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  1. Well, no, not really. I've always enjoyed your posts though. They made sense. lol Noticed you have a blog ... I'll check it out from time to time now. :o)

  2. Where the hell have you been?

  3. Calm down. The sight is pretty hysterical right now, goaded on by a few hot heads. Don't become one of them.

  4. Like I'm not always reallllllllll nice! Huh!! Bring it!! :aureola:

  5. Good Lord! Are you okay now? On the mend, I hope!! Can you introduce me to your avatar? Please? ily!!

  6. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!! Sorry for my yelling! Missed you!!!! :)))))) WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, i'm silly ;P

  7. lol I always thought that those living in the southern hemispheres just changed the words to fit the weather. Doh! lol

  8. lol Took time off for health reasons. Back now but taking it slowly. Good to hear form you! Thank you! I love your picture. I can't imagine a warm Christmas. :)

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