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  1. and not only a td but the game winning td as panthers win 35-31!!
  2. you forget Tepper is the owner now he wont let that fly.
  3. he might have been an asshole which is why he never saw the field.
  4. I mean Wade Phillips went back to being DC after being Head Coach so it has been done and Fox would be a major upgrade over Washington.
  5. don't know if he would do it but I be for it dude was known for defense and was a hell of A DC before he became head coach.
  6. everyone also said the cowboys was dead after monday night and they came in and got a w. Eagles on now in that postion they are in win or season over mode so they come out with everything in order to save their season.
  7. yes its in NO but Eagles are playing for their season if the lose they are done so they will give the saints everything they got so this could be a chance we gain a game on them and keep this div battle going also they have to play the steelers later on aswell so we still have a chance to win the south.
  8. man you are one big ass pussy.
  9. I already made a thread blaming the o-line for the loss so I'm not blaming Cam but have seen fans on facebook are and just wanted to see if anyone here agree with those idiots.
  10. your answer should be no it not Cams fault the o'line can't block and this happens on the big stage cost us a superbowl and happen again thursday night with the whole world watching and media will blame Cam for it and some are buying in I've seen fans on facebook who have said Cam can't win the big one and chokes when the light is bright and everyone is watching.
  11. Van has been just a sgood as Norwell until last night but you are right about Starr should have resigned him.
  12. Fair Point but Tepper don't seem to be the guy that would put up with too much of this.
  13. true that and the eagles come back has saved Ron sofar but last night had to piss Tepper off he will not stand for that poo.