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  1. I will go out on a limb and state that there is something we do not yet know at play here-Whether it be an injury, or they were in his head, or Cam and RR are at odds, etc. Who knows. However, the chemistry and the way Cam carried himself was weird. Funchess is always supportive of Cam--worships him. He gets a dozen snaps. Stress levels are high--(not now, but they were). I think we will learn that something happened that ripped the locker room apart.
  2. MHS831

    You're the GM

    Seriously folks--y'all think Thompson is worth $9m? I do not see it.
  3. MHS831

    You're the GM

    Shaq Thompson (cutting him saves 9mil, he is on the 5th year option) CUT--he is not worth $3m. Has been disappointing. Matt Kalil (saves money post June 1) Cut him, keep his wife. Poe (save roughly 3 or 6 post June) Hard to say--could we find better for $3m? I say keep him, find better depth. Captain Munnerlyn (saves 2.5 or 4.5 post June 1) Cut him twice post June 1 Torrey Smith (saves 5) Cut Danoris Searcy (saves 3) Keep. He is good depth at best, may have to start.
  4. MHS831

    You're the GM

    Won of the best there is.
  5. Anyone who thinks is it OK to celebrate a first down with the clock running--one that causes your coach to burn a time out and puts your offense in a difficult situation--simply does not understand the game. Celebrate TDs in the 2 minute drill--nothing else. It is outrageous that anyone thinks a criticism of Cam's first down point is a criticism of player celebration misses the point completely. When celebrating puts your chances of scoring or winning at risk, don't celebrate. How hard is that?
  6. I would have taken that bet about 4-5 times and lost.
  7. Then it is safe to assume that Rivera is twice as likely to remain than to be fired? Also, how does Marvin Lewis still have a job?
  8. ...7-9 has been the Panther record 7 times, with a 7-8-1 record not included. That explains my feeling that the Panthers will finish 7-9 again. Our record, by the way, in even-numbered years is 87-104-1. We have had 2 winning seasons in even-numbered years (1996 and 2008) and one .500 season in 2006. The Panthers have never had a regular season where the team won 9 or 10 games. This strongly suggests/means that all of the Panthers' winning seasons were 11 wins or more. In odd-numbered years, the Panthers had 5 winning seasons and finished 8-8 twice. --Finis--
  9. We needed the time so that we could celebrate the first down later. Duh.
  10. MHS831

    We will win Monday

    Besides some of your other predictions, this is shocking
  11. He protects leads, even when the lead belongs to the other team. We are built in a manner where we cannot hold a lead or come from behind. Were it not for a 63 yard FG and an Eagles meltdown, we are 4-10. SO I agree
  12. I have posted (unrelated to Cam) charts that show how RBs peak at 27 and hit a wall at 30 (statistically). This is a good point. Without his running ability to game plan against, Cam can't beat you from the pocket. He is too inaccurate. We can't come from behind with him as well. Good point (comparing him to a RB).