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  1. Green_Tea

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    Panthers will sweep the Saints
  2. Buccaneers held the Saints to just 3 points so far
  3. Green_Tea

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    He's a decent corner. Not a bust
  4. Carolina will finish 10 - 6 make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl
  5. From the Saints forum. "RR is not the biggest problem that franchise has. Cam Newton is a horrible qb and he has the blind loyalty of a large part of the organisation and fan base. The dudes career stats is right on par with the great Jay Cutler! They are paying a (pretty average) running back 20 mil a year to try and throw the football. There are some rough years ahead for that organisation and fan base."
  6. Green_Tea

    For the Cam doubters

    I can't believe some people are seriously talking about trading Cam. I hope he's a Carolina Panther his whole career. I don't want to see him play for another team.
  7. Patriots. Brady needs another ring.
  8. Bucs are banged up in the secondary and Carolina only has 7 points so far
  9. There's almost always a flag on punt returns
  10. Why are you on here pretending to be a Panthers fan? You're an obvious troll
  11. Green_Tea

    Hunt is a free agent

    Just look at a woman the wrong way and you're getting in trouble. He would be fine if that would've been another man he pushed. Probably would've never even heard about it. Yeah that footage was so "brutal"
  12. Green_Tea

    Cut Gano Thread

    Isn't Gano one of the better kickers in the NFL? A 50+ yard field goal isn't a gimmie. It shouldn't have came down to that anyway as many chances as Carolina had in the redzone but either came away with no points or kicked field goals
  13. Panthers will win the Super Bowl
  14. Lots of people on here overreact anytime any little thing goes bad.
  15. Why can't Carolina convert a third and short? That's the third time today
  16. People on this forum overreact a lot
  17. Do you think Samuel is a better route runner and has better hands than Moore?
  18. Green_Tea

    105 points last night!

    Looked like a Madden game