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  1. Moose and Kasay are potentials on there too.. Moose is a Panther Great but not a HOFer.. Kasay on the other hand.....
  2. maybe - but Toronto figured out you have to double him the last 3-4 games and made the entire offense sloppy and a tougher game.. the Celtics pulled it out in the end but the book was written on how to play them.. Miami is doing the same thing now.. copy and paste
  3. agree, I want him too.. if it were Rozier for Randle straight up - I'd do it in a heart beat now.. also agree we need length.. Wiseman, let us whisper of a dream
  4. whoa - whoa.. yes, my ears perked when I heard we were linked to him in a trade that woulda sent Rozier/Monk to NY but naw.. that's was too much.. he's been in the league 6 years and has never been an allstar or ever played in a single playoff game.. he's also been on 3 teams in 3 years.. he's only averaged a double-double once in 2015-16.. he's #71 on top 100 players: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2858608-bleacher-reports-top-100-players-in-the-nba-right-now I'm not sh*tting on him.. he's probably better than everyone on our squad honestly.. but he's no superstar..
  5. nightmares of Kemba slicing through a double team and drawing the other team's Big and then Kemba dishing it to a wide open Biz under the basket, only to see the perfect pass bobbled and turned over.. Wiseman has excellent hands and catches everything.. scouts point to his weaknesses but to me there is nothing glaring. All his "weaknesses" are things a rookie college player never possess anyways and can be taught with time: 1) passing - we don't need him to be Nikola Jokic, we need him to be a young Dwight Howard.. 2) post moves - well developed centers with post moves are not around anymore, let alone a rookie coming out of college.. 3) defensive awareness - he's an elite level rim protector with AD length.. he has the ability to grow into an amazing defender 4) lower body strength - he's young and hasn't filled out yet.. he has the frame and 'dawg' in him to put in the work.. smart kid too
  6. just trying to read that... jeez - sounds very Trump-ian I understand you gotta make cuts but to double the next closest team and then come out with that answer is not a good look. Have a PR person give a better more concise thought or something. It's like he is thrown off guard to even be asked that - like cmon - if you make those type of layoffs you know you are going to be asked about it.. the privilege of these elites kills me
  7. Something we rarely gave him while he was here.. Big Al and Lamb were the best we could do.. Dwight and Lance were honest attempts but nothing in the end..
  8. not tryin to change ur opinion.. you are allowed to be wrong
  9. I'm excited to see our coaching staff make half-time adjustments for like the first time, ever..
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