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  1. Offensive tempo and better protection were the game changers in the 4th. I, too, would like to see a faster pace in the first 3 quarters. Hard to get into rhythm as a QB when every play the ball is snapped with a second on the play clock
  2. Still looking for the number of Lombardis owned by Andy Reid
  3. Reminded me of a lot of cardiac cats games from 03. That team looked like garbage in many games and would come from behind and pull a W out of their ass at the end.
  4. This. It was there earlier but the line was awful.
  5. BIGH2001

    Tepper interview

    I doubt he's made any decisions on that yet. He's a billionaire and didn't get there by making rush judgments.
  6. BIGH2001

    Rewatching the final sequence

    Was at the game. The third down play was patheric. Not targeting mccaffrey or Olson on third or fourth down was a colossal mistake.
  7. BIGH2001

    Van Roten is legit - Video Proof

    Having plays that take less than 10 seconds to develop also helps.
  8. Team chemistry is building. Could be a special year.
  9. This is correct. The game plan was clearly to attack on the ground first to open up the passing game. And it worked very well, so no need to complain the week after he just caught 14 balls and ran only a few times. This is the sign of a good OC - gameplanning for a specific opponent rather than calling the same plays every game resulting in offensive gridlock (Shula).
  10. Jones is like Mayo, they are special teams players and shouldn't be playing significant defensive snaps. I think we will look at Jairus Byrd first because he was here last year.
  11. Bradberry playing 15 yards off
  12. Chris Clark has been excellent
  13. We've gone from blitzing too much to not blitzing at all. There has to be a middle ground somewhere.
  14. This has got to be the worst god damn broadcast I've ever seen. Announcers, camera crew, everyone.