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  1. This could of been worse. Lots of things didn't go our way and we kept fighting. Cam didn't look nearly as bad as what some are saying especially after this being his first real game back. Defense wasn't too bad at all. Remember who were playing against. This guy is an offensive genius. They caught some lucky breaks from us.
  2. Also, disclaimer. I'm kind of new around this website. I sometimes feel scared to post on here because I seem to get a lot of hate for some reason. But I just try to make the best posts I can.
  3. It's easy to take away the bad and not acknowledge any of the good
  4. Yes we're all very disappointed by today's outcome. It's clear though, we lost because of self inflicted mistakes. We easily could have won this and that's a good team. All in all, I Think We looked really good. But there's something happening that's even more important. There's a lot of "Good" teams that looked very bad today. I like our trajectory and I could see us rolling over the next few teams. The falcons looked terrible, the Seahawks look terrible, so do the eagles, even though they pulled it out. Anyone else getting patriot vibes? 2 years ago they lost week 1 against the chiefs in a close one and then proceeded to obliterate everyone for the rest of the season. Is it really that farfetched that we don't do the same thing?
  5. Some sort of read option dive with cam and mccaffrey to let the defense know that they still have to worry about it. Lol
  6. I think you would like Madden this year.
  7. I guess it means that people recognize how good this guy might be. And he must be doing something right
  8. This isn't a huge deal, but just wanted to post here incase people didn't know or thought would be interesting. As of last roster update, Brian burns is the highest rated rookie in the whole class. Also, he just got a new 85 overall card on mut, being the only rookie so far to get a new card. I love this guy already... Please no hate, just thought maybe someone would like hearing this
  9. I'm terrified of the rams not gonna lie. The suspense leading up to this is going to kill me
  10. I've seen all I need to see since we drafted him. We have too much depth and he's been to consistently trash to keep giving him chances. Dude just wastes a spot on the field. No effort no heart he just doesn't got it. Period.
  11. We could keep kunascyk and cut jared Norris. I think he has a higher ceiling. Cap is definitely going to be cut... Question, what has he proven over his entire career here? Am I missing something? Completely unimpressive
  12. Keeping Kunascyk, bonnafon, slye. Cutting Vernon butler and Cameron artis Payne. Idk who else
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