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  1. I kinda agree with CarolinaSock. If you're going with the B450 chipset, you might as well go with the Ryzen 5 3600. It costs slightly less but has better single core performance (important for gaming) while still being a multithreaded CPU for non-gaming functions. There's no reason to pay that much for RAM unless its purely aesthetic and that RAM kit comes with two dummy DIMMS. I mean, here's the same capactity, same clock speed, and same CAS latency for $30 less https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232181?m_ver=0 You can probably save a bit more with another SSD, but that's entirely understandable if you stick with Samsung. Their SATA SSDs do tend to outperform all others, but in essence you're paying about 30-40% more for about a 10-15% improvement. I'd just highly recommend a drive with a DRAM cache if you're going to be using it as both an OS drive and a storage drive. Crucial MX500, Adata SU800, WD Blue are good alternatives. Again, the Samsung drive will outperform all of these - I'm only making the recommendation for costs. The 1660Ti is a good card. It's decidedly better than the RX580, but.... it's also still in the same mid-range class as the RX580. You aren't exactly "moving up" - it's more like a better lateral movement. I agree with CarolinaSock here too and would recommend any of the GPUs he mentioned.
  2. lmao this thread Yall are some truly disturbed, weird mother fugers.
  3. Well, TheRed called next and he doesn't strike me as very conservative.
  4. Really? You didn't start the "well, your team is new to winning" horse poo in your second post?
  5. https://twitter.com/WORIDSTARHIPH0P/status/687000978051051520?s=09
  6. split jerks are for guys who ride dildos but 305 is impressive. good job
  7. And they had McCown's backup towers at QB. Sounds bad, right? But backup QBs going off on us is in the Panthers' DNA. Hell, I remember the late 1990s with Bueurlein and 2007 and 2009 with Matt Moore. Maybe it's in the whole NFL's DNA to get beat up by competent backups. Against the Saints and McCown, the Panthers didn't put a whole lot of pressure on him. They sat back on defense and waited for him to make a mistake. However, he only made one mistake all game - it was the interception to Josh Norman on what could have been the game winner.
  8. You can if you want. If your injuries happened in Tikrit in 2003, Baquba in 2005, Baghdad in 2007/08 or Mosul in 2010, there's a pretty good chance I was breathing for you at one point. And I'll judge anyone, especially a Veteran, who says 19 year olds can't be trusted with firearms.
  9. Actually the "worst" is a person who "volunteers" with Veterans at the VA, then talks poo about them on a message board. It just indicates that you're in it completely for your own benefit.
  10. As a veteran with PTSD, I get far more angered by CamMoon's 2 years of non-combat service leading to a lifetime of benefits than by anyone or anything I've encountered in the "real world."
  11. PTSD is an anxiety issue, not an anger issue. This isn't the first attack on a recruiting station. ISIS communicates pretty consistently that they're targeting service members and veterans at home and anywhere they aren't armed.
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