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  1. Don't know how a team's supposed to ground and pound, when offensive line is like Swiss cheese anyway .But Ron loves that kind of football, ironic in a way.
  2. Under Rivera offensive line has always been on the back burner and it has cost us a lot of games and Cam's health. See Cowboys, and how they spent a couple of first rounds on OL. a few years back and Dax and Zeke benifited.
  3. I worded it wrong I'm sorry, i meant to say it seems to be a coaching problem not a talent problem.
  4. its a thread to voice your thoughts, i don't care if flame me..
  5. Hurney is bringing in sufficient talent to win. It seems to be more of a coaching problem along with older players getting complacent. Rivera loves older players, it has been detrimental to the team. Thoughts?
  6. Buy a paper bag to put on your head, going to be a long season.
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