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  1. MHS831

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    I would consider moving him to nickel if we were to get a Greedy or someone like that
  2. MHS831

    Breakout Panther of 2019

    I was going to post this...
  3. what a major stunt just to get pie on the Huddle. Congrats man.
  4. MHS831

    Glover Quin Released

    Dang. That is a bit extreme. But I expect S to be fairly far down the list of priorities now, even though we do have a need at FS. I am not confident they are ready to ditch Gaulden because he was drafted with the caveat he needed time to develop. Besides they have Cole Luke at S now, and I would not underestimate that switch. Could be a good career move for him. I still say DE, OL, and DT are bigger needs. I also think OLB could be getting some top attention by April. If we do not like Thompson and he is not worth a team-friendly, long-term deal, he ain't getting $9m for what he does. I would play Carter and Smith first.
  5. MHS831

    Kaep/Reid Collusion Case Settled

    This is an example of a situation that has no real details, but enough for some people to make rather bold analyses.
  6. Since I used to coach OL back in the day (High school) II learned to watch the OL, not the ball. While I am not sure about schemes, etc, I can tell you that Larsen was not real good--Van Roten was hit or miss--basically average at the easiest position on the OL to play. I like Van Roten's motor, frankly, so I expect him to be better this season. He needs a good player on each side of him. I would not enter the season with Larsen at C. Personally, I would move Moton to LT, but I saw no indication that the Panthers think he can play LT last year. Another option--what if Williams is a question mark and they are going to cut Kalil? How much cap do you want to spend on Tackles who are not producing? He has said he would test the market anyway. We will know more in mid March.
  7. He is. Anyone who denies character is important has never been in a locker room for a full season.
  8. Cigar is a metaphor for the Panthers playing the first NFL game in Cuba. The city? where rush hour happens. What does Cam do when he does not pass or hand off? Think it through,, folks. So close to the equinox too.
  9. Childish Gambino will be the halftime show with ZZ Top.
  10. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Some might say we have 2.
  11. MHS831

    Shane Ray??

    Good call.
  12. I am not seeing the Larsen love. He is a backup, in my opinion. Correct about the OL being better than we have had--
  13. Right. The reason we can't really gauge things: Does Williams return? If so, where is the evidence we like Moton at LT? So we have a LT with a small sample of work and a RT with a bad knee---not exactly an ironclad arrangement. Maybe it would be smarter to leave Moton at RT and sign or draft a LT. Who knows? I think Moton can play LT---but do the Panthers? DE changes if we go 3-4, so we can't even count on what that need will be. DT changes if we go 3-4. a NT would be in the cards either way, I guess. So your phrasing is right--pass rusher.
  14. Did not read the entire thread, but Person (who knows much more that the bottom half of 38% of the Huddle), aligned the move to Adams leaving. Are we looking at Reid at SS now? With Gaulden and Searcy (I know, save it for later) at FS, I hope we move Reid to SS. He would be better there.