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    Hornets Gameday Thread

    it was def warranted - however - i don't like the optics.. especially because he missed and then did it for the 2nd time.. they were laughing a second later.. this isn't only MJ could do something like that.. if any other owner smacked (tapped) a player in the back of the head - there'd be a bit more of a problem - but a nothing burger nonetheless.. if Kemba smacked him in the back of the head - it wudn't even be a story..

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    O.M.G. from last night's game

    Post a pic, any pic.

    no joking.. that's racist AF

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    ur right - i goofed and put in his FG% not his 3pt% I still like Bridges upside more because his defensive ability.. Monk should be our starting 2 guard right now if it wasn't for his size.. i dont hate either prospect.. maybe the Beal trade isn't worth it at all.. i have kinda cooled on the thought and maybe we stick with what we have? we just need to get rid of one of the top 3 contracts we have: Batum, Marvin, Biz.. Cody and MKG aren't worth the $$$ we are paying them, but they are key pieces that every contender needs..

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    2018: Bridges = 22/56 - 3pt made - .504% Monk = 38/118 - 3pt made - .366% 2017: Monk = 83/243 - 3pt made - .360%

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    saying MKG sucks and he's not worth the 2nd overall are 2 different statements that have 0 connection.. if you came in here screaming in all caps - "MKG wasn't worth the 2nd overall pick!!" - everyone on earth and outer space would agree with you.. but just to walk into a room screaming "MKG sucks!!" - you sound like a 8th graded that's mad because they don't like their science teacher..

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    23 mins = 5/6 FG = 83% + 1 3pt FG.. he is also posting a 17.9 PER off the bench at a new position this year.. MKG is hardly the problem on this team right now.. not even top 5..

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    He has a year left and then a player option for next year - which he will certainly opt into @ $13 million. Yeah.. but he's not getting a huge payday after that anywhere.. he seems like a dude that would reup if Kemba is still here for a reasonable deal.. like half of what he's getting now for 2 years..

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    14 pts will do.. lol

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Better win tonight by 15 at least to redeem ourselves

    bP Eats Crow on MKG

    I think I might have been one of the most vocal huddlers on here when it came to MKG.. he was drafted way too high, lacks any semblance of a reliable jump shot, never scored more than 25 points in a game and has only done that 2x in his career, he also isn't a creator for others - as you can see by his career average - 1.2 assist per game He is the definition of a "reach" in the NBA draft.. Most on here touted his defensive ability - and I reluctantly agreed for awhile - but after some time I was ready to ship him out of town for anything we could get in return.. I thought Clifford was too old-school-minded and kept him in the starting rotation because of his stubbornness (ding-ding).. I think I was right in that facet - but I was really wrong on his overall value.. I was fully on board to dump him for peanuts until the beginning of the season when Borrego had him coming off the bench at PF!?! and he provided good/great minutes.. I honestly didn't see that coming.. I still thought his contract was gawd-awful but wanted to see how long he could keep it up.. When MKG got the injured ankle, I thought - Great! - more minute for Miles, Monk & Bacon.. but in his absence - our top scoring bench has completely fallen off and our second unit has been in turmoil.. Borrego was trying a sh*t-ton of options that had us dropping games to the Cavs and Hawks!?.. MKG's first night back - against the #1 seed in the East and we jump out to a 25pt lead!?!? I'm not breaking any news really - we all knew he had great hustle and defense ability - I just didn't think it was that 'Key' to our team.. i thought it was over-hyped, over-value and basically excuse-making for MKG.. well, I was wrong.. MKG's game is huge for our team and keeping it - his contract ain't half-bad.. oh, believe me - it still stinks but it ain't a major problem when comparing to others.. this dude brings more motor/hustle than anyone on the roster AND it will NEVER dip because he is upset that he isn't a "NBA starter".. I gotta say.. MKG kinda back to being my guy now..

    Hornets @ Thunder

    Monk with 0 minutes.. wtf? has he fallen out of rotation completely?