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  1. He used to be on The Young Turks - but they had to jettison him because he was going off he rails..
  2. 15 picks later we got Ian Thomas.. still waiting to see his full potential but as of now - it doesn't look good..
  3. would you give up MKG and Biz expiring contracts for him..? I'd listen to it.. might have to throw in a draft pick or take a shitty deal back to make it work..
  4. yes - i'm with you if it was legit healthcare.. I know what u r getting at, our system is crazy - but i believe they went above and beyond in what they were doing.. maybe i'm wrong and these are legit needs for NFL injuries and players - but check out the article They got ultrasound machines for their wives in their homes and hyperbolic chambers and such.. then billed the league
  5. LINK to the article on Fansided ^^ I can't disagree more with the idea above. No more bad long term contracts. We are finally going to be rid of Marvin, MKG, Biz, Zeller and Batum's terrible contract over the next 2 years and I don't want to add anything on top of them for a crap shoot draft pick - especially not a 2nd rounder.. and no one is giving up a 1st rounder for Marvin without giving us back something horrendous.. and even if it were a 1st rounder - a playoff team will be late in the 1st round. OBVIOUSLY - I would need to see any deal before I disregard it, but I can't imagine we would truly walk away the winner of any trade with Marvin as the centerpiece. With that in mind - Here is an article with 5 different Trade Ideas, lmao: Link
  6. Wish he could grab a few more yards and TDs to make sure he is a HOFer..
  7. Olsen has borderline HOF numbers without a ring.. but if he gets in the MNF booth and does well - he will sway the voters and he will be a sure lock for HOF - same as Smitty has done..
  8. While most are celebrating in the streets [as they should] I would just like to take a moment to tip my cap to the man.. You did give us some great times and are the winningest coach in Panther's history.. Cheers sir.. Hope you land on your feet somewhere..
  9. Awe man.. look at the crowd.. this has to be more than embarrassing for Tepper
  10. Wow.. I've advocated for firing Ron at the end of the season.. but I'm not so sure after this one.. Tepper has to send a message.. right?
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