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  1. When you're evaluating these o-lineman in these heasy drafts that come around every once in a while, how do you grade these guys? When all the top olineman are on roughly the same level of talent. When every single one of them believe truly they are the best. What exactly are you looking for that makes you say that's our guy? Seems like all the lineman are really good in the first round but if we go that route I want the absolute best one. Is it truly just hit or miss? Same thing between say, Derrick brown and kinlaw. If we go DT, they are both really good but how we know which is better? I'm assuming we go either one or the other. I'm super excited to see the combine today.
  2. At least the dolphins had players to trade to get firsts. Minkah and Tunsil. We have nobody. We really can't trade Christian. So yeah out of the question.
  3. I don't know where to start. As others have said already we're far away from being contenders giving our lack of talent. The only bad part is we have no draft capital and no means to add any. I think we may be fugged. We could be the new age dolphins
  4. I think there's a significant chance we take Ceedee lamb or jerry jeudy to pair with DJ. Given that Joe Brady is coming in
  5. So what does he fetch than? Individually he plays well against the best recievers in the league. And he's still young
  6. I'm trying to be logical. I'm not a GM. Just tossing out ideas
  7. I have no idea what you're referring to. Stop being weird on my thread. This is all just simple discussion. If I'm wrong don't grill me for it. That's why I'm asking for others opinions
  8. Bradbury has already said he wants to be paid like a top 5 corner. At least that part of it isn't going to shock any team that's one great corner away from being a top team. Can we get a first for him since he's still young?
  9. Would it be smart then, to sign Bradbury to a new deal and trade him for a 1st? And draft Okudah in the first maybe?
  10. With Christian being a reciever half the time, is there nobody else who thinks he might be a 15 year guy though?
  11. It would take two firsts and maybe even a second for me to be okay with Christian leaving
  12. You're joking right? You wouldn't actually consider trading any one of those 3.
  13. Is there anyone on our team that's worthy of another team trading for? Lol
  14. Right. It's easy to say become a longterm contender. What's the first move to do that?
  15. Just for the sake of discussion though, what would you do?
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