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  1. Ed Oliver. Blue chip DT. Currently killing it with the bills.
  2. that was the moment cam became my favorite player of all time. The absolute salt coming from that hick family was glorious.
  3. CMC is worth 4 Wins alone IMO. if they are going to actually try a rebuild Cam, Luke, AND CMC all have to go. could have 3 firsts and 3 2nds in the 2021 draft.
  4. yeah that should have stopped being a thing after the 49ers game.
  5. I saw a Matt Rhule led team blow a 28-3 lead a couple weeks ago. HARD PASS
  6. cool well kick rocks then homie. Glad your stupid trees are all dead.
  7. you mean happy? cam with an offensive minded HC is a wet dream of mine.
  8. ah yeah, the great coaches of our time all lost to EJ manuel in his prime.... oh wait.
  9. tbf it was also reported yesterday that no changes would be made until after the season was finished... how'd that one turn out?
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