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  1. Her tone when discussing it makes me believe that's just her interpretation of what she thinks Rhule/Snow want at DT, and not based on any inside information or indication from someone associated with the team. In most years, national and local reporters make educated guesses based on information they gather through networking inside the building and/or through established relationships with people in the organization. However, even that is often disinformation or the intel is fluid and not locked in, so can, and often does, change. And with the decision makers being almost all (with one exception) new to the team and area, none of the local folks have any pre-existing relationship to rely on for inside info. So, much of what they are "reporting" is just their own opinions and complete guesswork, along with some deep diving over-analysis on every public statement anyone associated with the teams makes. To be clear, I'm not knocking them, just saying they can only work with what they have, and that's not a lot right now.
  2. Why do people say this (I've seen several posters mock him over this many times)? the fact is that he's taken three LB's within the first two rounds in his history as GM (and only five if you go three rounds). Doesn't sound like an unusual fixation with the position. Those three? Thomas Davis, Dan Morgan, and Luke Kuechly. So what's there not to like about his LB drafts...especially early. If anything, we should celebrate if he does take a LB. After all, based on history, that player is likely to become very good to great.
  3. It's mostly people that don't understand Joe Brady's offense will run a base of 3 receivers with a lot of 4 and 5 receiver sets that are saying this. So, we needed bodies at the position, as well as a 3rd option to pair with DJ and Samuel in the base offense. Basically, they think they are reading the tea leaves and since we brought in another starting caliber WR, one must be on his way out. And since DJ would have the most value, they figure it will be him.
  4. And for anyone interested in actually watching him for yourself, ESPNU will be playing a handful of Oregon's games on Monday, April 6th. In fact, If you search, there are actually a bunch of 2019 college football games that will be shown on different channels. So, there is a very good chance you can re-watch a game with a top prospect you are interested in.
  5. I'm not a big Herbert fan. I watched several Oregon games this year, and was not impressed by him at all. He does not handle pressure well, tends to panic a bit when his 1st read is not there, and is not much of a leader. With that said, he has all the physical talent in the world...probably the best pure talent in this class. Oregon's offense was crap, and did him no favors. I also don't think he was coached up as much as he should have been, which contributed to him not growing much as a QB over his time at Oregon. So, if we do take him, I will trust that the powers that be saw enough in his tape and interviews to believe that his issues are fixable. After all, they are much more adept at understanding the nuances that effect a QB's play than I'll ever be. And we really are set up to give a QB a chance to develop for a year...which Herbert would absolutely need.
  6. Not to mention the teachers and other school workers that would be at risk...many of which fall within the high risk category. Schools would be devastating breeding ground for this virus if left unchecked.
  7. A one year deal isn't going to keep the team from taking anybody. Whitehead is just a warm body to help fill out the roster while the team looks for their long-term MLB. Most likely, if they pass on Simmons, it will be because they liked someone such as Brown better (or as a better fit right now), or because someone else gave us some extra draft capital to move up to the #7 spot. Regardless, Whitehead will have absolutely nothing to do with what we do in the draft.
  8. Bridgewater is only here to help establish the new offense, but he's not good enough to carry the team on his own. And while we are bringing in some pieces, they are only support players or end of roster types. This team doesn't have enough talent to make much noise. Next year is when we bring in our QB of the future and spend on top shelf FA's. This defense is not going to be good next season, and the offense may be better than last year, it will still not be dominant or dangerous. And it definitely won't be good enough to bring us back when we get down...and I expect us to get down early and often. So, I really don't see any way we won't be in play for one of the top QB's.
  9. Daniel Jerimiah said this is a name we need to get to know. He said he's going to be in the 1st round conversation next year...high 1st round. 28 TD's, 0 Ints, 1100 yards rushing. Next year definitely looks to be the year to draft a QB.
  10. Let it grow. Then you'll have something to wipe your ass with.
  11. A few points: 1) These 1 year contracts likely have minimum or inexpensive cap figures and won't meet the minimum standards to count against the comp pick formula. So, other than the multi-year contracts, our signings won't have any impact on our comp picks. 2) The deadline where FA signings won't effect comp picks is like a week before the draft, so most of these guys would be off the board by that time and not available to us. Other teams would have signed them to help fill out their rosters and take a flyer on building depth to their WR corps. 3) Also, why did anybody think we were going to get any comp picks anyway? We are a rebuilding team that let a lot of players go, so it was inevitable that we would need to bring in quite a few players just to fill out the roster. And several would certainly be more than league minimum deals which would kill any comp picks we could have received otherwise. I never expected any comp picks since I knew we would have to bring in more than we lost just to field a team. And the same will happen next year as well. That's why the "let Cam play out his contract, and at worst, we'll get a 3rd round comp pick for him" crowd was not recognizing the truth of the situation. There may be things to complain about the way this offseason has gone, but losing comp pick is not a reasonable one...it was going to happen no matter what.
  12. Think about it like this: we dump all or most of our bloated contracts, eating them this offseason, and as a result, we can only be a minor player in FA in 2020. BUT, we are stockpiling financial capital to be major players next offseason. On top of that, we have a few core pieces (such as Burns, CMC, Thomas (I have faith), and likely Moton.) to build around, and will add probably 2 or 3 more key pieces in the draft ( and possibly more with some savvy draft maneuvers). So that leaves us with a handful of key players to work with as a foundation next offseason (and possibly more if Little, Daley, and a couple of other guys develop into legit contributors), along with a huge amount of cap space to bring in some big fish as well as some solid role players to fill in the holes. All while having a very high draft position to make some splash draft picks (like possibly our QB of the future). Any time you tear down what has been in place, it is always ugly and painful. But if it is done right, it should produce a very bright and exciting future. Patience is the word of the day. Next year may not be particularly pleasant, but in the end, I truly believe it will be worth it.
  13. Where did he say the Panthers were offering $10 million year? Not doubting, everything I have seen just says it was a 3 year offer, but no dollar amount was referenced. Also, I'd hesitate believing other team's beat writers on face value. Their info usually comes from the agent who is trying to inflate the numbers to drive up their price.
  14. Also, players and agents know the cap is going to take a big jump next offseason, so everyone freaking out about the contracts being given out need to prepare for the new normal. Every contract is going to look like an overpay...at least based on the outdated model.
  15. Where did he say it was a "very large" contract?
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