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  1. I'm a glass is half full guy. One of my watching buddies is definitely a glass is half empty guy. But he did make an observation in the 3rd quarter that this loss just may save the franchise. Point being, so many "fans" were secretly and not so secretly happy to move on from Cam. As painful as it was to watch maybe, just maybe, this fan base will start appreciating Cam for being Cam.
  2. I think that take was a little out of context from his comments. He went into more detail in print, https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article237259104.html Panthers coach Ron Rivera is growing increasingly concerned with his team's struggles against the run — and with good reason. The Green Bay Packers ran for 163 yards and Aaron Jones scored three times on the ground in a 24-16 win over Carolina on Sunday, continuing an ugly trend for the Panthers run defense. Over the past three games, Carolina (5-4) has allowed its opponents to amass 516 yards on the ground and 10 touchdowns rushing, while averaging more than 6 yards per carry. "Basically, what happened was we got gashed on a couple of plays," Rivera said. "Those are things that you just can't have happen. It's happened three weeks in a row now where we have given up a couple of big runs per game — and that really puts a lot of things into perspective, unfortunately." Rivera said coaches will be paying extra attention this week to make sure everyone is where they need to be on defense, particularly up front. "As far as our defensive front is concerned, we are a gap control defense, which means that there is accountability," Rivera said. "When you look at the gaps and look at the scheme, are the guys where they are supposed to be?"
  3. Going into the season the players were excited about the 3-4 scheme and the options available with our personnel. Starting to think there are too many options. Shoring up our pass D is great but it doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that run D avg. is not good.
  4. The new guys and ladies(?) should hit up @rayzor for advice on how to conduct themselves. He has been the underappreciated force in mod-dom here at the huddle for a long time.
  5. For the sake of whoever's avi gets hit by the dart(s) I hope the forum sets out the rules more clearly. Hard to enforce vague and changing guidelines. When the rules are not specific and are wildly enforced or unenforced, posters get butt hurt and claim they are getting picked on. Also, fwiw, there has to be a way to get rid of alts I agreed with a lot of the suggestions, unfortunately the one's I agree with are the one's I enjoy reading the most. And I've seen too many mods come and go.
  6. We've tried the opposing fan approach before....
  7. by all means let us put a stop to discussions about Panther players on a Panther message board designed for people to post their takes on Panther players. /sarcasm
  8. The hell you say! An article from panthers.com is "completely boilerplate"???
  9. Good thread for sure. Such a complicated situation that first instinct is "reset" Obviously I am a Panther fan first, so if Cam should move on I will wish him well but I would never root for a team he was on "just because". That does not mean I don't appreciate how Cam has shouldered this team and dragged it kicking and screaming to the top of the NFL and challenging for playoff positions year after year. But Cam taking the route of getting outside opinion and basically forcing the Panthers to IR him is a game changer. To argue otherwise is to expose yourself as a "quid pro quo naysayer". The Panthers have to view Cam as an asset and have to plan to get the best out of that asset. Richardson and previous GM's always infuriated me by not getting a fair return for a player under contract. Cam wants to be IR'd to protect his options? Good for him! But the Panthers need to protect their own options, and sell high next spring if there is a buyer. Can the Panthers win with Allen? Those that say he can't are hanging their opinion on one game. The Nov/Dec games will tell us and give us more options, including Cam, for next year. But right now, right here, I fully expect playoffs for this team even without Cam. The offseason is for the offseason.
  10. Some people pointed to his "crazy meltdown" as his down moment. I actually liked him a lot better after this.
  11. On the bright side......... We have all our draft picks next year!!!!
  12. And Bill Barnwell wins the internet today.
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