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  1. Our defense is depleted. Our offensive line is terrible and we are starting PJ who has look suspect to date. Mike Davis has fallen off a cliff. Stafford is a good qb and he can put together enough to win.
  2. I wouldnt say we "hit" on Samuel. And his value is not going to be worth what its going to cost us to keep him. We should have traded him instead of letting him walk, which is going to happen.
  3. I will ask again, what would have to happen. Pound them with our run game? Let PJ air it out? Suffocate them with our defense? Just trying to see what you are seeing
  4. Its all mental. Its not a coinky dink that both coaching staffs have pointed that out
  5. Whats the scenario where we win? I mean what has to happen realistically for a W?
  6. Yep, I wish we would have gotten something for him in a trade. A 5th is better than him just walking
  7. Correct but he is now going to have to be replaced in the offseason instead of being on the roster playing even marginally and holding the position until we can find his replacement. Now the corner spot has to be addressed again in the off season
  8. I think this roster is going to be in an even worse position next year than it was prior to this season. DJ has to be gone now right?
  9. He knew we were cutting cam before anyone else
  10. How bad is will grier and how does marty still have a job?
  11. I think ya'll need to prepare yourself for Samuel playing elsewhere next season.
  12. A) You have no idea about this. That is pure speculation B)Giving out dumb big contracts to RB's is kindof what Marty is known for
  13. From a football standpoint I would much rather watch Winston in this offense than Teddy. He could utilize the speed of moore and Anderson
  14. No way this is Rivera's fault? Cmac had 729 touches the past 2 seasons for a whooping 13 wins. If thats not on RR then I dont know what is. I will say it for the final time. Running him into the ground last season for a dumb record during a 6 win season and then turning around to pay him record breaking money while he had 2 years left on his deal may be the dumbest move this franchise has ever done. (Outside of Sean Gilbert of course) Stevie Wonder could have seen an injury filled season coming this year for cmac.
  15. How can you say we didnt overpay? He is the highest paid RB ever. Even if we did nothing and did the franchise tag in 2 years he would still be cheaper than the deal he is on. There is just no way his value was going up with the amount of usage we gave him in 2 throwaway years. After the amount of touches he got in the past 2 seasons it was written in stone that he was going to get hurt this season. His first 3 were a statistical anomaly that he didnt miss any time at all.
  16. Not this year. TL is just that good
  17. Just shows you how stupid it was. He was under contract for 2 more years. It made no sense then and no sense now.
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