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  1. They wrapped things up perfectly last night. It was great to finally go back and see the events leading up to the catastrophe at the ground level (with the weight of all the future impacts already known). Top 10 short series for me, the quality is up there with some of the best stuff HBO has ever made (and that is pretty elite company). I almost want more but 5 episodes is the perfect amount probably.
  2. After episode 3 all I can say is death by radiation is some horrible poo. So far the quality of the series is holding very strong.
  3. Watched it last night, really enjoyed it. I would say it is pretty historically accurate thus far based upon what I've read about the incident. Truly incredible to see the actions of purposely negligent leadership basically sending men to their deaths to preserve a sense of things being under control. Can't imagine what is was like as a fireman or junior engineer encountering lethal radiation you can't perceive until it's too late. Looking forward to the rest of the show.
  4. Born and raised Charlottean, Loved the Panthers for 20+ Years
  5. Ounce

    Better Call Saul!

    That was probably the best episode of TV I've watched in some time. Great back story on Mike
  6. Beyond what's already been mentioned, I've always thought the smoked wings at Icehouse (if you're not a die-hard fried wings or nothing person) are pretty damn good.
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