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  1. I need to know If Washington is calling the defensive plays, if so there really isn't any point to watching this season.
  2. The season now completely hinges on cam's shoulder. No if ands or buts about it.
  3. Its probably been a loong time since anyone's had the gal to trash talk Ed Oliver. He's been the biggest baddest mofo on his team since 4th grade probably. Welcome to the big leagues rookie.
  4. won that game. also body slammed Ertz and got me hype as hell. Should have had the game winning INT that day too. We've missed that dog mentality since Norman left. I think Reid, Boston, and Jackson can bring it this year. Talk that poo and hit em in the mouth
  5. meh, those talking suspensions should realize that the NFL wont do anything till next season. See Bell and Blount
  6. unironically might be quicker than some DB's in this league. Crazy
  7. doesn't change the fact that he is a money grubbing whore.
  8. bad look but 20 hours from now those things will be gone, not like they were here for a week. Just two days.
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