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  1. C47

    The case for BPA all day

    nah... if ed oliver falls to 16, i would be all over that.
  2. C47

    2019 Winter Transfer Window

    in the least shocking move of the window, barcelona finally announced frenkie de jong. he'll move during the summer window. fee is believed to be 90-95 million euros, which would make it the third time in a year and a half that they've found themselves paying a top five transfer fee of all time to sign a player (ousmane dembelee, phillipe coutinho, frenkie de jong).
  3. C47

    2019 Winter Transfer Window

    enjoy watching him fluff chances in critical moments. nobody does it like higuain. madrid linked with plenty of strikers in the window, but still zero movement. hopefully they'll sign someone there. they also are close to signing eder militao (cb from porto), but he actually won't move till the summer. i prefer de ligt, but militao looks like a quality young cb too.
  4. C47

    2019 Winter Transfer Window

    barcelona will confirm the signing of ajax midfielder frenkie de jong this week. would love for madrid to go get ajax cb matthijs de ligt. he fits their recent transfer profile of young talents, while still being good enough to push sergio ramos, & rapha varane for minutes. deal in january seems unlikely, but maybe they could negotiate the summer transfer now, and go ahead and get it done. also icardi's wife/agent has said that mauro will not be renewing his contract with inter. now is the time to go and get a deal done imo.
  5. C47

    2019 Winter Transfer Window

    brahim diaz will be presented on monday apparently, and then madrid will look to finalize the signing of exequiel palacios from river plate. that's great, but still need a striker. icardi or werner should be the priorities for the winter. both inter and leipzig are out of the champions league, so might sell for the right price.
  6. Transfer SZN is finally back! We already have our first big deal, with Christian Pulisic now a member of Chelsea FC (on loan back at Dortmund till July 1st). Rumored fee is around 65 million Euros. You know what to do... all rumors, confirmed deals, and wet dreams go here!
  7. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    you have to progress the story to get the fishing mission. it's right towards the end of the second chapter when you're at horseshoe overlook.
  8. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    you have to do a mission in the game before you can fish. it's towards the end of your time in chapter 2.
  9. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    yep... my wife has been playing it when she gets home from work in the afternoon, and also just finished it up recently. our play styles are amazingly different. she uses the auto pilot feature all the time, barely stops for the interactions just off the path etc etc. she mainly has just played through the story, and done some farming for pelts. i on the other hand stop literally every time i see a gray dot for a random encounter pop up, i've done as many side missions as possible, taken my time exploring areas, spent time taking photos, played poker, dominoes, and blackjack for a considerable amount of time etc etc. i only recently got hellbent on finishing up the story, and powered through the last 15 hours or so. not saying there's a right or wrong way to play the game, but i cannot imagine playing through like she has.
  10. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    finally beat the main line story this morning around 3 a.m. had to be up for work at 5:45, but felt the story reaching a conclusion, and wanted to finish it in that sitting. totally worth it. amazing game, and i can't wait to get back to it. so much i still haven't done. countless side missions/random encounters, hunting for legendary animals, farming pelts, hunting treasure etc etc. not to mention online is in beta now, so i want to check that out.
  11. C47

    Meanwhile... Mike Remmers

    i mean if we're being honest, chris clark is pretty comparable at tackle. we're just paying clark a lot less, so yay us i guess...
  12. if i had any confidence in our current front office and scouting department to find a wide receiver late in the draft, i would say no. but the way things currently stand, i would bring him back on an average #2 wr salary. he runs good routes, is a very good red zone weapon, and by all accounts is a guy who puts the team first. his shortcomings are obvious, but we finally have guys that compliment him as a player too. moot point though, because a team is going to pay him a price that the panthers can't afford to match. he gone.
  13. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    so i got a horse at the beginning, was really liking him. i get out into the open world, and get jumped by like eight o'driscoll's. they killed me, and either stole or slaughtered my horse. body was gone when i got back, but the stats no longer appear in my pause menu, so he's definitely gone. now i murder o'driscoll boys in glorious fashion every time i come across them. hogtied one and threw him off a bridge to the sound of arthur sarcastically saying "see ya later", burned another alive, watched a train run over another, dragged one behind my horse for ages, and rolled another down a mountain. i love this game
  14. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    biggest difference will be the lighting with HDR enabled. but i think that speaks to the quality of a base ps4 much more than the ps4 pro. there's a pretty negligible difference between the ps4 pro and x1x also. x1x looks just a bit crisper overall, because it's native 4k. biggest win with the premium console will be in frame rates during busy moments, i would imagine. though with that said, it looks like ass on a base xbox one compared to the other three.
  15. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    favorite part of a review so far.