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  1. Get Carr , some oline in free agency , draft jerry Judy and with Rhule and Brady’s offense we’ll be dangerous
  2. let this season burn for fields or lawrence
  3. Sad that the best season in memory is a season we got upset in the Super Bowl .
  4. I’m prepared to lose everyone this year and not get anyone in return and win 4 games where next draft we just miss out on getting fields and Lawrence! Story of the panthers baby . Oh no we suck again !!!!!!
  5. i wonder if us trading cam to a team that secures us drafting tua or herbert
  6. If we’re in a rebuild mode I’d cut all the big contracts or trade
  7. Simple economics. The time value of money , it makes sense to trade cam if we’re going into a rebuild , cam is in a win now position and in win now terms we are one of the worst teams in the nfl .trade cam for a draft pick and save the money we would spend on him for the future . We’re going to lose the next two seasons and not spend anything worthy in free agency next two seasons , we will look for under valued players in free agency that can turn into the next best thing , sort of like gentlemen did . But in year 3 with all of our saved up cap space we explode in the market and sign big names
  8. The sacrifice season . We burn it all this year with hopes of hitting on early draft picks in the future . Once a stock goes down there’s a chance it will slowly rise again we get rid of cam ,Poe,short we stick with Allen or a free agent Qb and tank and pick our Qb next season
  9. Tua sucks , he had a solid oline and 4 all star receivers
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