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  1. no one is getting fired. tepper won't spend the money on a coach who gets to stay home.
  2. dont want to watch your qb and coach attempt the comeback?
  3. when ron kills your new favorite player by running him into the ground, you can change your name again to MVPBonnafon
  4. redskins highest rushing total of their season against this defensive genius....
  5. the a$$holes who have defended rivera time and time again over the 9 years deserve to have him coach their team for the next 10 years
  6. If only Cam had started his career with a competent coach...
  7. i can't believe marty said he had will grier ranked higher than kyler murray. that is a fireable statement if i have ever heard one.
  8. 100% agree. I hope ron and marty get extensions and cam is gone in the offseason. the fanbase who cheers when the offense is on the field and asking for quiet deserves mediocrity at every level of this team. stupid stupid fans.
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