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  1. SF vs. KC Final score total: 54 pts First TD by non-QB: Tyreek Hill First Reception - SF: George Kittle, KC: Travis Kelce First Scoring Drive - 8 plays
  2. Some team is going to substantially overpay for Bridgewater. Please, please, please do not let that team be the Panthers.
  3. A sad and costly reminder to not take things for granted.
  4. For a staff without much NFL experience and no NFL head coaching experience, the value is not so much in the person's winning percentage as a head coach but in the day-to-day experience the person brings with them. BTW, Caldwell did not suck. This is especially true if you take out the year Manning was hurt and Indy had horrible back-ups.
  5. If that Mahomes story is true then that would be enough for me to hire McAdoo. Caldwell is underrated, but I wonder about his health. Both bring head coaching experience in the NFL, which is sorely needed on this staff IMHO. McCoy also has head coaching experience. McCoy also has some Panthers connection, but he would rank below McAdoo and also Caldwell.
  6. The reason I wait to pick has only to do with the tie breakers, which have bitten my rear numerous times this year.
  7. TEN @ KC (3:05) - 10 confidence points, 48 total points GB @ SF (6:40) - 10 confidence points, 40 total points
  8. QB possibilities (All have their issues..not surprisingly): Justin Herbert (at the Senior Bowl) (Great arm and good mobility and great size) (I suspect that the Panthers will be particularly eyeing Herbert at the Senior Bowl and we might have to move up in the draft to get him if he performs well at the Senior Bowl, combine etc.) Jacob Eason (great arm and size) (a but raw, but the skills are there) Jamie Newman (dual threat QB) (good athlete and arm) Jordan Love (Project) (Changed systems this year, which hurt him )(at the Senior Bowl) Steven Montez (Project) (at the Senior Bowl)
  9. I have seen Trubisky play 4 or 5 times and he was absolutely HORRIBLE. Carr would be much more intriguing in the new system even at a higher salary. The person who drafted Trubisky well before Mahomes and Watson should be banished by the football gods forthwith.
  10. I really hope we do not sign Bridgewater. Injury history aside, I do not want to be hamstrung offensively with a (relatively speaking) weak-armed QB. There are too many limitations that come with him IMHO.
  11. Ideally, you trade him rather than cutting him. I am just skeptical regarding what that value would be. I simply do not think it as high as many on this board seem to believe. The truth is we have very limited information regarding Cam's health, but what we do know is not good. The Panthers have plenty of information and will get more information regarding Cam's recovery from surgery and hopefully be in a better position to make an informed decision. Time will tell. I will hope for the best and expect something less.
  12. I hope I am wrong but I suspect Cam has limited (relative to fan expectations) trade value. He has not been healthy for the better part of at least two years. I actually think his deep ball was gone for the full 2018 season. It was not until midseason of that year that teams caught on to that fact.
  13. If I were him, I most definitely would make it known that I am not signing with Cincinnati to try to force a trade. Cincinnati is where careers go to die. However, it does not appear that he has Manning's or Elway's leverage. Furthermore, I think he is from Ohio.
  14. Exhilaration tinged with endless possibilities wrapped in wondrous thoughts melded to near infinite questions. I knew this was going to be an exciting off season and it has not disappointed!
  15. This is GREAT news. I knew this would be a most interesting off season , but this goes beyond exciting....exhilarating with untold possibilities.
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