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  1. That sounds like a threat towards my life. I think Jase needs to give you a vacation. As for the woman. Let's pretend she was fleeing her country from violence/poverty. Why didn't she go up to a POE and request asylum? That's what you're legally suppose to do. But she didn't, she took the risk to climb the fence and got injured from that decision. Hmm, why is that? Probably because she knew she didn't meet asylum requirements or wasn't looking for asylum. She's looking for handouts. The truth hurts, deal with it.
  2. And what do I wish on migrants? I simply laughed at the genius who got hurt trying to illegally cross into our country. It's called karma. If she turned around and went home, applied for citizenship and was approved, I would welcome her with open arms. But you're not going to get any sympathy from me when you don't respect our immigration laws, sorry. Now, go cry somewhere else, little man.
  3. Trident Panther

    Pisses me the fug off

    Won't lie, that pissed me off. That POS needs to get his ass kicked. After someone whoops his ass, they need to go whoop his father's ass for raising such trash. Bullying is never acceptable.
  4. Trident Panther

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    What a racist...
  5. You have quite the fixation on incest and pedophilia @Porn Shop Clerk. You're one creepy ass dude.
  6. Trident Panther

    Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Miss. Senate race, Repubs 53-47

    Get ready to hear the name Amy Barrett a lot very soon. I wonder what BS accusation the left will make up to smear her name? Doubt they'll go with sexual assault again, can't do racism since she has two adopted children from Haiti. Will be a tough one for sure.
  7. Trident Panther

    Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Miss. Senate race, Repubs 53-47

    Here are some facts for you. Whatever the House tries to do, the Senate will block. In the meantime, the Senate will be approving a poo ton of judges and more than likely another SC pick. If Trump wants to do anything, he'll just sign EO's. They'll be blocked by some liberal crybaby judge from the 9th Circuit, but will be passed at the SC.
  8. That's why they're suppose to seek asylum at a POE, not by illegally hoping our borders. You could always let them stay your house, but you wont.
  9. First time posting in weeks and been told to kill myself twice by two separate posters. The trigger is real. @Jase Can we get some balance in here?
  10. too funny. That's what you get.
  11. Trident Panther

    eric reid selected for his 6th drug test since signing with carolina

    Who cares about Reid? He's gone at the end of the year anyways.
  12. The picture shows you the damage that can be done by throwing rocks, stupid.
  13. And let's not forget, Obama also sent troops to the border. It seems everything the left criticizes Trump for doing, Obama did the same.