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  1. I think the ideal set up would be having Colbert at the top of the pyramid with Hurney overseeing college and Caserio overseeing pro, with Caserio eventually becoming the big kahuna after Colbert retires.
  2. I would rather have Caserio than the Steelers guys. Probably an unpopular opinion though.
  3. I want all of them gone. I don't get why so many people want Scott Turner as OC
  4. I can't believe some people still have their heads in the sand over this. How much more goddamn confirmation do you need? You people will be on here after he gets traded saying that it isn't real.
  5. At this point it has become obvious that Tepper has no fuging clue what he's doing. You don't have a conference talking about how you won't stand for mediocrity and that's why you're firing the coach, and then sign a mediocre at best linebacker to a top 10 deal a few days later.
  6. If they extend Thompson and then release Cam after all Cam has done for us, I'll be quite disheartened.
  7. Yes, he's going to move the MLS team too and all of the stuff he's planning on building.
  8. We might as well have kept Rivera if we're going to pay "elite" money to mediocre guys.
  9. It would seem as if David Tepper is not dat deal. Oh wee mayne, RIP to us.
  10. Shaq is a guy who pretty much no one would miss if he was gone, yet they're paying him "elite" money.
  11. I would think that Rhule would be hard to get just because of the tax situation.
  12. If David Tepper did this people would be laughing about his brass balls and toughness.
  13. Washington Has to be the least attractive right? A lack of talent, a meddling owner, and a shitty location. Dallas They're probably the most talented team out of all of the options, but that also means they'll have the least amount of flexibility. If you take this job you're stuck with Zeke, Dak, etc plus Jerry Jones. Would have to deal with the pressure to win immediatly and the media talking about you constantly, which could be a positive or a negative depending on the guy. Jacksonville Headache of a QB situation brewing. Mediocre roster. Shitty location, bad cap situation due to past free agency spending sprees. New York You're married to Daniel Jones. Location could be either a massive positive or a negative depending on the guy. Not much talent on the roster, but a massive amount of cap space coming your way. New York media is likely a negative. Cleveland You're married to Baker Mayfield. You have to move to a legendarily shitty location. You have a loaded roster, a passionate fan base, a competent GM, and some salary cap to play with though. Atlanta You have a good owner who is committed to winning. Decent roster that likely needs a makeover, but with absolutely no cap space to work with. I would say that we're definitely ahead of Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Washington. We could be more attractive than Dallas or New York depending on the guy. Cleveland is definitely superior to us if you don't take anything in to account other than talent and cap space, but guys might not want to deal with Haslam, Mayfield, Odell, etc. I think we're in a pretty good position to snag a good coach. We're a decent location, have an owner who is committed to winning, have some good players and a lot of cap space. We're in a good spot to be turned around quickly.
  14. There's nothing funny about real life animal abuse.
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