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  1. it was that super fun TNF game where luke was lost for the 2016 season.... :(
  2. for better or worse, we are stuck with him for 2020. I think he will be more of the same and will be let go after 2020.
  3. easy to be bitter when two generational talents were wasted.
  4. Dave Tepper and Dan Snyder are cut from the same cloth. Massive ego's and lways convinced they are the smartest guy in the room. Im very worried about this future I was once optimistic for.
  5. this is the year to do it. Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect to come out since either manning or luck.
  6. Jerry Jones knows a lot about football. doesn't make him a good owner.
  7. Big days ahead for the Tep cat. His moves these next 3-4 months will determine the franchises course for the next 3-5 years.
  8. this is the Carolina panthers. you better get ready for disappointment
  9. dont fret, they are moving into a new stadium next year so instead of having 35,000 opposing fans cheering at them they will have 70,000. such a disaster, the chargers are the NFL version of a homeless guy.
  10. Yeah just look at him this year compared to like 2017. He is legit overweight.
  11. should send em to IR. whats the point in coming back next week. Dude just got paid, lets not let em get hurt.
  12. lmao, I knew NY would love the J-stew signing, he has not lost a step!
  13. hey this is going to feel reallllly good.... I dont give a rats ass about what Rivera has to say anymore for the rest of my life.
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