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  1. Now it's Heat, Bucks, 76ers, Celtics, Nets, Wiz, Raptors are the teams for sure to make playoffs in East. 8th seed will be fought for by Hornets, Pacers, Magic, Hawks, Bulls. Already given Lottery teams are Cavs, Knicks, Pistons.
  2. It actually looks to be $3.5mil for Biz.. we have around $4.1mil in cap space an 1 roster spot available but will probably hang onto that throughout the season.. could be valuable.. Teams with Cap space: NYK: $18.5m CHA: $4.1m Teams with large TPE(s): BOS: $28.5m OKC: $27.5m, $19.5m, $7.4m <<< lmao, wtf DEN: $9.5m MIA: $7.5m UTH: $5m
  3. Starting/Bench/3rd: PG: Ball - Graham - Riller SG: Rozier - Monk SF: Hayward - Bridges PF: PJ - McD - Richards? C: Zeller - Biz - Carey? Crunch Time: PG: Graham SG: Rozier SF: Hayward PF: Bridges C: PJ I would be interested in maybe signing Ersan Ilyasova - who is a FA at the moment. Giving him the vet min or a little above would fill out our PF position nicely.
  4. If he has the season I think he's about to have.. someone will try and pay him more than that.. we gonna have to pay him and Graham next year.. doubt we can keep them both.. will see
  5. he just doesn't understand the situation..
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but.. can we retain Monk with a qualifying off of $7mil next year??
  7. Welp.. there you have it I'm sure OKC wanted a 1st rounder and we were just not going to give that up for Batum's dumba$$.. So with $9mil stretched out over next 3 years - I hope we can extend our young core.. 2 keys guys: Monk & Graham next year..
  8. yeah - I hope we can get away with just sending one or both of our 2nd rounders next year. If Philly was able to trad Horford's horrible 3 years @ 27mil + 1st Rnd pick + 2nd Rnd pick = Danny Green We shud be able to trade Batum's 1 year @ 27mil + Two 2nd Rnd BOS(1) & CHA(1) = TPE to BOS = Hayward to CHA Also, just saw this article about possible trades: https://hardwoodhoudini.com/2020/11/25/boston-celtics-hayward-hornets-trade/2/
  9. Boston should have to kick in something right..? we are really doing this to help them with the TPE.. if anything, they should throw a 1st rounder OKC gets Boton 1st Rd pick + Batum + 2nd Rd pic from Hornets CHA get Hayward BOS gets the TPE everyone is happy
  10. Contract is for 1 year at $2.3 mil
  11. Cody actually produces better than Myles and costs $3mil less: Zeller - 11.1ppg - 7.1rpg - 1.5apg - 0.4blk - 18.84 PER Turner - 12.6ppg - 6.6rpg - 1.2apg - 2.1blk - 14.87 PER I know Zeller ain't flashy but he does not kill us.. he's just not a rim protecter, like, At All.. which allows teams to attack the paint.. unless there is someone that is a significant upgrade - I say we keep Zeller and the young guy to see if someone can produce.. letting Cody expire next year will lessen the effect of stretching Batum's contract over next few year (if we can't figure out a S&T)..
  12. Best description of how the deal could work (but it's from Boston's perspective): https://www.masslive.com/celtics/2020/11/why-a-gordon-hayward-sign-and-trade-is-so-important-for-the-boston-celtics.html
  13. We have been in such cap-HELL for the past decade that I have really haven't thought to much about how to properly manage the cap-room we were about the be presented with. It's like I was starring at the Thanksgiving table in all it's glory, right before I push granny to the floor just to be first in line.. So when MKG, Marvin & Biz all were done in the matter of months and I'm looking at $43mil in cap space with another $45 coming next season (Batum & Zeller), my mouth began to salivate at an alarming rate... "What do I go for first = the mashed potatoes (Kawhi), stuffing (PG13), turkey (Gobert) or right for the pumpkin pie (Giannis)??" It all seemed a bit unreasonable and too good to be true... So Friday/Saturday happens and we sign Hayward to a huge deal. At first I was upset but then calmed down and am fine with it now. [I have catalogued my thoughts in other threads] But when I am presented with idea of waiving and stretching Batum's contract of $27mil over 3 years - and the number of a $9mil cap hit for 3 seasons - it just didn't seem like a huge deal.. I have logged on the Trade Machine multiple times a day starring at Batum's $27mil or Biz's $17mil or Marvin's $14mil or MKG's $12mil with tears welling up in my eyes.. So when $9mil is mentioned, forgive me for not grasping my pearls.. but I was wrong.. $9mil is nothing to just scoff at even in NBA money.. especially when you have some important decisions to make in the future.. OH WAIT!!! -- the future is now.. I was so focused on the older guys coming off the books for so long that I really haven't been worried about what to do with the young talent that actually plays.. I mean, they JUST got here right.. nope -- Monk & Graham are up next year then Bridges & Terry the year after followed by PJ.. and looking at the contracts that were just handed out this offseason, I can assume a few things: D.Graham - 18ppg, 3.5rpg, 7.5apg F.VanVleet - 18ppg, 4rpg, 7apg >>> just signed 4yr/$85 = $21 @ year M.Monk - 10ppg, 3rpg, 2apg M.Beasly - 11ppg, 3rpg, 1.5apg >>> just signed 4/$60 = $15 @ year So if Graham's numbers stay similar (I imagine they will dip cause of L.Ball) - it would be in the neighborhood of $15-17mil @ year to keep him.. Monk would be similar if he continues on the upward trend and cost us $15mil @ year to keep him.. and Bridges the next year around $15mil as well.. All this to say a $9mil hit this year truly might not a big deal.. but next year when we want to keep Graham and/or Monk, and the following year with Bridges and/or Terry = $9mil could make things more difficult.. for Charlotte to sign FAs - we have to pay top dollar - remember Marvin gave us what was considered a "hometown discount" of $14mil @ year.. Any team can make a splash in FA (like Sacramento or Cleveland) but to then follow it up with the correct moves that allow you to solidify depth and not making the big splash hinder you in the future.. So I just need to pace myself this Thanksgiving & this FA offseason and find a way to save some space for next year when it matters..
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