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  1. I think he is mad that Williams fell on top of him and hurt his arm/shoulder.
  2. Yep I’m done watching until next year. This franchise is at a crossroads and the pressure is on Tepper to not fug up the off-season.
  3. If we could get 3-4 new linemen (honestly what position is safe) and get Cam back to even 2017 form we could compete next season. Oh and a new coach that isn’t an idiot.
  4. We could win out and still miss the playoffs so there is no 2014 happening here.
  5. I know these answers are contrived but it pisses me off just reading them. I wish for once he would act like he cares that we have suffered 3 of the worst defeats in team history in the last 2 years under his watch.
  6. I predict one, maybe two more wins if the saints half ass the final game again. 6-10 record and Rivera is gone. Hurney too, he put together this team.
  7. A guy who plays for a 3-7 team shouldn’t be on twitter talking poo.
  8. Our coach has BECOME John Fox. It’s definitely time to move on.
  9. It’s pretty sad when opposing players are saying this kind of poo about a guy who your coaching staff believed was a starter at a key position. On the other hand, maybe this guy should look at some of the defensive performances his team has put up this season before he runs his mouth.
  10. Remember when the “fire Shula” banner flew over the stadium. Maybe something like that.
  11. Why do reporters even talk to this guy? He is not a good player and it's clear we aren't signing Kaepernick.
  12. Ok on Allen, whatever. What about the defense that is Ron's alleged specialty? Why do they suck so bad?
  13. If I was stealing millions to suck this bad at my job I would be smiling too.
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