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  1. Dude can't heal like he used to. Tried to tell ya. He thought he could just rehab it with a body that's overcompensating for a ton of injuries over time.
  2. You guys gotta stop putting it on Daryl man. Dude is a stud at RT, but the coaches being complete dip shits keep putting him at LT. Dude was an All-Pro RT FFS. Why they won't move Moton over to LT is beyond me. Maybe they're trying to keep Daryl for cheap next year? Makes no damn sense.
  3. I just get tired of his delusional positivity and his bias post. There's no in between with him.
  4. I'm just glad someone else on here calls Saca out for his bull poo other than myself. I'm so exhausted with the same bull poo agenda this dude has. Wish he would go away, no one missed him, and no one would miss him if he left again.
  5. I mean this in the nicest way. You're a terrible poster. The majority of your post are either ridiculous delusional positivity, or stupid poo like this. There's no in between.
  6. Cam Newton is not elite. I respect everything else you said, but he's not elite. No metric, or anything other than 2015-2016 shows he has been elite. Just saying.
  7. You mean dressing nice and smoking cigars and drinking? I've done that numerous times.
  8. I've said this, because I've watched him at OU. H'es not an LT, he's always been an RT. The fact this dumb ass coaching staff kept wanting to put him at LT, and still does is on them. They're beyond moronic.
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