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  1. We lost our franchise quarterback and don't have a new one. Our defense is so hit or miss, some days it's terrible. Our coaches clearly suck. All that sucks but we're in for much bigger problems ahead. So every one is saying Christian is the new face of our team. I would agree. He's putting up some of the greatest numbers of all time for a single season. He's incredible and we all love him. Now here's the problem. All those stats and were losing. And since we have no quarterback that's reliable we can safely say that were going to keep depending on Christian and keep losing. Does anyone think this type of stuff doesn't piss Christian off? He knows his greatness. If we keep losing with him he's going to get frustrated and not want to be a panther anymore. How do we know that he isn't going to leave to another team? This is a dumpster fire. I love this team and Christian but the outlook isn't good on the horizon. Same thing with luke too. How do we know he wants to stay here and keep losing? Once cam is out the door and the coaches are fired, who knows whats going to happen to our franchise players. I know one thing, no player no matter how great they are likes to lose. Over and over again. This could get way worse for us soon.
  2. I love Cam... I want Cam back. But this kids ability can't be understated. Like the commentator said, he's shown a lot today. Just keeps throwing lasers even with pressure in his face. He has a weird story and his trajectory in highschool was first round pick type of talent. He very well could be legit... With that said, my heart is torn. I don't know what i want anymore...
  3. He's on pace for 12 and I think he reaches that. I think there may be a few games where he even gets 2 sacks if he gets the extra snaps. If he gets 14 or 15 I'm getting a burns jersey. Fugg it, I'm getting one anyway. I'd like to think we have von miller only in baby blue instead of orange. Feels good
  4. I didn't see him on the field for most of the game. I get we have a rotation but this kid is really becoming one of our best players. I wonder what his stats would look like if he played every down.
  5. I've come away with one conclusion. Hurney is the greatest 1st round drafter of all time.
  6. On pace for 12. DROY? Thoughts? And these 4.5 sacks include another 3 that were milliseconds away.
  7. Every week I look at the box scores and see tight ends going off for teams. Ravens and raiders for example. We have Greg and Ian thomas. Why wouldn't it be smart to utilize both at the same time? Remember how good gronk and Aaron Hernandez were? I feel like mixing something like that in could only help
  8. This could of been worse. Lots of things didn't go our way and we kept fighting. Cam didn't look nearly as bad as what some are saying especially after this being his first real game back. Defense wasn't too bad at all. Remember who were playing against. This guy is an offensive genius. They caught some lucky breaks from us.
  9. Also, disclaimer. I'm kind of new around this website. I sometimes feel scared to post on here because I seem to get a lot of hate for some reason. But I just try to make the best posts I can.
  10. It's easy to take away the bad and not acknowledge any of the good
  11. Yes we're all very disappointed by today's outcome. It's clear though, we lost because of self inflicted mistakes. We easily could have won this and that's a good team. All in all, I Think We looked really good. But there's something happening that's even more important. There's a lot of "Good" teams that looked very bad today. I like our trajectory and I could see us rolling over the next few teams. The falcons looked terrible, the Seahawks look terrible, so do the eagles, even though they pulled it out. Anyone else getting patriot vibes? 2 years ago they lost week 1 against the chiefs in a close one and then proceeded to obliterate everyone for the rest of the season. Is it really that farfetched that we don't do the same thing?
  12. Some sort of read option dive with cam and mccaffrey to let the defense know that they still have to worry about it. Lol
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