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  1. It sure is looking like we are going with Ziggy and Pimple on D---heaven help us.
  2. I am guessing they did not want to sign a WR because we still have Cooper and Zylstra and I am not sure about Roberts. I do not see much dropoff between Kirkwood and Zylstra, for example, if any.
  3. Still one vacancy? I still have a chance. Sitting by phone.
  4. You are on fire today--starting some solid threads. It is amazing what an all-world QB can do for you. Oops. Wrong Ron.
  5. Me? I say get rid of Armah and sign a TE you can bring into the backfield.
  6. Yes, If you have a TE on the field, he is an eligible pass receiver. if he is a pass catching threat, it changes the defensive level of aggression. Imagine an athletic, stud TE in our offense. CB 1 on Robby, CB 2 on Moore, CB 3 on the slot, SS on CMC and maybe a LB on the TE. So, you have a speed advantage or a size advantage. OK, now, if you blitz, who do you send? Most of the time, teams resort to dropping a DE and sending a LB, or stunting the DL. So if we have a TE that can't be covered easily with a LB, you have to play a S on him, especially in the red zone. With Bridgewater's touch and accuracy, I see that as a huge advantage. And against our bad middle offensive line, one less player to block is a plus.
  7. Beat me to that point. Head of recruiting. One might imagine how tough it was to get top players to go to Baylor (reminds me of a watered-down SMU "death penalty") so he has an eye for talent--but more than that--he can find talent on the clearance rack and at yard sales. Teddy was a backup, considered a banged up bust. He was able to see the fit--I know Marty does not have that skill.
  8. I do not get this shift from OLB to MLB. Different animals. To me, that is like putting a T at C.
  9. Yeah, you can tell he is trying not to throw player under the bus. I loved his Chinn answer. Basically, "We do not rest on our laurels, and I am not looking back. Today is the day that matters, and he played well. After a loss is no time to be signing praises---Rhule acts like that old guy from college you bump into at a tractor pull, but man he is smart. A psychologist and a motivator. Next week will be interesting.
  10. We have no TEs. Manhertz is reputed to be a blocker but I saw him get owned a few plays.
  11. Chinn, with his versatility, should never leave the field. So far, the best draft pick of 2019--and I am talking the entire draft, if you consider where he was drafted.
  12. Nailed it--you gotta make plays, hold onto the ball.
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