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  1. All Joey needs is to spend the off season in a sports psychologists office!
  2. Give both backups a start, I'd like see how much if any Grier has progressed, and no, despite what he says Rhule plays favorites so we can't trust him that Walker is better.
  3. Geez Louise, it was his first start and he didn't have starter preparation, give the guy some slack.
  4. You're only half right, which means you're wrong! Calling intelligent defensive schemes seems beyond him as does learning from his mistakes. If Tepper doesn't force the issue Snow is unlikely to be fired do to Rhule's close connection to him. This loss needs to be followed by more and more since we so badly need a QB, so maybe this is where Snow has value after all.
  5. Yeah, isn't that beyond stupid!? Some people just can't get beyond 2019.
  6. Was it being cheap or did the team, Hurney, just not think him valuable enough to resign?
  7. Well it damn well better have mucho frosting!
  8. What about Bradberry? Don't da Panthers get something for losing him???
  9. IF there is a can't miss center or MLB you gotta go there.
  10. Yeah, if Vander Esch isn't a rental go after him, Jerry might make that trade.
  11. First a personal question, Did you go varking at the moon last night? Do we know for sure that it is Ian's fault that he's not getting the ball thrown his way?
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