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  1. Let's not forget the ones that went the Cowboy's way back in the day.
  2. I wonder how we beat this team. They battered the Ravens all game. Did this game wear us out know we were just darn lucky. Good writing.
  3. You are giving Paradis a lot of lead way. I rather keep Turner but he is good trade bait for a 2nd or 3rd rounder in this year or next years draft if doesn't matter. We could use Little and Daley at RG and RT and Morton and one of the mention ones on the Left side. We need to give both Daley and Little a chance so we know what we need to do next year. We can get a young center and Paradis sucks as bad as he did this year we have a young center in the line to take over.
  4. Ever heard of sarcasm Jus. I was a Baltimore fan since I was 6 years old until they moved away to Indy. When Carolina became a franchised I became a Panther fan. When they played this year I was pulling for Carolina from opening kick off to the last snap. Run along now Shelia.
  5. You might like being a just and average team and wondering what type year we are going to have. Have a winning season....500 season and then a losing season and it keeps repeating. Every team goes through cycles but it depends on how long you want to be irrelevant. I guess you don't give a flip Sheila.
  6. I don't think any of the top 3 will be there when we pick. If we can't get them it is Oline 1st and DLine 2nd. We have 3 good Tackles in this draft for the OLine and one is available grab him if he fits our system or the system Rhule will want to use. I am tired of picking a line man in the 4 to 5 round and hoping we get a diamond.
  7. People seem to forget how good the Pittsburg lines were back in the 70's and 80's. They took pride in keeping Bradshaw standing or any QB after Bradshaw. They always seems to have the next player up when it came to developing people and we have never seem to have the next player up when it came to the OLine.
  8. Unless the Ohio State CB is still on the board at 7th. If we don't take one of the better tackles I might go back to being a Colts fan.
  9. I say Daley looked better than Little but neither was spectacular but they did have to play beside Williams a lot.
  10. Raiders want a QB and would go out on a limb to get Tua from Alabama. Give up the 12th and the 19th to move to 3rd.
  11. We are so in troubbbbbbbbble!....maybe this is just a one year tank job and Tepper will allow him to ride off into the sunset a rich man.....
  12. Never forget about Panthers under 6' Wideout who was the baddest man on the field.
  13. It is official Channel 9 just said he was the New Head Coach...Rhule
  14. We can fix the O/Line with a good LG or LT and Center selection in this years draft. We weren't even holding teams out of the backfield for a 3 second count and you were expecting us to pass. There was no stepping up into the pocket cause it was collapsing when they did or a rusher was plowing through to the QB. Give our QB's time to throw and we could have won more games this year even as poorly as the defense played.
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