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  1. At first I felt sooo happy for him. After thinking about it - we offered him a 2 year deal that was a much better offer than what he got. He should still be here and should retire a Panther. Won't be rooting for the Pats but wont be hating on them like I have in the past
  2. of corse winning the division, or making the playoffs is a success.. I will go for the bare minimum for me to label this season a success: - Be in playoff contention until December - CMC probowl year - Moore probowl year - O-line upper 3rd of the league - D-line Top 10 - beat Tampa and/or Saints once
  3. Create a Headline using only the words from the thread titles below: I'll go first: Who says 'No' to women porn? Popular opinion says the job brings the best out of erected wood.
  4. Best question thread I've seen since the lockdown began.. great job OP I'll go with Smitty because he had to do most of his work before he got the ball and still had to fight and get the ball.. CMC either had it handed to him or a short dink/dunk pass.. I'm obvi splitting hairs here.. either way - Panther fans are winners
  5. https://itsgame7.com/malik-monk-suspended-reinstated-by-hornets-over-coke/
  6. Delanie Walker (old), Jordan Reed (oft injured) and Ed Dickson (old) are available.. Question is: are we rolling with Ian as our starter and looking for a vet backup OR are we looking for a starting calibre TE?
  7. there are a few out there.. but I'll see what I can cook up
  8. Hope everyone is staying safe during Covid-19.. Hope this helps pass the time even though it's only 5 mins... lol
  9. this thread is dope.. I haven't heard any of these things.. **except for Bersin/Jerry basement thing.. we all know thats true
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