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  1. You are correct. But speaking of operating in a "vacuum", it is also possible that in addition to the reasons given that there could be locker room or general headache issues as well. I read your original point as that aspect being unfair to Clark? And I agree. I have not followed his career well enough to be able to speak to that. Either way though a moot point, as most are pointing out, no way we trade our #1 AND give top $ at this point of the season.
  2. Since I don't get comparing Mack to Clark situations there is not much to add to that. Teams could not believe Gruden would allow Mack to hit the market. Seattle is looking for a team to bail them out. Clark hasn't signed his tender, they have limited picks, they just tied up a ton of cap money. Clark is a talent that should not have slipped on draft day. Kudo's to Clark for balling out but giving him top contract $$ and parting with #1 picks or even more will save the seahags ass. Hoping that if he is traded the teams low ball seattle and call their bluff.
  3. There is a reason the seahags have him on the market. The beauty of it is that with those numbers you don't even have to know why. You just walk away.
  4. I mean, this is a quality post with detail, opinion and research. Whether you agree with the pick or not, well-played!
  5. If you see a Tom Brady jersey say hello to BigCat for us. or spill your nachos either way. btw.... report back before/during/after the game. I would love to go and have heard a lot of good things about the fans up there.
  6. Tepper loves soccer + Tepper is RAF Billionaire + Tepper has stadium ready to go + MLS expanding by SIX teams = welcome to the MLS Charlotte! (sorry Raleigh)
  7. If a Huddler in the woods between 0500 & 0700, is the Pope Catholic?
  8. I can't start threads but interesting to hear the takes of our division rivals. Tampa really got screwed...
  9. dude, I made a mistake in looking at the schedule on my phone while balancing other things. (not driving, that would be illegal). I apologize for forcing you to google a gif that makes you look like a true piece of $hit.
  10. How many east coast teams asked to play in London are then slated to play the following week on the west coast?
  11. Will you take a look at 24 other teams and ask that question?
  12. True, I meant more along the lines of an "eminent domain" type takeover. Where the Panthers reserve the right to move PSL holders to other locations if needed.
  13. Not a PSL holder but would be interesting to know if there is any language in the original contractual agreement that addresses this situation and people just are not aware of it.
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