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  1. Kyler Murray is going to be really, really, good. Plus, he knows how to get down and not take hits when he runs. Their lack of weapons shows though. If we keep Cam in the pocket, and his shoulder is clearly still hurt we're screwed anyway.
  2. Everybody talking about Cam, and I want Rivera to be gone. :(
  3. Determines what you like. If you're looking for light beer, but not cheap Old Tuffy is a light lager that is very popular right now. Plus, you can keep one for your man cave if you have one. Not many NCAA Football teams have their own beer. If you're an IPA guy, you can't go wrong with Mandarina IPA. Solid taste, quality is good because it's Highland. PC Pils is a hardcore Pilsner that is geared towards an IPA. If you're a sour guy Brueprint Imperial Sour IPA is stellar, also the stupid silly sour. New Belgium makes quality sours as well. IF you enjoy IPA's, you can't go wrong with anything from Wicked Weed. Lastly, if you enjoy non IPA-sours and want a "fall" brew. Any OctoberFest works for this situation, if you want something interesting look for the Carver from FullSteam brewery. It's a Sweet Potato lager that's surprisingly tasty. If you want Hefeweizen's and poo like that, I would go with Old Mecklenburg. Can't go wrong with those guys for those types of brews. This isn't for you in particular, this is just my recommendations for anyone that ask.
  4. That last point, while I appreciate the non SACA aspect of this poo. I do not agree they are elite at all. No way.
  5. Good call. Keep up the good work, Saca. Everything's going to be fine is the motto from now on.
  6. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. This guy knows what he's talking about it looks like. Sadly it was one season earlier.
  7. There's optimism, and then there's delusion. Saka is always been the latter. Full of straight delusion.
  8. Daryl shouldn't be an LT. I watched him every year at OU, he was meant to be an RT. The Preseason his first season, they put him at LT and he looked horrible. Not sure what in the fug they were thinking moving him to LT. It was a stupid move in the offseason, it's a stupid move now.
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