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  1. Wasn’t a fan of him , I like Ian’s potential but I want a solid tight end . Very important position
  2. I feel the same way great read https://www.si.com/nfl/panthers/gm-report/carolina-could-be-back-to-its-winning-ways-sooner-than-later
  3. And look at our dline burns short brown and gross matos with Miller and haynes coming off the bench and other players like weatherly can break out as well it’s going to be a solid football team
  4. If any vet is going it’s gano
  5. On what analytics or stats state we should cut short? None !! You would make a good bills fan my friend with your ignorance
  6. He went Undrafted because he played for temple I dare anyone to say he would have went undrafted if he played for lsu bama or Ohio state . The guy never got a chance with the colts after have a stellar preseason
  7. im starting a nice weight loss challenge , the weight loss challenge will be up until week 1 of the preseason . on this post we will discuss diets workouts and weight loss strategies . so if interested post your current weight below and lets lose so weight and get safe heathy and ok and ready to go !
  8. if pj was in the draft he would go no later than the 2nd round imo hes better then jalen hurts
  9. I LOVE BRIDGEWATER but i feel that pj might sneak his way to starting qb
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