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  1. No they're not one of the 4 best teams in the country. They struggled vs Indiana, and their secondary is ranked in the 100's FFS. They won't be able to, if they're legit 5-0 tops heading into this. Sorry, just wouldn't make sense. Their schedule is putrid, and they won't have enough data points for it to make sense vs another team. ACC is getting two in with Clemson and ND, so you're also wrong there. LOL. SEC is just getting in Bama. The last spot is up for grabs.
  2. Man, Florida's defense is meh, Florida's offensive line is meh, Florida's weapons around Trask other than Pitts are meh. How TF is Florida top 5? HAHAHA.
  3. To be fair, Cincy is 7th. That's the highest a G5 team has ever been. And with A&M playing Auburn, Ole Miss, and Tennessee left on the schedule I could see them losing at least one of those games. Florida will lose to Bama. Ohio State could be out regardless, not playing in the Big Ten Title game. Cincy would just have to beat shitty Tulsa twice.
  4. And absolute poo on offense. Pac-12 had it's best chance in years to get in last year, and said no OU. You guys be the sacrificial lamb, we'll lose to fuging Oregon.
  5. Regardless, could help us out. After Fields disaster of a performance vs Indiana. We could get either or, if we're lucky.
  6. I'm not so sure if CC is a "quality" opponent per say. But, it's better than any team he's faced so far. The BSU game was so disappointing. They lose their top two QB's, and their third stringer couldn't do anything.
  7. COVID. Nothing is off limits. That's why I laugh at people that say a 2 loss Power 5 team can't get in. Oh yes, yes they can.
  8. Can’t be right. Mr. Scot all season has said the offensive line sucks.
  9. Oh, I know WTF he's talking about. It's on Mobile, it would be in the middle of a page while I was scrolling. Looks like someone misplaced it. Just puts an ad right in the middle of someone's post. It is hella annoying, though.
  10. To be fair, it's not like Walker has been amazing over in Boston. Because he hasn't, he's been good. I'm glad we let him go.
  11. I would love Spencer Rattler, but you're correct. Tepper is quite patient, way more patient than other Owners. But, you need a QB to groom next year under Bridgewater. Wilson is probably the answer. I would be okay with Lance as well.
  12. They weren't awful the other day for once, and they couldn't get anything going. Hopefully he bounces back vs Miami.
  13. If having 26 TD's, and 6 picks is "really bad" with a 68.6 completion percentage. Yeah, sign me up for really bad. That's in 8 games mind you.
  14. Na, that Virginia game he stood in the pocket too long too. He's been sacked/hit more than any QB in the NCAA the past two years sans the shitty QB in Syracuse.
  15. Yeah, no. You haven't watched him recently. He's been damn good, vs Okie State he had 5 TD's, 0 picks and over 300 yards. Very efficient. You clearly watched the Iowa State and Kansas State games and that's it. He's a RS Freshman. Give him time FFS.
  16. His pocket awareness worries me. Hopefully that improves with an improved O-Line next year.
  17. Rattler is going to be a stud, he can place the ball anywhere it feels like with a flick of the wrist. Do want. Stud.
  18. So, Christian McCaffrey would've helped Bridgewater not be hot ass? Whew. That's swell.
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