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  1. What he did by basically stealing Rhule from the giants by opening his big check book is gonna come back to bite him. He showed up the other owners. It’s like that rookie that shows up to training camp thinking they own the place only to end up tied to the goalpost getting the Gatorade shower. I don’t expect us to see one favorable call for the foreseeable future. Tepper will be given his lumps by the leagues senior owners and there is no amount of cash to buy his way out of it.
  2. This is a five win roster even with a healthy Cam Newton. On paper, it is quite possibly the worst defense in the nfl. Our over under for wins just came out in Vegas at 6.5. I’d be shocked if this team won over 6.5 games next year.
  3. I am both excited and horrified at the direction of this franchise.
  4. I’d take a 2021 2nd rounder for him. If we’re dealing him, we’re going to need all the ammunition we can garner to trade up for Lawrence or fields next year. Making that trade would give us a first, two twos and probably two threes after the Bradberry comp pick. That could be very useful if we need to jump a few spots to get our next qb. Especially if we screw up the tank job like Miami did.
  5. if they if they are going to move him, they’d be wise to wait until after the draft or during day two. Find a team that didn’t get their guy in day one. ironically, that could be the chargers if some crazy stuff happens in front of the sixth pick.
  6. Tepper and Rhule saying good things about Cam = attempting to keep his market value high for a trade. Them saying anything to the contrary would drive his value down below what they should be able to get for him Cam saying great things about the panthers and his excitement = keeping his image in Charlotte in good standing when the news inevitably breaks that he’s been traded. Honestly, Cam would be insane to play our the last year of his contract due to what he’s done for this team without any commitment to his future. He knows this but isn’t going to show his cards in public. Fact of the matter is he’s as good as gone but neither he nor the team wants to come off with an image issue after this plays out. It’s smart on both sides and why publicly everything looks on the up and up. with all this said, this is just one panther fans opinion. I hope I’m wrong and he’s a panther next year, but I’d be stunned.
  7. I was reading somewhere that it’s actually the opposite. Khan wants to build a Jerry world in Jacksonville and is looking for a ton of funding. My guess is he will hang London over Jacksonville’s head to get them to pay up. if it works, I’d imagine tepper would follow a similar strategy when he’s ready for his shiny new toy.
  8. Pulling for the chiefs. 50 years since their last title. That rabid fan base deserves it.
  9. Hope he gets on a team with a chance at a ring. He and Cam both deserve it.
  10. Got the call today. I’m taking the cash. My guess is I’ll look back on this in ten years and feel fortunate that my seats were confiscated and I got some value out of it before the new stadium is built. The options of where to move were garbage. The 125% of original purchase price is a slap in the face, but that’s what you get when dealing with a billionaire.
  11. Spoke to a friend this morning who lost their seats. They were moved two sections over in the lower level. No additional charge but they are now in the corner end zone as opposed to near the goal posts. Biggest bummer for them is that they lose out on sitting with the same people that they sat with for 25 years. one other note, the ticket executive said adding these bunkers and other upgrades will likely extend the useful purpose of this stadium by 10-15 years. Now whether that pertains to the panthers or the soccer team is anyone’s guess.
  12. My seats are in section 104, row 8. Guessing mine are some of the ones that have been ripped out. $2,950 is a slap in the face considering they are actively trying to sell these seats for $7,500 on their website. FYI, Catmans family sits in our section. Looks like his family will lose their seats as well.
  13. It’s a franchise killer. The only thing I can rationalize in my head is you’re getting a receiver and a running back for the money. It’s the only way I can attempt to justify breaking the bank for such an easily replaceable position.
  14. pray someone is desperate for Herbert enough to trade up to seven with us. Pick up an additional second and pick in the early teens. DL, OL, DL or OL, DL, OL first two rounds this year. Trot Grier out there this year to ensure the losses mount. Address pass rush and defensive backfield with free agency this year. Draft QB with a top two pick next year.
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