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  1. Really then why did everyone give grief to Allen. He was basically a rookie last year also. He started one game last year...the last one and did well. Did everyone have high expectations for him due to one game at the end of last year against NO. Can't say Grier should have been cut slack and not Allen also.
  2. I think it is a bunch of questions as what this defense will look like.
  3. you don't know me stbugs....when I make a mistake I admit it, but you just summed up why he is not a PS team player either. I rather have 10 of them than D Jack. They understand their weakness, but he doesn't cause it is mental not physical. His actions last year proved that 100%.
  4. Should have traded him this year...cause next year everyone will know he is not even worth on the PS teams. If I am wrong I will admit it, but the last two years have not been great for our #2 CB side of the ball.
  5. I can wish can't I. Never liked the pick and even when healthy never showed that so called "ELITE" potential.
  6. Little should be on that "In Trouble," list too.
  7. I know that. I just don't see Brown being that awesome. I rather have someone that would have taken Bradberry's place and he was on the board. We could have gotten two run stuffers or two pass rushing DT's later or a combination of both. They taken Brown so nothing to be done about it. Live with it and move on.
  8. I just love the way yall keep saying he could be special. Well they said the same thing about Peters out of Nebraska in '98 also, and who remembers him.
  9. Cause our offensive line was our weakest link for the past 3 years. We were good between the 20's but when it came to pushing the ball across the line we sucked and please don't tell me adding a 30+ beat up old man at LT is going to be the game changer. I understand his contract was better to get rid of next year still we need line help. So we got better guards in FA....GREAT! but that doesn't help the tackle situation for next year. We could have gotten a CB which we need just as bad and please don't tell me D Jackson is an elite CB and needs to be starting. There were good DT's down the line that could have help fix our line play just as well as Brown.
  10. How many games did we lose last year cause we couldn't pick up a 4th and 1 at the goal line. I know of 2 and we couldn't push the ball into the end zone when we got to the 5 yard line. I guess the other team wanted it more than we did. When do we have another dominant offensive line that can protect our QB's and wear a defense down in the 4th quarter as teams did to ours last year. We been to this well too many times. It hasn't worked. Yall yell 'FIX' the DEFENSE....I guess you except that the QB's last year got hit 102 times and sacked 58 times. I wonder how TeddyB is going to take that type pressure.
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