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  1. RIGHT NOW ID BE ALL EXCITED with all preseason seeing pj ball out and now we dont hear anything idk who is this years bersin or udfa we over hype we dont have nothing .
  2. fans got to get the past misery out of their heads this isnt RIVERAS PANTHERS where we suffered from riveras struggles this is a whole different personality . we will see who joe brady and matt rhule is , sad to say this well be bradys only year hell be a head coach this time next season so lets enjoy his talent now and hopefully win the superbowl . i have no expectations but i didn't in 2015 either and after barley beating the jags week 1 when i was stuffing my face at buffalo wild wilds and chugging multiple beers and seeing norman with a game winning pick six i had no clue we would be in the superbowl
  3. I hope rhule shows no mercy I don’t wanna just win I wanna beat the puke out of these nfc south teams
  4. hes one of the qbs in the game , people think im crazy but see
  5. Grab your nuts panther fans and Let’s get behind this team!! Way to early for negative comments let’s see what rhule is all about
  6. First I have to say I’m super pissed that pre season is canceled , we don’t get to see pj , any rookies and we won’t find that break out player for get a chance to see how our teams going to be this summer . With a new coach it works in our favor , no one will know how to defend us because they seen 0 tape on us . New qb new offense and new coach we can catch these teams by surprise and really do some damage .
  7. Looks like Daley will be ot , Greg little would be but he’ll be out half the season with a broken finger nail
  8. Horny Hurney strikes his magic once again . Trades one of the best guards for some washed up bum that wants to retire just our luck
  9. normal year preseason would be starting this got me pissed
  10. i worked this whole covid dealing with people in the heart of it with the illness i couldnt opt out . i have 0 respect for any ri midonna celebrity that opts out . this is your job do your job
  11. PLAYOFFS OR IM NOT IMPRESSED but i think rhule /brady will be the next shaun mcveigh
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