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  1. I was lead to believe this thread would be about roosters. The distinct lack of them leaves me sorely disapointed. 1/10, would not recommend. Thread needs more roosters.
  2. Agreed. Just doesn’t seem like the type. Plus I never heard CMC complaining about needing a breather so I don’t think he viewed his heavy usage this season as a negative. I do, but I don’t think he does.
  3. Nah. Too much talent on the rest of the roster. Teddy proved that this year.
  4. Damn dude what’d you do for them ? *imagined conversation at their HQ* ”Boss shouldn’t we get rid of the Broncos suite? It cost 70k a year and we’ve only got 1 employee in the whole state.” ”Negative. That one employee is Linville Gorge.” ”Ohhhh, yeah I guess you’re right.”
  5. Why would you be willing to trade a guy at a premium position that you’re willing to tag? If you’re willing to tag him it means you’re willing to pay him top 5 money at his position. Who considers a top 5 edge rusher coming into his prime expendable? This smells like the Ravens are just feigning indifference to drive the price up.
  6. That might have been bobowilson, but I couldn’t swear to it.
  7. Meh. I’m retaining some healthy skepticism about that “I don’t believe in firing coaches.” line. Let’s see if he still feels that way if his seat gets warm in a few years. Might suddenly have a change of heart.
  8. I remember quite a few folks saying before Rivera was fired some version of “I would rather suck for a few years if it meant getting us out of this never ending mediocrity.” I was one of them. I’m still fully willing to suck for a while. What will be interesting is how many of those folks are willing to stick with it vs how many will bail at the first sign of awful under the new regime.
  9. Hey I kinda like those. I’m learning something. Not something useful, but something.
  10. I wish they weren’t all thinner than me except Rhule.
  11. So would I, just to have that one voice of experience. Hoping it’s not Coughlin just cause I’ve always thought he was a tool. (Seriously who fines people for being EARLY to meetings? Coughlin actually did this.) But if he’s not running the show, i’ll take him over no voice of experience.
  12. Personally I’m of the opinion that age and experience are potentially valuable, but in the realm of coaching, the value of those things has long been overestimated. When your age and experience causes you to be locked into certain mindsets and habits that stifle flexibility and innovation, then those things are working against you, not for you. What will be interesting is whether this young staff leverages it’s lack of commitment to orthodoxy or just gets run over by coaching staffs that have seen it all before and are 2 moves ahead of them.
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