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  1. You mean our capitalist system the crushes people and causes rampant homelessness? Yes social workers will help.
  2. Community exists. The police are harmful to many. Barney fife carried a gun. Cops currently are as inept as him and racist to boot.
  3. Perhaps trump will allow you in his bunker. property destroyed by the hour! Crime is rampant! no one will control low income communities (bull is clear what he means by this).
  4. “To serve and protect” how does that motto work. Does it work differently for different communities. That is the heart of the movement.
  5. “To serve and protect” how does that motto work. Does it work differently for different communities. That is the heart of the movement.
  6. I mean it’s pretty basic. what is happening in Minnesota is defund and replace with a new model. Worlds different then abolish
  7. Basic bottom line and a this. Do you think there is an inherent difference in communities of color especially poor ones that lead to fundamental differences in education, job opportunities Violence and income management. OR there is a inherent difference in our education housing policing and finance system that cause different outcomes for communities of color. as for sports. Perhaps think about the opportunity and emphasis on football basketball etc versus swimming hockey skiing etc in communities of color versus white. Do you think it’s the people or opportunity and emphasis that differ.
  8. Problem Of systemic racism. bull responds why are blacks worse at community life then whites. But hey the are good with a ball Triple yikes.
  9. It’s pretty well known police underreport items that would expose the systems racism to the extent it happens.
  10. Racism is an issue of inherent bias for the most part. I have it. You have it. We all have it. dealing with racism means confronting inherent bias and in turn dealing with complete system overhaul. it’s not fire the “racist” cop. It’s burn the racist system built by our bias down. Kill the power structure and start over. Yes doing so will break some windows.
  11. 5 years ago I was told “ they”burnt down my city of Baltimore. I’m still here. The city is here and I was amazed by it yesterday. how is marginalizing the problem of systemic oppression and feeding into the riot burning city narrative the system uses to shut down protests helping?
  12. Let’s see. A window a bar a iMac. The true victims in our society.
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