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  1. What I took away from the Panthers performance... 1. Bridgewater has a great deep ball 2. Panthers pass defense is sneaky good. 3. Run defense played well today 4. Lots of speed on offense You guys are about a year away from a legit run.
  2. Bears defense helped them score their only TD. 5 penalties on 1 drive
  3. Wait till you see the Bears all the Bears jerseys. Chicago fans travel well!
  4. Oh where to start with this foolishness... 1. Only 2 QBs have thrown over 250. Stafford/Brady. PadStafford gained 75 yards vs prevent. Brady had 253. They both needed to throw over 40x. This is true! 2. You say 1-13 yet included the losses they had against the Bears. Brilliant! 3. How exactly did Brady give a “gift”? The down mixup? So he would have thrown a better ball, which hit the bears defender between the numbers, had he known it was 4th down and not 3rd? Lol He was at his own 35 yard line with 30 seconds left and no timeouts and throwing to the middle of the field. That game was over! 4. The Panthers have only 3 wins vs teams with a combined win record of 4. Bears have 4 wins vs teams with a combined record of 4. The Panthers and Bears have only 1 quality win a piece. It’s a tie. 5. When the Bears lost to the Colts, by 1 score, they were the #1 defense in the NFL and they had Darius Leonard. That was a loss but a quality opponent. However, Rivers struggled, and that’s the argument I’m trying to make. Bridgewater is going to struggle vs the best pass defense in the league on Sunday.
  5. Trubisky wasn’t Nagy’s “bust”. Nagy was handcuffed with him when he was hired a year after Trubisky was drafted.
  6. Lol The Bears have only allowed a league low 4 passing TDs all season. The Bears defense is 1st in the league in lowest QB completion percentage (57%) 2nd in the league in lowest QB rating (70) 2nd in pass deflections. 10th in fewest passing yards Per game (230). 2nd in lowest percentage of 3rd down conversions. 1st in lowest red zone conversations! (36%) years. Teddy is gonna struggle. Panthers need to rely on the run game and turnovers to win this game.
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