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  1. If he gets out of Cleveland,, which I doubt, he will sign with Baltimore McCoy is 31 fwiw
  2. But where are you going to get that 170 yards of production? (per season, not game, btw) Seriously, this was my first thought. My second thought? Rivera really likes Smith--the person.
  3. We have grossly underestimated Bradberry since he has been here.
  4. I still don't get how 40% of the country--with a mountain of facts on the table, still support this person. The reason for electing him? "He is a great businessman..." Um, one of the worst businessmen ever. He would not show his taxes--but Trump chumps supported him. They are running out of excuses to support him, but despite all of his actions that show he is a fraud and a liar--they don't care. They believe every word he and his parrots tell them. Unreal. It is called common sense and logic. If he won't show you his tax returns--don't assume they are OK and all is well. Judge him on the facts, not the spin--you are smarter than that, people. He will go down in history as a con man and you made it happen (that means, you were conned). Dumb asses.
  5. I fear that too. Scarlett and Holyfield might be an interesting tandem behind CMC. You know, Armah is a lucky dude. I rarely notice him on the field, and nobody ever questions his roster spot. I wonder....
  6. It is not hard to figure out what the offense is hoping to accomplish. If Rivera can keep his pecker soft around the vets long enough to make a logical decision, we could see Smith and / or Wright leaving. I did not see it, but we are suddenly possibly loaded at WR, and the speed is incredible. If Moore is Steve Smith light and Samuel is a weapon we have not seen since Steve Smith, Hogan and Wright could be competing for a possession WR role. The others? Special teams, salary should play a role. About free agent WRs--do not go by stats. At Minnesota, he had a decent to good QB and a terrible OL. Not much time to develop chemistry. We could have found a diamond in the rough.
  7. So you are saying that since Smith's average dropped because all he could run was shorter routes-because the QB could not throw the nines or sevens--Smith's bread and butter--you think that disproves his premise (that Smith's stats are not indicative of his ability because Cam could not throw the long ball)? Not sure that is logical. You are using the stats that the poster said to ignore last season because Cam was not able to get him the ball. You are saying, "Yeah, but look at his stats last year! You are wrong!" ??? Do I understand your point?
  8. That alone, yes, but not what I said. Here is the deal--what did we have to offer to move up to 21--a second and two thirds? I doubt he would have paid that--so he might have offered a second, third, and someone like Smith. $5m in salary is not dead salary weight for Smith--have you forgotten that he is a deep threat and our QB could not throw it 30 yards? He has some value, and you can always eat part of the contract. My point? We probably offered a second and third and it got rejected--until it didn't.
  9. I think he didn't have the chips to play with the big boys-maybe he dangled a player ? that nobody wanted--like Smith or Searcy? Long shot theory, but if we needed a starting left tackle, that is where the bidding began. You make a good point, however. Who knows?
  10. The market determined the price. Think about it--a LT sitting there in the early second is worth more than a G or LB--if they thought Little had a first round grade, then he was well worth it. Yes, we lost a third rounder for a potential franchise LT. All day long.
  11. To me it was a no brainer---you have to make it or you go through another season with a project or temp agency LT. Little is not perfect and he has some work ahead of him, but the alternative was not having a true LT.
  12. I agree--not only did you land 2 starters, you landed 2 starters at very key positions. In addition, we picked up Christian Miller, who could become a solid rotational player-- . of course, if Grier becomes ready to play by year 2 or 3, we could either use him or turn a comp third rounder into a first rounder in a trade.
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