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  1. I wouldn't call him a hero.. I would simply call him a journalist/publisher who had the balls to put out info the U.S. Gov didn't want out there.. in today's milk toast media market - maybe that makes him a hero.. idk, but since he has been on the run for the past 9+ years - he has been reliant on foreign countries and compromised by them too (ie. Russia).. At the end of the day - he should be protected by 1st amendment rights..
  2. since we have changed things up and had a late season surge (especially from the young'ins) AND if by some miracle the Knicks help us out and we end up making the playoffs...... Kemba stays, no doubt..
  3. I'm not even mad at Memphis or Detroit.. we had so many chances this year and some unforgivable losses
  4. Wow - great news for my guy @Lilsmitty09 you def picked up the torch and ran with it for sure.. so hype for u my dude
  5. After beating some of the top teams in the league it was only logical that this team would lose to the tanking Lakers - all but squashing our teeny tiny playoff hopes
  6. Here is Kemba smiling with his teammates In this still shot it looks like Kemba is actually kissing Lamb Here he is with his name on the back of his clothes just to identify him even more..
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