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  1. Spaceballs83

    Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, but I'm gonna pass on looking at it. Still have that crappy feeling after the loss and to be honest with you, staying away from anything superbowl pictures related
  2. More pissed at the fuging effort tonight. Keep pounding my ass!!!!
  3. So pissed right now. Taking every ounce of my being to not throw something
  4. Don't bitch one bit about the refs. We got our asses beat plain and simple. Cam backing away from that fumble defined the entire night. What a way to fuging lead Cam, not!!!!!! Hope his fuging dad tears into his ass
  5. Cam is a fuging bitch for not jumping on that ball.
  6. If we don't get a touchdown soon this game is over
  7. Just don't see us winning. Way to many mistakes!
  8. Yep this game is over. To many mistakes way to many mistakes!
  9. Lol run up the middle first play!
  10. Glad to be only down 1 score. Their offense sucks. If we can get moving we will win.
  11. Denver not doing poo. We are beating ourselves. Mother fuger
  12. Beating out fuging selves. fuging poo