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  1. JakeDel5674

    “Sky” Miles Bridges to Compete in NBA’s Dunk Contest

    Not necessarily. But, with him being on the Hornets, and the All-Star game being in Charlotte that will help his cause.
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2815846-nba-stars-with-the-worst-supporting-casts 1. Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker is the Charlotte Hornets. He's the franchise's career leader in a number of categories—including threes, free throws and points—its only All-Star since 2010 and maybe the only good thing going in Buzz City. It shouldn't have to be this way. Walker's team-friendly salary is among the best non-rookie deals in basketball. He's making $12 million this season; that's the sixth-highest rate just on this team. But despite having such a great bargain, Charlotte has splurged in all the wrong places: five years, $120 million for Nicolas Batum; four years, $52 million for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist; four years, $56 million for Cody Zeller. There are five non-Kemba eight-figure salaries on the payroll. The only one belonging to a double-digit scorer is the $14 million for Marvin Williams, who's fourth on the team with an even 10 points per night. Jeremy Lamb, a lottery-disappointment-turned-adequate-role player, is the second scorer. Malik Monk, a supposed shooter with a career 37.5/33.8/89.0 slash line, is No. 3. "[Walker] needs more help, and it's been that way for seven years," Scott Fowler wrote for the Charlotte Observer. "In terms of surrounding talent, the Hornets have failed Kemba, over and over." Those failures may prove costly this summer, when Walker becomes one of the most coveted players in unrestricted free agency. While he has said he'd like to stay and Charlotte has made it clear it'd be glad to keep him, this roster mismanagement and egregious lack of support are the reasons his future isn't guaranteed with the franchise. There are no All-Star sidekicks or even prospects with that kind of potential. The offense lives and dies with Walker, and the defense is nothing special. It makes this whole relationship look one-sided, with Walker giving the Hornets everything and them failing to deliver anything of substance. Yeah, so I would trade the whole fuging team for Anthony Davis, or Bradley Beal at this point. This team is so poo other than Kemba. Easily the worst team in the NBA if he's traded.
  3. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Still wouldn't be enough money as the NFL can offer him as a QB. I'm not saying there's not a chance, but the chance is REALLY slim at this point.
  4. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Nope. Wasn't made up, it's in one of their sourced notes. Didn't make poo up, but you can keep trying. And you would have to sign up to view them. So, you can sign up, like I stated and look through them. So, I was right once again.
  5. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    If he gets Drafted in the First Round, he's not playing baseball. Nope, no way.
  6. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    https://donors.thefootballbrainiacs.com/posts/ It's in one of those post from a few weeks ago. I'm not looking for you, you can sign up and do that though. If you want. Source provided. Have a great evening.
  7. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I'm on this OU Insider website. They knew about Hurts Transferring since December for instance. They know way more about this type of poo than a bunch of Carolina Panthers fans.
  8. JakeDel5674

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    I wish we didn't have so many untradable assets. Jesus Christ. Bradley Beal would help so much. Or just trade Kemba and tank. This team would LITERALLY be worse than the Cavs if we traded Kemba.
  9. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I think Murray's best comp is a shorter, more accurate Michael Vick. LOL. But, alright. Sure. He's got the quickest feet I have ever seen from a football player. Better than Barry Sanders.
  10. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Wouldn't know, they don't show them, actually. But, I know OU's Trainer measured him at 5'9 7/8's in socks. So, I can imagine with shoes on he's around 5'11.
  11. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    He barely likes baseball. He LOVES football. Don't see it happening. I think if Doug Flutie can last 5+ years with actual hitting, and more in this League. Murray can last longer than that, personally.
  12. poo, even if Cam retired, Rivera would still try to put him out there. LOL.
  13. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I would rather just Draft Kyler in the first round, then go all out in other positions honestly. This team is in flux right now, regardless of what people think.
  14. As the local radio guys here in RDU stated today "Rivera is coaching for his job this season. He's already stated Cam is the best way to win. No way they DON'T play him this season. Regardless if he's hurt or not." Who could blame him? It's Rivera's job, so he's going to do what's best for HIM. Not Cam.
  15. JakeDel5674

    Draft Kyler Murray

    He's a first rounder. QB's list is trash this year.