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  1. "Guys you can build with" - agree.. Problem is we just need a guy you can build around... 2019: #12 - PJ 2018: #12 - Bridges, #34 - Graham ^^ those are good to great value picks right there we just need a knockout pick.. a Harden or Kawhi mid-first pick.. i believe Mitch can do it..
  2. Anybody see the irony that Gman just signed a CB to a $15 M @ year deal?
  3. NBA Season Suspended!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!! Monk sitting at home like:
  4. Thread title: "I really like the path of this team" Thread post: "NO STAR PLAYER OR INTERIOR DEFENDER and Rebounder... Still in every game.." I am not trying to pick a fight - im just saying i agree we are 1-2 stars away from honestly competing.. the looking on the "bright-side" that we are competitive without any stars is fine by itself but that will all change when/if we get some star power because the team makeup with be drastically different.. but nice to know we got guys who can compete and have grit I think we are saying the same thing just different wording..
  5. unfortunately the "No Star Player" trait that you like about the team - is our biggest problem.. to be playoff contender - you need 1 to be a conference contender - you need 2 to be finals contender - you need 2 + help if we can somehow find One Star in the draft OR manage to trade for one - it will dramatically alter the roster we currently have.. but i understand where you are coming from and share your optimism.. Kup has a good eye and hasn't done and stupid, short-sighted deals.. we are poised to have a bunch of cap and a few good draft picks coming up.. gotta flex those into the right player or 2.. we have a lot of good filler to put around whoever that is.. unfortunately, i dont see that player on our current roster And they definitely aren't coming from this FA class this year: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2020-nba-free-agency-top-30-players-in-next-years-class-led-by-anthony-davis-demar-derozan-brandon-ingram/
  6. I read something - maybe in this article , that we might be interested in a buyout this offseason for Batum.. it would make ZERO sense to buyout Batum next year.. the minute his terrible contract becomes an asset (expiring $27M) that we could trade - we are talking about giving it away!?
  7. ya'll have a link that it's just weed? I can't believe that..
  8. well with Monk suspended.. Bacon should get called back up and given a shot
  9. maybe this is why he was playing better as of late.. maybe not.. but probably..
  10. he had a connection with Cam - especially on 3rd down.. but last year he was pretty ineffective with Allen in there..
  11. As far a tournaments go - I say all the teams that don't make playoffs should be thrown into a single game elimination tournament. The winner of said tournament gets awarded a pick in the Top 3. A big bingo ball scrambler is turned immediately after the Final tournament game and the MVP of the winning team gets to reach in with the sweat still dripping from his hands and grab a ball numbered #1 (5 balls in spinner), #2 (15 balls in spinner) or #3 (30 balls in spinner) and is awarded whatever pick he draws.. Do you know how many eyeballs and $$ that would generate!? I'm hype just thinking about it!! So if Hornets finished last - just outside the playoffs (#14 in the current lottery pecking order) but WIN the tournament and Rozier gets MVP and reaches in and grabs #2, Then we move up from #14 to #2 and the rest of teams slide back a pick. Simple.
  12. 1- Get rid of conferences in playoffs = pick the 16 best teams.. with air travel as good as it is nowadays on private jets etc. it's not like it was back in the 80s and 90s where west coast/east coast trips were crazy.. 2- Not sure of the solution, but the way the monitors are used for replay in NBA games is just the worst. the stoppage of play now at the end of close games sucks all the life out of the arena and on TV.. have, in essence, a "shot clock" for the refs.. you get 24 secs to review the replays angles available and if you don't have the definitive call - the ruling on the court stands.. 3- Gotta get more parity.. it improved a lot this offseason with the split up of the Warriors - but seriously there are only 3-5 teams still fighting for the NBA title (LAL, LAC, HOU, MIL, BOS).. why do the bad teams stay the bad teams and the good teams always stay the good teams?? probably goes back to the 1st RULE, huh?
  13. Pad those 'potential' HOF stats into HOF stats, good sir.. I'm rooting for ya! But not the hawks
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