. It seems to be there is a desire to do the same thing to address the racial wealth gap with things like reparations. Bernie is a guy who cares, a guy who will adjust. There is absolutely no reason to not press him to understand and move on reparations. --https://theintercept.com/2018/06/14/bernie-sanders-criminal-justice-reform/ Its not a stretch by any means to get him to understand this about the wealth gap.
  6. But he owned the libs! “The White House has directed me not to disclose the subject of any discussions." - Lewandowski. Hi my name is Corey let me tell you directly that the white house is asking me to obstruct justice.
  7. LOL -- A GOP leader in the N.C. House of Representatives says he sent a text message to some party members before Wednesday morning’s veto override vote, telling them to be in their seats by 8:30 a.m. Rep. Jon Hardister, the GOP’s second-in-command, told The News & Observer Thursday the text message was routine and that he regularly reminds members to be present for sessions where votes will be held. In this case, he said, he sent the note to 10 members who have long commutes to Raleigh, reminding them to be on time “We need our Republican members to be present on the floor when we are in session, not only for votes, but in case procedural motions are made,” Hardister said in an email Thursday to the N&O. “As session enters September, it’s increasingly difficult to get all of our members in each voting session.” ackson said Thursday that Rep. Larry Yarborough, a Republican from Person County, showed him a text message he received from someone in Republican leadership. Jackson said the text to Yarborough suggested that Democrats were planning some sort of action related to redistricting. It’s not clear what action the Democrats could have been contemplating, given that they hold a significant minority of seats. Jackson recalls the text saying, “Be in your seat at 8:30.” ----------- Text to the media there will be no votes, text to republican party members to "be in their seats". All above the board huh?
  8. Where is that in the constitution? Can you process the OP and understand how people of this country were repressed from having a second amendment? By a tyrannical government.
  9. Ummm - Everyone? Tyrannical? Do you understand the history of America.
  10. Might as well destroy some archaeological and native sites also. No biggie. https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/park-service-on-organ-pipe-s-archaeological-sites/947a095b-7aca-4d89-b28a-6d02e92fef8e/ This July 2019 internal National Park Service report warns that there are up to 22 archaeological sites that "likely will be wholly or partially destroyed by forthcoming border fence construction.”
  11. Ommegang is a brewery that constantly hits it out of the park. A couple of their year rounds easy to find are excellent - feeling like something deep rich and sipable for a whole half - go with three philosophers. Want something a bit lighter w/ a hint of spice from farmhouse yeast go with Hennepin.
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