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  1. This is a complete dumpster fire.. I kinda hope Kemba leaves for LA and gets all the recognition he misses out on.. AD Lebron Kuzma and Kemba is a huge contender in the West- esp with the injuries to KD and Klay + the uncertainty of the Rockets roster.. It would give me a good excuse to turn my back on this organization until they fix the payroll..
  2. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. i'm white and have zero problem with the music.. obviously or i wudn't have chosen it.. sad that people dismiss things as 'stupid' that make them uncomfortable..
  4. To celebrate Cam throwing at Mini Camp - I am dropping my 2018 highlights Video.. not my best work - but 2018 was depressing for me and it took me awhile to even get together my feels for this.. Hope you enjoy.. Cheers to a better 2019!!!
  5. good.. add $5M more to our cap space..
  6. we made it yall - we have reached "peak offseason" when we are talking entrance music.. congrats..
  7. Just finished the McCoy presser and he mentioned the 'culture' here in Carolina.. I happen to agree with him a lot because I live up here in the DC area and fully understand how a bad locker room culture (although, very entertaining) can rip a team apart.. I know we have always had great players/coaches but was wondering - Who you attribute the Panther Culture to directly? How did we develop it? Obviously, Sam Mills comes to mind.. but I also go down the list of guys like Moose, Ruck and Mint - all the way to guys like TD and Luke.. And there have been some dark moments too but a strong culture got us through it all.. Just wanted to throw this topic out there since it's the offseason.. Thoughts?
  8. how Hurney be dealing with all the positivity:
  9. assuming we lose Kemba - i don't want to pursue any FAs.. I want to go full tank mode
  10. no way we pay that type of coin for Kemba.. in a few months we all gon be like:
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