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  1. I think you missed my point. I was saying only for every good qb drafted in the top ten, there is a good qb drafted either later in the 1st or not in the 1st at all. My point was the notion that drafting outside the top of the draft excludes you from any meaningful chance of getting a quality qb through the draft is not a notion supported by history.
  2. So the underlying point is this: most of the top qb's were not drafted in the first few spots in the draft. Going to the middle of the round doesn't lock you out of a shot at a good qb. Mahomes, Wilson, Aaron Rogers, Watson. Yes a higher draft pick gives you a better chance at the player you want, but luck and good scouting and evaluation are bigger factors than just getting yourself into the top ten. Any cursory review of the better qb's in the league will show this. For every Wentz there is a Drew Brees that didn't even go first round. You probably didn't feel like looking up the info cause you knew it wouldn't support your position. It's not some monumental task but a few Googles. But either way I feel I've made my point. Lets just try to stay realistic about how bad going 8 and 8 is. I'm not a fan either, but it's not the end of the world.
  3. So since you didn't answer the question, I'll repeat it. Who would you regard as the top 5 qb's in the NFL right now and at what draft position were they drafted?
  4. In your estimation who are the 5 best QB's in the NFL right now and what was the draft position of the teams that drafted them?
  5. You can't weigh the value of a person's life, so loss of life can't be measured against economic loss, but putting deaths aside, I fully expect the economic damage to far outweigh the pure illness damage in terms of quantifiable costs. I would expect the government to likely mandate forbearance on mortgages and eliminate evictions during the crisis. If it goes beyond more than a few months of restrictions, you're right, that's gonna get really messy in all liklihood.
  6. So..do what I've done every day for years anyway? Got it.
  7. I for one am extremely curious to see just how good the cocky, cheating prick looks without Bellicheat and an oline free to do as it pleases while the refs look on with only a passing interest. I think it's just as likely Brady takes 75% more of a beating than he's ever taken in a Patriot uniform and this does not make me feel bad at all. I sincerely hope there's a moment next season where he's just gotten his clock cleaned by Burns when he's lying face down on the ground and it dawns on him what an idiot he was for not just going home to @#%$ Giselle for the rest of his life and live in obscure poverty with what little money he has left.
  8. Businesses exist to make a profit and we don't castigate all of them for seeking to do so, so any business that solves a major world health crisis should certainly be allowed to profit to some degree from doing so, however if they seek to profit far beyond usual and customary margins within their industry, there is a point where that should not be tolerated. Their profits in such an extradinary case should derive from the ennormity of the market for their product, not extraordinary margins, and keep in mind in pharmaceuticals a very large portion of cost is the cost of the R&D. To the extent that this cost can be spread across a wider market for it's use, those costs should be cheaper per unit produced, hence any such cure should need a relatively small R&D cost per unit of medicine produced, making the overall cost on the cheaper end compared to most medications. Just my two cents.
  9. Totally unfair to all those people who don't care about their fellow Americans that live in Boston.
  10. This. Not especially a Leo fan, he's hit or miss imo, but in this he and Hardy were both superb and the story and world were amazing.
  11. Or the 6 sacks means he sold out against the run and left his teammates hanging going for sacks. The bottom line is he was part of a D line that got absolutely abused against the run and with McCoy and Poe on the same line, how often do you really think he was getting double teamed as the third DT the other team was most worried about? Let's be real, I don't recall seeing Butler dealing with a lot of double teams last season. I DO recall seeing him get pushed off the line like it was a broken record. I would only be in favor of an extension if it was both modest and HEAVILY incentive laden. You only performed in your contract year? Okay, here's your "only performed in a contract year guy" contract. Take it or leave it.
  12. How much is drawing two blockers and then getting destroyed by those blockers to the tune of 5+ ypc by anyone wearing football pads worth? The dude managed to get himself a few sacks during a contract year, curiously the stat that seems to generate the most revenue at the negotiating table. Stopping the run, a less self centered dollars earning but no less important to team success skill, he was godawful at.
  13. Trading for Okung was a nice first step in that direction. Also I don’t think we’d be playing a day three qb as a rookie. He’d be a developmental prospect.
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