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  1. i can't believe marty said he had will grier ranked higher than kyler murray. that is a fireable statement if i have ever heard one.
  2. 100% agree. I hope ron and marty get extensions and cam is gone in the offseason. the fanbase who cheers when the offense is on the field and asking for quiet deserves mediocrity at every level of this team. stupid stupid fans.
  3. They're flip flopping between blaming eric washington, the oline and kyle allen.
  4. Tepper thought Tomlin was a bad coach and Ron is a good coach. Tepper is a moron.
  5. how bad must grier be that he can't even get any reps in this game?
  6. at least he is seeing a specialist who is not associated with the team. the team medical staff is trash.
  7. next panthers coach is already on the roster and he will be on the sidelines on sunday
  8. and having to save ron's job over and over again
  9. Matt Rhule will be the next big college coach to make the leap to the NFL
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