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    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    That is not the same thing as "the word".. more like "the word of a guy on twitter" Mitch would be crazy to give them Lamb, Bridges, Monk and a first rounder..

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    Link? Cus that would be terrible for all our assets. Every single one..

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    if we pull that off - i will bow down at our savior Mitch's feet.. truly.. i just don't see it right now..

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    called it a few days ago.. Monk will have to be in any deal, imo.. we aren't that lucky - plus we shot our wad and we look real "anxious" to get this deal done.. they will get him.. but im pretty clear MKG won't be included, especially while he is injured - Here are a few lineups with Beal + MKG in there: A) PG: Kemba, Parker SG: Beal, Bacon SF: Lamb, Bridges PF: Marvin, MKG C: Zeller, Willy B) PG: Kemba, Parker SG: Beal, Bacon SF: Batum, Bridges PF: MKG, Frank C: Zeller, Willy

    Boston at Charlotte

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ya95nycv Monk, Lamb, Biz +1st round pick = Morris + Beal
  6. I haven't seen us with 0% heart in a long time. Changes need to be made in staffing. The talent is there. We playing checkers - other teams are playing chess
  7. I can't handle this team anymore. They underperform all the time. I think I may be coming around to the Rivera haters.. unacceptable

    Sat Night Special vs Philly


    What is the next position of need???

    If Mitch can turn any combo of the gang of 2nd round draft picks we have and Biz, Marvin, Zeller, MKG, Lamb or Frank into a legit starting SG or PF – I will bow down completely.. I'm looking at the Wiz potentially blowing things up and salivating over Markieff Morris or Beal.

    What is the next position of need???

    tbh, i think Monk needs to be starting and Lamb coming off the bench.. Lamb was great last year playing the 6th man role.. he was very efficient.. Monk needs to start and see what he does for like 2 weeks.. i just wanna see a little bit of shuffling.. JB already said Bacon is making it hard not to play him consistently..

    What is the next position of need???

    PG - Kemba will re-sign and be the Mayor of Charlotte (nods to TD) SG - Monk will keep developing his D.. and become more consistent on O SF - Bridges' upside is scary.. Blake Griffon-esque PF- **crickets** C- Zeller/Willy combo is decent for now (ie. Zeller's contract is abysmal).. but today's NBA doesn't need a Allstar Center.. just someone who rebounds, has hands to catch n dunk and protects the rim..

    Cam DUI !


    Kevin Love

    no more big white guys.. ty

    David Newton trying to start some controversy

    or walking towards a cop.. or sitting still.. or running away.. or laying on the ground.. or standing with your hands up.. or if you are a kid playing with a toy gun in a park and within 2 seconds of the cop arriving you get gunned down.. but at least when this type of "malpractice" happens - we hold the cops accountable..... wait.....
  15. Looking at this team, it all doesn't matter until the last 3 weeks of the season and how do we beat the Saints (who we lost to 3x last year)... the only major differences between us Then and us Now are... 1 WR corps: DJ & Samuel > Shepard & Bersin 2 Secondary: Reid & Jackson > Coleman & Worley Plain and simple - Are those 2 factors enough for us to beat the Saints?