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  1. 14 is the outer limit, most will show within 5. At what point do we say that this virus is far enough within the bounds of acceptable risk for healthy people and just learn to deal with it being out there? If the NYC experience had not occurred we would be there now IMO.
  2. Florida spring break, people crowded in line at O’Hare trying to get back into the country, Georgia reopening restaurants, Florida reopening beaches, Mother’s Day brunch at Colorado restaurant etc etc. Just another hit and run piece.
  3. Ridiculous hyperbole and hysteria. You forgot to add “while killing my grandma” or “sacrificing my sister who has asthma.”
  4. https://www.wfae.org/post/mecklenburg-wont-release-covid-projections-after-use-model-questioned#stream/0 Mecklenburg County backtracks on chicken little model. Modeler defends his garbage product saying you have to know when your peak is for his projection to be accurate.
  5. Just completed my antibody test
  6. I plan on getting this test this week. I came back from Florida mid-February and developed a nasty cough that lasted for about 3 weeks but no other symptoms. Did you just pay out of pocket at a private lab?
  7. Read back a few pages and totally agree with the sentiments regarding stay at home. When and why did we move the goalposts from flatten the curve to minimize death at all costs? Is it because we are in an election year? I hate to be cynical but I feel like it's politician CYA time and they are playing a game that has a very high costs.
  8. Sadly they would be more accurate than IHME, Imperial college and whatever this mecklenburg model came from.
  9. And also haven’t we learned our lesson about relying on models to predict anything about this virus?
  10. This is exactly the kind of bs that keeps us under draconian rule. How could a peak be in mid June? What the hell is the difference between 30%, 40% and 60% social distancing? Does this assume the stay at home order is lifted May 1st. What are they assuming is the transmissibility rate of the disease? What is the hospitalization and fatality rate? Do they know how many people have already had it and recovered? If a layman has all of these valid questions why in the world does the media put this crap out like it’s the Bible just to stoke fear and irresponsible actions by the public?
  11. Agree. It made sense to treat the whole country like NYC until no one else became NYC. Now it’s time to start opening back up. Unfortunately I’m seeing a lot of goalpost moving from people terrified to leave their homes. The vast majority of people are going to be ok even if they catch it, assuming they haven’t already had it. EDIT: I don’t begrudge anyone for staying at home but current data shows that it’s a statistically irrational position for healthy people under 65 to be afraid of going out at all.
  12. Yeah but this is a new disease and a large part of America can’t wade themselves past click bait headlines designed for maximum shock value.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-20/coronavirus-serology-testing-la-county%3F_amp%3Dtrue LA serology study data shows infections 20-50x greater than reported, mortality rate closer to .1-.2%.
  14. My Facebook feed says the exact opposite.
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