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  1. Woodie

    Collin and Magnus

    Yeah, I liked that other site. There was actual discussion without the whining, bitching, and dick measuring...even when people were disagreeing. It was also nice to see other teams' fans perspectives on things. I just wish all the spam hadn't taken over. The biggest thing here is that it is so active. But like you said, you have to sift through the crap to get to the legitimate discussion. And every once in a while, someone posts some actual worthwhile information. I just wish the quality poster's weren't drowned out by the trolls/troublemakers. As for Magnus and Collin, I've posted for many, many years on sites with Magnus (all the way back to the Magnus Ver Magnusson, mVm days - even before Rivals). Even when I didn't agreed with his take, I knew he at least has put real thought and football understanding into his reasoning...and I can say that I did learn some things from him. But Collin was the definition of a shitposter. He honestly thought he knew a lot more about football than he actually does...and more than anyone else (including the professionals). And while it's fine to disagree, it was like he went out of his way to be disrespectful, aggressive, and mean spirited to anyone that dared to disagree with him. Bottom line, would love Magnus to post, but please leave Collin in the hole he's buried in.
  2. Amini stepped in when Turner got hurt last year because Moton was a rookie that was picked to play tackle, and had been practicing solely at tackle. It's not easy for a player to just switch and play a new position without practicing it first, especially on the OL...and being a rookie trying to adjust to the NFL on top of that. Amini starting had nothing to do with any kind of preference for Amini, rather it was a practical decision based on who best knew the position and was ready to step in. That's why Moton had been practicing at LG this offseason, they were getting him ready to compete for that spot this year. As for assumptions, that's all any of us can do since nobody associated with the team has ever come out and straight up said what they are doing. But, those assumptions I'm making are based on reason and logic. They are not coming out of thin air. I get why you think what you do, but I believe your foundation is based on misconstrued reasoning. Like I said above, Amini only started for Turner instead of Moton because he had experience there and had been practicing the position while Moton had not been. I agree there wasn't any direct indication Moton was going to be the week 1 starter at LG, but logic says he would have been a serious contender...and the likely preferred one based on various comments Rivera made. Rivera doesn't typically just hand out jobs, he wants players to earn it (heck, he even installed Cam as Clausen's backup and made him have to earn the starting spot). And the fact that Rivera listed Amini as the starter in the spring, but said there would be a competition indicates he wasn't locked in on Amini as the starter as some seem to think. And the fact he didn't reinstall him there when he was healthy again proves it. Like I said, Amini was the only player we had with starting LG experience, so I don't know why anyone was surprised when he was listed as the initial starter. It's just like a race, you have a rabbit that sets the pace, but nobody really expects the rabbit to win. They are just there to get things started. That was Amini. If nobody could beat out Amini, they didn't deserve to start. IMO, Moton was the likely preferred starter since Rivera had openly talked about how he deserved more playing time...often in the same conversation when he was talking about the LG spot. He never came out and said it (which would have undermined the whole idea of winning the spot by competition, if he had), but the implication was there. With Kalil, no, Moton likely wasn't going to take his spot, but that has as much to do with the contract as anything else. And if we are being truthful, Kalil was not as bad as many want to pretend. He struggled at the beginning of 2017, but once he settled in, he was ok...not great, but ok. It's also hard to make any connection based on this offseason since Moton had been spending a lot of time practicing LG so he could compete there. With that said, Moton said he had also been working some at LT, not as much as LG, but enough that it's not out of the realm of possibilities that if Kalil came out slow again, Rivera would have slid Moton over there if he needed to. So, I really don't see how that proves anything.
  3. It is true. Amini was only placed as the starter at LG as the floor of what it would take to win the LG spot. Nobody else had ever played LG for us, so Rivera set up the only player to have started there as the rabbit. As Peppers90 said, you don't want to just hand out a starting spot, you prefer the guy to earn it. So the plan was to have Moton (or if someone else stepped up) earn the spot. But Williams' injury so early in camp threw a big monkey wrench into that plan. So many here have this false assumption that Rivera has some special affinity for Amini...he doesn't. The only thing Rivera likes about Amini is the fact he can play all the positions on the OL except center and he knows the offense. In other words, he likes his versatility. Don't forget, Rivera has cut Amini before, and personally, I think he very well could have been cut again this year if we didn't have that rash of injuries on the OL. Regardless, if Ron really wanted Amini as the starting LG, he would have reinserted him as the starter once he came back from injury. He didn't, and Van Roten wasn't so dominant that he forced his hand or anything. Yes, Van Roten was playing well, but he wasn't amazing. He could easily have been replaced with a better option if Ron thought we had one...but he didn't, even after Amini came back.
  4. Woodie

    Palardy signs 3-year extension

    Lee had a 49 per punt average in his one season here, but he got hurt in the middle of the year and was out for the rest of the season. So, while he wasn't worth the 4th round pick we gave up since we only had him for a few games, he was actually very good for us when he was healthy.
  5. When I said hate, I'm referring to it in football terms, not that you actually hate the man. I guess better wording would have been a strong abhorrence to him as the kicker of the Panthers. I don't totally disagree about signing Gano to the contract we did. But I do think he is better than average, so don't have a problem with giving him a decent contract. I would have preferred it to be a little cheaper, but I don't think it was an outrageous contract such as those you are referring to...especially since it was a kickers salary. My whole point in all of this is that a lot of people have used the hindsight of how Butker has performed in KC as a reason to bash the decision of Rivera and Hurney when that isn't really a fair complaint. Nobody could have predicted he would have had the season he did. The contract aspect is definitely more understandable, it's something we do know as a fact (that we could have cut the cap number by taking on a rookie instead of a vet). But my position is that I would rather overpay for a solid kicker than risk the season on a kicker you can't count on just to save a couple of million dollars (if Butker had been more consistent in camp, I would probably feel differently about the decision). Just look at the Browns. They had the top kicker in Butker's class just cost them two big games to start the year. Imagine how upset we would all be if Butker's inconsistency had continued and it cost us a couple of games and likely our playoff spot...especially if Gano went on to have the season he did with another team.
  6. I really don't know why you hate Gano so badly. Sure, he's not the best kicker in the league, but he is pretty darn good...and reliable. Conservative, scared? Not hardly. We were looking at going to the Super Bowl. We knew we had Gano going into the draft, but he was coming off a broken foot. So we drafted a kicker who was good in college, but not even considered to be the best at his position, and some didn't even have him in their top five. But by the time camp came along, Gano was fully healed and kicked really well in practice, while Butker was pretty inconsistent. Butker had potential, but that was it, he wasn't displaying that potential on a regular basis in practice, so was never able to jump Gano on the depth chart. So the responsible thing to do, as would any other team in the league, was keep the player that gave us the best chance to win and make a deep playoff run. At the time the decision had to be made on who to keep, Butker hadn't shown enough to keep over Gano. I'm sure Rivera and Hurney would have loved to get a solid kicker on a rookie contract just as much as you, but Butker hadn't displayed the consistency he showed in KC yet, so they hade to make the smart, performance-based decision.
  7. Not when you include all of the other salient facts that went into the respective decisions. One was released for health reasons along with a decrease in production, the other would have required a 2nd franchise tag and wanted to sign elsewhere. None of those factors came into play here with Gano.
  8. It really makes no difference what you were saying then, since it doesn't change the fact that any responsible team would have done the exact same thing we did. Now ask yourself why the Vikings signed Bailey. It certainly wasn't because they had some solid kicker that they decided to move on from. It was because they had a rookie named Daniel Carlson who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn to save his life. Completely different situation to us.
  9. Vinatieri was a FA and had played on the franchise tag the year before. It's not that NE wanted to move on, they just didn't want to pay a 2nd tag cost, and Vinatieri did not want to play in the cold weather anymore. He preferred either a warm weather or dome team. Bailey dealt with back and groin injuries last year and was set to cost a lot, so the team didn't feel the risk was worth the cost. So, his health was a significant reason for cutting him...that and the fact that his kicking percentages dropped significantly over the last three years. Basically, he wasn't the same kicker in recent seasons as he used to be, and there was real concern that he might never be that kicker again. Neither of these issues was relevant for Gano. Yes, he had the broken foot to end 2016, but that was healed, and expectations were that it would be a non-issue in 2017, which turned out to be true..
  10. You've been around here long enough to know better than that. If we had chosen Butker over Gano even though Gano significantly outkicked him, and Butker proceeded to have a mediocre season, the vitriol in this place would have been deafening. And any team that has Super Bowl aspirations (which we did) will not go out and take a one year rental on a random kicker just to jettison one that has proven to be reliable throughout his career (which despite popular opinion, he was/is) just because of one big miss and a bad game on a broken foot...not only is that not done, it would be irresponsible. Don't look at this with hindsight, but look only at the information that was available at the time the decision had to be made.
  11. Probably because the original message of the protest has been lost to the politics of the kneeling issue. Instead of talking about how African-American's are being treated by police, people are talking about whether or not kneeling is patriotic or disrespectful to the flag and those that have fought for it. Not sure what platforms he'll use, but I think Tepper will allow him to utilize whatever he needs to in order to spread his message. Tepper supports the idea behind the protest, so I wouldn't be surprised if he provides some sort of avenue for him to get his message out. If we start getting the kind of attention we did in 2015, I wouldn't be surprised to see him take some of the talk show rounds (particularly sports-centric ones like GMFB).
  12. We have as much talent as anyone in the league. But we also have new coordinators, which means both the offense and defense will be inconsistent as everyone gets comfortable with the changes and in their roles (including the coaches). We've also had a bunch of injuries that have contributed to those adjustments. And if Efe's play last week was a sign of things to come and not an anomaly, then, along with the return of TD and signing of Reid, that puts us at the dangerous level of defense. So, to answer the question...yes, we have the personnel to match up with the Saints.
  13. There is no doubt that Ron and Marty had to know they had Tepper's ok before they even initiated discussions. I'm sure they had some sort of dialog about the possibility. No way would they risk beginning talks only to have Tepper say he wants nothing to do with Reid when they approach him with the deal. If that would have happened, Reid and his team would certainly have let the world know that management was interested, but Tepper was against it. That would have been a major embarrassment to Tepper, and it would cost him loads of good will and respect from both players and fans...not to mention the media backlash would be intense. The deal itself may have gone down the way ladypanther said, but there is zero doubt they had Tepper's approval before even making that first call.
  14. He had two kicks in the preseason. That was hardly enough to show anything. But go back and read the reports from camp. It Gano was outperforming Butker in practice, and it wasn't even close.
  15. Who said anything about history? I'm talking about actual health. Williams will not have a chance to show his knee is 100% healthy and that his play will not be effected by the injuries before FA begins. That will almost certainly be a concern for teams and likely impact his value. So he may feel he can significantly improve that value by taking a short contract to show the knee is not a problem.