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  1. No one is asserting Rudolph was actually murdered, don’t be absurd. But assault is assault regardless of whether the victim is wearing body armor or a bikini. No one is implying the law makes no distinction of severity, but again you are drawing a false equivalence between game action and non game action.
  2. I’m making a perfectly valid comparison for purposes of the relevant point. Garrett swinging a helmet at another players head is a criminal act with criminal intent. The fact Rudolph wasn’t seriously hurt doesn’t change that. You’re also drawing a false equivalence between action that happens as part of play and this incident, which was entirely outside the bounds of play. The whistle had been blown, the p,ay was over, so drawing any comparison to hits that occur during games misses the point.
  3. It’s not different and if YOU can’t see that, WE can’t help you understand ethics or morality.
  4. You didn’t answer the question. If I shoot at you and miss, does that make it okay? The body armor is the irrelevant bit in this comparison, what matters is your actions and intent.
  5. If I shoot at you and miss, does that make it okay?
  6. I also hope that someone has a long talk with the officiating crew about what they should have been doing earlier to limit the chippiness and keep things from getting out of control, but yes fines for multimillionaire head coaches who cannot control their players seems like a great idea. Let college coaches bonuses be based upon team GPA and graduation rate and I bet we’d see some remarkable improvement in student athlete classroom performance.
  7. I concur. If you no comment in this situation you are failing an obligation that goes beyond football, and that is the obligation to not tolerate criminal behavior. No comment would be perceived in some quarters as tacit endorsement or at least indifference.
  8. I work in sales by appointment and live near Concord Mills. Unless my boss sends me something last minute looks like I’m set to stop by. Looking forward to it.
  9. If the facts are substantially different from my impression that would obviously have an impact on my opinion and would be disappointing, but after Bill Cosby I have given up expecting anyone to live up to their public reputation and limited myself to hoping that they come close.
  10. Yeah, I agree you defend your qb, and if I'm your coach or GM I pay any fine you get from the league for doing so out of my own pocket and quietly say "Atta boy" in the locker room. The kicking Garret when he's already on the ground is unnecessary and deserves fine/suspension.
  11. I have always considered this fact the canary in the coal mine that the league had a different standard where he was concerned than other qb's. We can talk til we're blue in the face about the NFL wanting to give Peyton a sendoff, doesn't explain the headhunting allowed first game next season. We can talk til we're blue in the face about refs being naturally falliable and human, but c'mon, two different sets of refs in two different games completely failed to call obvious and blatant shots to the head? Not buying it.
  12. While I don't know him personally, the impression I get is that he did. He had the incident with Anthony Bright early on, got his poo together and for a long time was fine. Even when we are making a strong effort to improve in an area of weakness, we can all have moments when we fall short. I think the incident with Lucas was one of those. I have always taken at face value the explanation that he was released because he was an alpha dog in the locker room and management wanted the team to be Cam and Luke's team, and realistically there was no way that could happen with 89 around. I disliked the way Gettleman handled the release but thats a seperate matter. I don't have any reason to believe that the release was because he had continued to fail to manage his anger. I think he is like many of us in that he strives to overcome his weaknesses and most of the time does well, but sometimes falls short. Personally I am perfect except that I sometimes lack humility about it. Some days I am able to be more humble than others by pretending to not be perfect, others I just can't hide my perfection. *ducks incoming stuff thrown at him*
  13. There is a difference between calling a teammate out in public and being candid when asked a direct question in a press conference. I think when a player's actions go beyond the realm of actual football, that loyalty to not call him out in public comes to an end. If Garrett had pulled brass knuckles from his pants and beat Rudolph senseless, would you say Baker should keep comment of that inhouse and not say anything publicly? What if he had pulled a gun? Is there no point where you're allowed to publicly say that what a teammate has done is unequivacally unacceptable? Imo not calling out teammates should be reserved for not criticizing actions as part of play. Don't call a guy out cause he dropped a ball or missed a tackle. That's fine and understandable. Not calling someone out for felony assualt is imo a whole different category.
  14. Yeah, how big and strong you are only matters to some degree ever since guns were invented. There used to be a saying in the wild west: "God created men, Sam Colt made them equal."
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