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  1. I was thinking the same...Luke ran his ass off..but others should have got there first.
  2. A lot of good players have only three more games in a Panthers uniform. We have people on here wanting to Boycott MF. Thomas Davis and Kalil deserve better their last two games at home....just my opinion. ..
  3. Be easier for you to pull for the patriots that way OP.
  4. 8 years later still piss poor fundamentals
  5. jackson113

    1 game mantra

    Listen every morning on the way to work....don't care for that Dr. that tries to pawn off his supplements.
  6. jackson113

    Gano OUT with a left knee injury

    SB. ...am I doing this wrong?
  7. jackson113

    Titans Jags

    Jags can't tackle tonight
  8. Remember that time we got beat by Jake Delhomme lead Browns....
  9. Faulk made what he considered to be an accurate list of all the teams in the league who have paid their quarterbacks, and then in his mind, slowly fallen apart thanks to the inability to build any kind of team around them, something he thinks helps to slowly kill a franchise. "So no one will say anything about what’s going on with today’s NFL. You pay a QB $100 million and watch your team slowly fall apart cause you can’t pay other players. Lions, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, Giants, Dolphins, Raiders and now Packers Who’s next? Vikings," Faulk tweeted https://247sports.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/Article/Marshall-Faulk-NFL-quarterback-deals-hurt-teams-125826911/
  10. Probably our own Greg Olsen
  11. In before Kap to Redskins debate starts up