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  1. The amazon show made me more confident in Ron the coach, but I have always been a fan of Ron the man. He is not a good liar and his body language says a lot about how comfortable he is sharing info about Cam. There is a lot more going on here and Ron is determined not to be the one to say anything. His relief when getting the Allen question was palpable.
  2. Just had a twitter link to a GMFB session where they are promoting an NFL show about four female NFL owners. They had on the producer of the show to talk about it. Was just about to move on when I notice the producer is Roger Goodell's wife. Count me in with those just about sick of football and the way it is being managed. But I'll be watching Sunday.
  3. Really? I kept finding syringes behind my store so had to take out a small brick wall where most were found. I decided to have a little fun, let out some 0-2 steam and reinforce the #keeppounding theme to a serial poster and unabashed troll. Pretty cool to be called weird again though!
  4. @thebigcat , thanks for providing me with some inspiration today on some chores. #saintsreportblows #bandwagonfansgonnabandwagon
  5. That may have been why Arians did not throw the flag. Wasn't there a commercial break after the play? Or at least more than sufficient time for the buc personnel to see it, or have someone call from Tampa watching the live broadcast. Any review would have shown the first spot already making the first down and the second spot 8" mistake not worth the timeout.
  6. So we did not see the "true" 3-4 against the Rams because of their 3 WR sets (per Aikman) Against Tampa overall I would give the defense a "B" but that in and of itself is disappointing because I expected A+ (my fault) Surprised to see our third down conversions allowed go way down, did not feel that way. Maybe all the arm-tackling in the secondary made it seem that way. Overall, the D carried the team, again. Getting old.
  7. but thank you for letting me find this again, https://youtu.be/wZYnoQwiLvc
  8. pro football reference is my go to site but if they have it I could not find it.
  9. Like the format but the leader was awkward and wasn't listening. That plus tech issues. More Ash and more back and forth with opponent reporters and this could be listenable.
  10. I can buy into "rusty". Doesn't take a film junkie to watch Cam throw high or even occasionally in the dirt on crucial downs. And I buy that Cam's shoulder is "fine". But can someone tell Norv Turner? I thought the shoulder health and the new motion were going to open up the playbook for some occasional downfield looks. Making the D play honest and getting more space for our playmakers. But it sure looked like the same "get it to CMC or checkdown or initiate incredibly slow-developing play" offense we saw last year.
  11. Glorious morning! It was 8 threads of scrolling before I came across a thread about AB or a stupid big cat thread’. Must be something going on today! Speaking of which when will threads non-panther related be moved to other forum?
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