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  1. Ahhh makes sense now. Yeah Jerry is an asshat for sure. Don't want to wish anything bad upon him but God that old dude is one serious prick.
  2. Oh okay thanks. That may be worth it just to see Tyson again. Obviously nostalgia is getting the best of me as well.
  3. What's the pay per view cost on that? I'm sure they are going to make a killing on nostalgia alone. I've been watching Tyson train for it and he is serious as hell which Jones is taking it as a friendly exhibition. I don't think Iron Mike knows any gear except all out. He reminds me of what Steve Smith would be like if he had become a professional boxer also what Tyson would have been like had he became a 190 pound wide receiver.
  4. Oh totally. I have read this site for years and watched them piss, whine and attempt to bully people over the internet that whole time. It has been humorous to watch them get so upset and be so passionate about certain things yet never do anything about it in the real world to make a true difference other than argue on message boards. They are the type to think they are doing something to make a real difference by sharing internet memes on their Facebook posts of their fugged up ideology. Just loud, obnoxious and immediately goes to cursing, throwing accusations of bigotry and typing away when anyone may not share their exact same views on a subject. There is not a Summers Eve douche product strong enough to wash all the years of impacted sand from their vaginas so they take it out on the cyber world around them but it is enjoyable to watch for sure!
  5. Funny how he just assumed I was talking about him. He's obviously upset for some reason. Wannabe internet bullies apparently dish it out but can't take it maybe? I enjoyed his response though. It let me know it upset him and I wasn't even referring to him specifically and more so just a group of the same type morons as a whole.
  6. I'm laughing not crying you two bit little internet smart mouthed punk. I obviously struck a nerve and must you know exactly what you are or your "woke" ass would not have responded. Now shut up and go pick your next internet argument.
  7. Careful, the tinderbox mafia will come for you and start keyboard thrashing you on an internet message board. That sort of thing can absolutely ruin your day for about two tenths of a millisecond.
  8. Not that long ago but seems like an eternity. Great game and so much fun to watch that team.
  9. What in the absolute hell man..... Looks like he is dead as of today. Kind of makes your comment just that much more disgusting.
  10. Are all bets off if you include Jameis Winston in that graph? He is probably an outlier.
  11. And yeah i know i got trigger happy with the keyboard and spelled the title wrong. Sue me.
  12. From the article it sounds like this is the furthest he has gotten so far in 17 years. Anybody think he will ever make it all the way and get that final nod? He definitely deserves it I feel but I know i'm biased. https://www.panthers.com/news/sam-mills-named-2021-semifinalist-for-pro-football-hall-of-fame
  13. I want to see another game or two out of him as well. I want to be able to figure out if there is something there in that spark he shows or not. Either way we need to find out with some more live game action. He is like an athletic Jake
  14. Would Hurney be so stupid to let Moore go? I know he has made some questionable calls but would even he even that dumb? I dont think we have even started to scratch the surface of what he can do if he is fed the ball more and if he continues to develop as he has been.
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