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  1. JakeDel5674

    We need to tank!

    Na, not this year. You would get 4 top prospects to choose from MKG was a dumb ass pick then, and a dumb ass pick now. We would get 1 of Reddish, Barrett, Zion, or Nasir Little, or Bol Bol. It would give us a semblance of hope.
  2. JakeDel5674

    We need to tank!

    That's why I wanted to trade Kemba to start the season or before the season. Just grab a first rounder from a team, and "go with it." People keep saying this team is too good to tank. Yeah, with Kemba it sure is. Without Kemba? Na, Batum, Marvin, Zeller, and MKG are all trash. So, this team would LITERALLY poo their pants the rest of the season.
  3. JakeDel5674

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Bruh, they're shooting 5 percent from 3. Just LOL. WOW.
  4. I'll put 100 dollars down on that not happening right the fug now.
  5. I think people got the point, I just think it's fuging retarded to compare a team that has 5 Super Bowl rings, to one that has zero. And one that has a ballsy, awesome Head Coach. To one that has a trash, dip poo Head Coach.
  6. JakeDel5674

    For those of yall here doubting us...

    Literally what myself and @uncfan888 have discussed and want. The Saints are going to torch our asses. We have to hope for Brees to get a big injury soon. Because the Saints have too many weapons, and too good of a line for us to win. Lastly, the NFL is now basically the Big 12. I saw the Cardinals rush 3 on Patrick Mahomes today at one point. I just shook my head, that is not how you win anymore.
  7. Something sadly, our GM's recently have neglected besides Moton. :( Oh well, at least our Defense is still good. Oh wait...........
  8. JakeDel5674

    Thomas Davis: Panthers got humbled

    Defense has been average-garbage all year. No humbling something that was inevitable.
  9. I get it. But, I meant it as out tempo and beat them scoring constantly. This will not be a Defensive struggle, that's for damn sure.
  10. LOL, alrighty. Sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The last time we beat Pitt, was in 1996. Our Defense is average as Hell. So, I don't feel too comfortable about beating them. And LOL at the number 1 offense being the Bucs. Jesus.
  11. JakeDel5674

    Marvin Williams and Nic Batum

    poo, Zeller and Marvin Williams fleeching us too.
  12. With Eli Manning torching us, and Ryan Fitzpatrick torching us. What in the Hell do we think Big Ben is going to do with his weapons? We will have to LITERALLY outscore, and out pace them.
  13. JakeDel5674

    Cleveland at Charlotte

    It helps we've played some garbage ass teams recently, that's for sure.