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  1. Pretty sure that's not how life works. The Hornets have been irrelevant for years, are irrelevant now. The Hurricanes are winning, and not irrelevant. You have to win to be relevant. Simple as that.
  2. I love Premier League Mornings on Saturday's, and Sunday's. Always great matches.
  3. Got bad news for ya. What team is playing right now and what one isn't? Oh S HIT, the Canes are and the Hornets aren't. Like usual, plus, they've won more when it mattered. So, there ya go. More relevant. Take care now, bye bye, then.
  4. Why do you continue to bring up MLS? I literally admitted hockey was a niche sport. I know one thing. RIGHT NOW, the Canes are more relevant. Because, unlike the Hornets, they're winning when it matters. Plus, in the Playoffs. Also, not sure what in the plue perfect hell State and Duke gear have to do with anything either.
  5. Hurricanes haven't made the Playoffs in 9 years. Not gonna mention how the Playoff Thread was in the Panthers Forum, and the first game of the second round series was in the Panthers forum. Looks for the Hornets Playoff Thread. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Can you find it for me? Appreciate ya. Zion says hello by the way.
  6. Actually, the ratings for the Hornets are on par with the Canes. No one watches either on TV. LOL. Well, Canes when they started winning went above the Hornets of course. Also, their Playoff second round first game ratings were above last years Playoff ratings for the first game of the second round series. I couldn't care less about fighting the NHL, MLS, NBA all that poo. NHL is a niche sport, like baseball will be in another 10 to 15 years. Hurricanes are in a better light than the Hornets period. Plus, have had more success. Make sure you ignore the Thread by the way, which you clearly have. Because your opinion is getting destroyed by everyone in the thread saying the Hurricanes are more relevant. LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  7. And they haven't gotten past the second round, ever. The Hurricanes didn't make the Playoffs for 9 years, what you expect? Now? They have packed the arena for EVERY Playoff game. LOL. Plus, the Canes Playoff atmosphere is the best in hockey.
  8. Hey dude, I know you're busy and stuff. But, this local radio personality named Lauren Brownlow is basically the only Panthers fan that gets any air time here in the Triangle. Was wondering if you could get her on the website for questions or something? She's extremely knowledgeable (and unbiased) about the Panthers, and I think she would get a good listen/read. 


    Just giving a suggestion. Thanks.

  9. Don't try to play like Saca's your got damn boy. You know you're tired of his poo like everyone else. 

  10. I’m not spamming man. The Huddle needs to stop being so delusional. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone, honestly. 

    1. rayzor


      you don't get to make up your own rules. shutting it down had nothing to do with the content.

    2. JakeDel5674


      Ohhhhh, that’s fair. 

  11. So, I can get my old name back?

    1. rayzor


      Lol no. Igo may not want you around.

    2. JakeDel5674


      Fair enough. 

  12. Hey man, in the Charlotte Hornets forum some person spammed four pages worth of crap.  Just FYI.  

  13. I've been here a lot longer than that.  :)

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