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  1. Bacon, Bridges and Graham didn't play.. but still embarassing
  2. it is insulting to have him play on the summer league.. let him get solid minutes this year and watch.. the 2019 Summer League is not going to turn his career around..
  3. i never realized how many females we got as Hornets fans.. I got 5 sh!t emojis from you clams..? for what..? saying we are an inept franchise and we are finally doing the right thing by waiting out the terrible contracts!? grow some nuts.. jeeesus
  4. yeah.. i agree - but we are talking about the Hornets.. i don't understand the uproar..
  5. I'm tired of everyone flipping out and overreacting to what is going on.. if you are a real fan, you know what TF we are doing.. Cho destroyed this squad years ago and we finally pulled the pin.. the roster wasn't made in one season.. we are now finally tanking - plain and simple. Throwing a chunk of money at Rozier is not going to reshape the franchise. It is an attempt to keep butts in the seats for a while we try and tank. Rozier is a nice PG - but 35 wins is what I saw quoted in another thread - that's crazytalk.. we will be a top 3-5 pick next year, shed Marvin, MKG and Biz contracts (that's over $44M in salary). Couple that with Zeller and Batum's huge expiring contracts and you have the potential to trade for maybe 2 extra first round picks. I see us losing lots and lots of games this year, but will need to see if Bacon, Monk and Miles can put together some +20 pt games and a handful of double-doubles.. Hopefully Washington gets major minutes and we get to see what all the kids can do. So to sum it up.. chill TF out and embrace the tank.. it will be 2 years before we can that about competing for the playoffs.. everyone pick your secondary teams to pull for and enjoy the shake up to the league.. it's been awhile (maybe 5-6 years) since the teams playing in the championship series wasn't decided before the season started.. peace be with you..
  6. i've kept my mouth closed the past few days.. I was comfortable with the decision all weekend to let him go and begin the tank, etc.... but that letter right there makes me feel some sorta way.. dammit man.. damn
  7. I root for Hornets first and foremost.. I will never ever pull for another team based solely off where they play.. I will root for a handful of players around the league though.. I love Russ n PG13.. I have always loved LeBron.. honestly- I can't bring myself to pull for anyone else in the East so it will be a handful of western players/squads Wish Kemba was goin to LA.. make it easy for me.. I can't see me rooting for Boston.. ugh This thread is dildos..
  8. this is who i want..
  9. This is a complete dumpster fire.. I kinda hope Kemba leaves for LA and gets all the recognition he misses out on.. AD Lebron Kuzma and Kemba is a huge contender in the West- esp with the injuries to KD and Klay + the uncertainty of the Rockets roster.. It would give me a good excuse to turn my back on this organization until they fix the payroll..
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