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  1. this. the man has been sitting in a boot for the last month. he needs more than a week of full participant pratices.
  2. I hope they are back in the USA. I cant imagine how helpless Id feel If I got a call like that all the way in Europe.
  3. He's in the convo right now. If they convert that 4th and 1 and we beat Tampa then I think CMC would be leading the pack.
  4. Ive seen more videos of tepper in a year than JR had in 20. Guy seems like he knows how to have fun.
  5. Man talk about a rough practice. It always sucks to see guys get hurt but I swear it hits double when they do it mid-week and its almost always non contact.
  6. But In reality we wasted our 3rd round pick on a Bust QB so...
  7. Ok your right, sorry Ive blocked Tolbert out of my mind after the SB 50 fumble. also great play call by shula.
  8. idk why they are doing this. 5 more years of CMC and all of Deangelos records will be gone. He will be a nobody
  9. without a doubt the dumbest Rivera move of all time. fug Derek Anderson too, you literally had to run one play and you turn it over. fuging worthless back up. Glad you could steal millions from JR.
  10. this is week 3. He hurt it in the AZ game. Pretty normal for a sprain on a 300 pound dude. He will be ready to roll after the BYE.
  11. might have to sit em and take the L. 8 hours in a plane with a bad back cant be good.
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