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  1. The only problem I have with this is exactly what the others have pointed out. If you knew you were potentially stepping on toes why not just ask before posting? Of course, Jeremy would have ignored you but at least you get to say you tried to clear it! Good luck, you clearly have a passion for it but Huddle gonna Huddle about it.
  2. There's no cap or headcount on coaching staff. Bring in the best. I've never understood running a billion dollar NFL business and chintzing on coaching staff salaries. The cap supposedly keeps everyone competitive so go spend money on the best coaching staff and FO personnel to gain that edge. That being said, the dude is 81 and sat out all last year. Already in HOF. Enjoy your retirement.
  3. Can't help but think what one more year of TD would have looked like with that lineup in front. TD's cap hit last year was $3.8, a cap friendly 2 year deal with an out after year one could have come in well below that.
  4. If that is the case I am with you on a solid "hell no". But where did you read that? Reid signed for 3/22, why would Boston expect that kind of a $10m+ payday? especially in June?
  5. that list is full of practice squad players and our ST ace who is a disaster in coverage whenever asked to fill in, for years. Gaulden is getting a big build up this offseason and may be the answer but there are other safeties to bring in and push the guy in training camp. I don't have a problem with Coleman being a candidate and proving it in TC and Boston is in the same category.
  6. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/Kurt-Coleman-Panthers-return-2019-comments-132470524/ Kurt may or may not be "trash", but this is the part of the article that scared the bejesus out of me...... As of now, however, the Panthers seem committed to their existing safeties: Behind Gaulden, other candidates to potentially earn playing time include special teams captain Colin Jones, Cole Luke, Kai Nacua, Damian Parms, and undrafted rookie Corrion Ballard.
  7. Admit it, you're just jealous you didn't start it first!
  8. Is it just a matter of time before we see a Huddle Poll asking if Cam Newton is the best Black QB of all time? Training camp is how far away???
  9. Cap hell would almost be worth it to see the delicious sadness of buc fans with McCoy wearing Panther colors on his SB run.
  10. Suh did not give us problems in Detroit or Miami. As far as I am concerned, the bucs down-graded both in talent and leadership.
  11. They are noticing because that pic of CMC's arms went viral.
  12. It's not just you. But I also read draft grades the day after. Not much else to do in offseason
  13. I drive a lot and have to listen to sirius radio. I feel I now know more about the jets and giants than I do our Panthers.
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