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  1. Intriguing question no doubt. Just glad I’m not the guy having to make the call. I will sit back here in my comfy chair and second guess whatever someone else does. Just remember to forget I said I’m glad I don’t have to make the call when I’m doing it.
  2. Omfg this. put your damn ego aside and do whatever gives your team the best chance to win. You and your “system” aren’t the second coming.
  3. If the Bengals or Dolphins have a top 5 pick that isn’t #1, I think it’s a no brainer for either of them to use it on Sewell to protect their young prospect. Same *might* be true of Denver depending on Lock’s season.
  4. This. The position does not currently merit use of 1st round capital.
  5. I think you guys are being too hard on Paradis. Sure the whiff on Vea is awful but no is mentioning that his bull rush on Schofield isn’t bad. If he made some minor technique improvements like not going after his own team, he could turn out to be a lot better pass rusher from the C position than anyone here thought.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts as well. Our roster is not scaring anybody, but we also are playing better than I might have expected. The things that are holding us back are fixable things. It will be interesting to see this team take shape.
  7. Would you really do that if they drafted one of the QB's in the first, OL in the 2 and 3rd, and then some linebacker or CB in the 4th? Come on man...
  8. I'd venture a guess that the sample size of games where Panther QB's threw for 400 yards is small enough as to be statistically meaningless. Just a hunch....
  9. If I drafted one of those qb’s this year, I’d be really tempted to sit him for a year to adjust to the pro game and more importantly build the line he’ll play behind. Maybe give him spot duty later in the year, but don’t rush him out there.
  10. Brady couldn't have a 100 yard rushing day if he tried to pull a Billy Cole.
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