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  1. I’d be doing the same and I do the same and worse . I praise this young man
  2. Cam sucked as a passer and wasn’t clutch on 3rd down . Teddy is clutch on 3rd and is an accurate passer
  3. Too bad we didn’t get Herbert he’s the best out of the bunch
  4. We need to actually spend money in free agency get some hogs
  5. Rhule is just starting this is his team we just need to keep adding to the puzzle . We are all sad we lost a close one to the saints but look at the analysis. we have a solid qb we have two solid running backs we have 3 good receivers we need to retain all 3 for futura we need a tight end with an upside in free agency to move the chains I’ll admit it now I was wrong about Ian Thomas he blows , and Chris manhurtz my positivity they need to go . A solid tight end will help this offense offensive line we need to upgrade obviously defense we have some pieces but we need to build here
  6. Trust me they will Sunday even if it’s the water boy Brees will make them a star on Sunday, he’s going to pick us apart like always. We need to play good offense or this will be an ugly loss
  7. Teddys a great qb but every position that we are not the best or top 5 we should always look to get better . Either a rookie or bring in someone next season with low risk high reward like Darnold
  8. Look how tanner hill turned out bro id take the change in Darnold
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