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  1. Dwight Powell went down for Dallas with an achilles injury - I watched it live and knew it immediately - friggin sucks.. but Dallas is just outside the top 4 in the West and needs a starting calibre BIG in their rotation.. we can help: http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=rhfetbt They take Cody's 2 remaining years; we get an old friend in Lee for a year and a late 1st round pick? Cody and Luka tha Don would be amazing for them.. Dallas loves their Big white guys too..
  2. And if Shaq does become our new MLB - how does he do filling the shoes of Luke? He got a 4 yr $54 deal and has studied under Luke for 5 years now.
  3. I think every young Panthers fan in early the 2000's had a Smitty, Delhomme or Peppers jersey.. I think every young Panthers fan in the late 2010's has a Cam, Luke or Olsen jersey.. In the middle, there were some dark times.. that's when I got my black Beason jersey..
  4. Graham was shooting poorly and he still took last shot of regulation (and missed a decent runner) but Bridges was cutting to basket wide open.. Lost in OT.. ahh, oh well I like the fight we have.. Biz in starting lineup is killing us.. Zeller had a good night off the bench
  5. that's in April last year before the draft.. he was just blowing up his stock.. Rhule knows Cam dat dude..
  6. Prediction: he's talking about his oline
  7. I haven't closed the book on him by any stretch. He got 17 mins tonight n scored 3pts, 1 reb and 0 ast. Shot 1-3 from 3 and was 1-4 from field. All I'm saying is he ain't earning more mins with that stat line. No way no how. He has to get consistent
  8. I think last year he was playing much better and earned some quality minutes in the beginning of the season.. was not performing like he was last year, and then the small injury he had set him back more.. and with the rise of Graham and Roz, he has taken a backseat.. tbh - i dunno
  9. I honestly believe if Monk was showing out in practice - he would be given minutes during games.. AND there's been no indication during the minutes he has had - that he would be a stud if given more minutes.. one game here and there where he goes off for 20 is one thing.. but if consistently was putting in +10pts/5rebs/3ast and shooting above .300% = i would be all for him getting more minutes.. but unfortunately that isn't the case
  10. was never mad about Roz.. with Kemba leaving at $32M and us grabbing Roz at $19M - I was fine.. I was just set on him being starting PG and Graham being backup PG.. now that both are in starting lineup - would like a little more height (both are 6'1).. but not complaining on how both are playing.. need a better rim protector and rebounding.. Bridges is solid SF but i don't see him growing much more in "allstar" potential.. idk though.. just happy to have Roz, Graham, PJ and Bridges and watch them all grow for right now.. no real expectations so they are able to play free..
  11. Bieniemy is my guy right now.. i hope we land him We have never had an OC as the HC.. someone who is in analytics and current trends.. moving from Mahomes to Cam would be easy for him to draw up game plans.. i just like this fit man.. make it happ'n cap'n
  12. do any of you remember the white gloves.. we tried this once
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