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  1. We will have to agree to disagree. https://nesn.com/2020/03/nfl-rumors-patriots-never-interested-in-mid-tier-veteran-quarterback/ https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2881500-patriots-rumors-ne-has-a-plan-to-replace-tom-brady-after-qbs-announcement We will never know for sure, but my guess is that Bridgewater's agent or "subgent" released info that NE was interested.
  2. It is impossible to know the extent of the opportunity cost of signing Bridgewater; however, I suspect that it ends up being significant. It likely means that the Panthers will not pursue a potential franchise QB this season. It also likely means that the Panthers win a couple more games than would have been the case with a rookie or Kyle Allen, which means next year's draft position will be worse because of the signing. It increases the chances that the Panthers will not be in a position to get a franchise QB next season. Depressingly, I firmly believe his signing sets back the franchise unless the goal was a hope of mediocrity. I think we all agree that was not the hope. We will likely never know for sure, but I suspect that someone (Hurney) was influenced by the fact that signing Bridgewater likely means that QB play will be better than Allen or Grier, which may increase the chances that Hurney gets another contract. Of course, they may have convinced themselves that Bridgewater is truly a franchise QB even though the past is replete with evidence that such is not the case.
  3. If the Panthers view him as a franchise QB then you pick him. Unfortunately, the signing of Bridgewater probably means that this will not happen. It may also be a sign of either of the following are true: 1. The Panthers do not view him as a franchise QB; or, 2. The Panthers do not believe he will be available when they pick. Personally, I am intrigued with Herbert and wary of the undersized Tua coming off of a serious hip injury. The more I read, the more I will not be shocked if Tua falls. The wildcards are Love and to a lesser degree Jacob Eason. I have never seen either play.
  4. IMHO, a true franchise QB needs to have all of these characteristics in some measure along with adaptability and willingness to learn. Some things can be taught. Some things are innate and not overly given to change. There is no greater or more important position in any sport than the QB position in the NFL.
  5. I would have to be convinced that he can be a franchise QB. The truth of the matter is that the most TDs that Bridgewater has thrown in a season is 14. The greatest predictor of the future is the past. I do not think there is a magic number but 14 TDs is not getting it done....probably not even in 1975. You can recognize a franchise QB when you see them. They elevate the game of those around them and can make all of the throws so that defenses are kept honest. IMHO, this does not describe Bridgewater at all. In fact, he has always been the hostage of a good defense (something the Panthers do not have) by which I mean he needs a defense to keep teams under 20 points for him to be competitive. Rather than making those around him better, he requires others to make him competitive..not a defining characteristic of a franchise QB. If memory serves, Bridgewater was dead last or close to it yards per attempt. Game manager is the perfect description of Bridgewater. However, that is not how you want your franchise QB to be described. You want your franchise QB to win games for you and not simple be a guy that will not lose games for you. As I have said numerous times, I really do hope I am wrong because that means the Panthers are winning and the future is bright. I would rather be wrong and happy than right and frustrated and/or angry.
  6. First and foremost I am a Panthers fan. I would love to be wrong. In fact, I would rather be wrong especially if it meant the Panthers were a true contender. Sadly, I suspect that Bridgewater's best case scenario is a couple more wins than Allen. However, the one time a few more wins is a bad thing is when it gets you lower draft choices while you remain relatively noncompetitive. It sets you back. Time will tell.
  7. This is exactly why the Panthers should not have signed Bridgewater. I had no problem with a rebuild. I was ready to take my lumps. So why waste cap space and delay true competitiveness at least one more year.
  8. The Panthers are so out of touch. They did not think Bridgewater would come so cheap...really! It still has not occurred to them that they were bidding against themselves. Bridgewater did not have much of a market because the rest of the NFL saw him for what he is - a back-up. I remember reading that the Patriots were interested around the time that the likely signing was leaked. What a load. The Patriots quickly stated that they had NO interest in Bridgewater. Rightfully so. I wish the Panthers would have said the same.
  9. I have no insight into the Panthers brain trust's thoughts. However, I suspect that many "experts" are overvaluing Brown and undervaluing Kinlaw. Having said that, I think I will be a tad disappointed with either pick at #7. Of course, that is perfectly consistent to my feelings about this whole off season. I think Kinlaw offers greater upside and flexibility than Brown and will not be a bit surprised if he were picked before Brown.
  10. I would have to say that Hogwarts might be an appropriate site. Magical thinking reins supreme there. Magical thinking must have guided key Panthers decision makers since they seem to have concluded that a rebuild was not necessary and that a simple retooling was called for ergo the signing of Teddy Bridgewater to a $60,000,000 deal. This team BADLY needs a franchise QB and to experience the growing pains that come with that. Teddy Bridgewater has never been nor will he ever be a "franchise QB". Why experience pain presaging a rebirth to greatness when you can shoot for continued mediocrity (the best case scenario for Bridgewater and this team). Why take your lumps with a well-designed plan to position yourself for a maximum number of high draft choices when you can implement a delusional plan predicated on an assumption that this team has plenty of talent upon which to add and develop. I say that the " King has no clothes" and embarrassment is likely to follow. This is one of if not the least talented team in the NFL at this point in time. Magical thinking.......indeed.
  11. The Panthers should have been in the market for a QB. Unfortunately, the signing of Bridgewater likely means the QB position is ignored this year. Furthermore, it means that at least one year is added to any reasonable chance of real competitiveness for the Panthers. That will not come with Bridgewater. IMHO, the signing of Bridgewater was absolutely the dumbest thing the Panthers could have done this off season. He is a weak-armed QB who will, at best, be a game manager. The most TDs he has ever thrown is 14 and his wins tend to require his defensive unit to hold teams below 20 points (not likely with this team). Clearly, those in the Panthers' brain-trust (Hurney) that believed only a retooling was needed won the day. This team was in need of a complete rebuild. I would go so far as to say it is currently the least talented team in the NFL. This is not an environment where a QB like Bridgewater can thrive. What a waste. I hope I am wrong. I hope Bridgewater has a greatness that has never been manifest and/or the Panthers draft a franchise QB this year. If I am honest, I think both are pipe dreams at this point.
  12. I sure would like to wake from this nightmare and see the Panthers draft a franchise QB. Sadly, I think the Bridgewater signing strongly mitigates against this. I will never be convinced that the TB signing was wise and if the Panthers pass on a franchise QB because of it, my frustration level may rise to a point that I will never recover my fandom. My hopes for Tepper have been completely dashed. We lacked talent last season and now have less talent this off-season. At the same time, we have garnered no new draft choices and hired coaches with virtually no NFL experience. Hurney remains in place pushing the need for a retooling rather than a rebuild (probably knowing it is his best chance to retain his job or get some other job). I was ready for a rebuild and lost season. I was even ready to move on from Cam. I just sense that the Panthers have the feel of a rudderless ship or perhaps more frighteningly a ship with an unrealized broken or missing rudder. I hoped to see a new plan implemented that would offer hope. This just feels like a mishmash of inconsistent decisions and I see nothing but grim skies ahead. I have tried to remind myself that it is early days. Increasingly that provides only cold comfort.
  13. Should be tanking in the context of a needed rebuild. Clearly, the signing of Bridgewater is viewed as part of a retooling, which is why it was a horrible signing based on facts belied by the evidence.
  14. Sadly though, that is not saying much. There were reports that some within the organization believed that a rebuild was not needed and that a retooling was called for. We now know the person voicing the need for a retool only was Marty Hurney (not surprising given that his job is on the line). This is delusional thinking. This team needed a complete rebuild. In fact, I believe it is a team marked by a dearth of talent. A weak-armed QB who needs surrounding talent to even be competitive is NOT the answer. Bridgewater's highest TD total is 14. When you analyze his wins, you see that Bridewater wins when his team's defense hold the opponent to under 18 points. The Saints defense averaged giving up 17 points per game in his wins. During his tenure with the Vikings, their defense averaged giving up 19.5 points in his starts (this led to a 17-11 record). Our defense is horrible! I really want to be wrong, but believe the Bridgewater signing is horrible. A rebuild was needed and draft capital needed to be used to get a franchise QB rather that throwing $63,000,000 at a guy who is, at best, a game manager and who will be a complete hostage to his surrounding talent of which we are limited. Just awful. I really believe the organization has been set back with this signing. Teddy B. sounds like a really nice guy and a very pedestrian QB who is really a back-up. We already had at least one of those.
  15. This is a roster which noteworthy only for an overall dearth of talent. The Bridgewater signing simply made the situation worse. He is not capable of winning games for you. His past shows that he is the ultimate game manager who can dink and dunk and limit turnovers and not lose games for you and no more. 20 points seems to be his threshold offensive total. He holds a 22-12 record as a starter , which is solid and a tad deceptive. Both Minnesota and New Orleans averaged less than 20 points per game under his tutelage. In other words, their defense was winning games and Bridgewater not losing them inordinately. The Panthers better draft a franchise QB this draft because while the Panthers will not be competitive overall, they could win more games than last season. This means a lower draft pick will be forthcoming. The Panthers should have embraced the need for a rebuild and rolled with Allen and/or a draftee instead of wasting salary cap space and flexibility on a QB who is, at best, a third or fourth tier QB, Half measures were not needed. Unfortunately, it is clear that the voices crying that a rebuild was not needed and that a retooling was called for won the day. Since the "retoolers" won I think the Panthers fans ultimately lose. We are looking at more mediocrity. I am depressed! I hate having to hope I am wrong! I had high hopes for the new regime. Those hopes have been completely dashed. What happened to the vaunted use of analytics? It is clear to me that Bridgewater was a horrible signing for a team that lacks overall competitiveness. As crazy as this sounds, I am more upset with this team now than in the 1-15 season.
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