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  1. THAAAANK YOU. I've been saying without his legs, he becomes a GREAT backup at best. Hes not gonna be running through linebackers on the Patriots so what makes people think hes gonna light it up?
  2. On to the future! PJWALKER2020 Robby Anderson DJ moore Jeremy chinn YGM Derrick brown. Joe brady Matt Rhule Phil Snow! Let's get it!
  3. I mean let's be real, we always had the talent, we just had INCOMPETENT staff. That's over now.
  4. They gave yall a better defense which includes YGM and Derrick Brown and offense and OLINE. Better coaching staff which INCLUDES joe Brady. And yall are still not satisfied.
  5. And people really think the panthers JUST because came good in 2015 lol
  6. https://instagram.com/stories/jenkinselite/2332139421666048961?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=3w96kydbo0bj PJ at work. (Black shirt and hat)
  7. I just came in to say, NONE of these donations will actually reach black people. Iits just a tax write off, and a show.
  8. Everybody getting their head cracked and the black Panthers were nowhere to be found, not 1 gun was shot. I mean that's not what the OLD Panthers would have done.
  9. https://youtu.be/EDl0uJ7NGVg PJ Walker was meant for this. #pjwalker2020
  10. They say that every year and every year somebody becomes a bust.
  11. Lol not expecting much out of PJ, but wanted a guy who only played 1 full season.
  12. Speaking truth. Fact is most of these current starters are AVERAGE. PJ Walker is above average. And the Panthers were smart to get him at a steal, when Teddy doesn't deliver.
  13. Everyone knows HBCUs or in PJs case, college's with a high black population are not usually on the radar of recruits. If he had been playing for Penn state, he would've went in the first round.
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