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  1. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    yea, i can't wait to dive in, and see how all the interactions with npc's impact my gameplay.
  2. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    the only problem with roaming off by yourself all the time, is it seems like the camps aren't static. if you abandon camp for days on end, you won't get to do some heists, side missions, etc. because those gang members won't converse with you anymore. it's definitely open world, but there are also consequences to going off by yourself constantly. at least that's what i can gather from the hordes of hands on impressions i've read, and podcasts i've listened to.
  3. C47

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    trying to power through assassins creed on project stream to the point of burnout status right now, so i don't feel bad when i put it down forever to play red dead.
  4. i hear bob mcnair is accepting applications for new texans fans. the way he runs his team might be more suited to what you want. just a thought, as i think we'll see players have the opportunity to be much more outspoken on any social issue in the future.
  5. C47

    Hurricane Florence

    if you don't want to go out with all the rain, you could sign up for youtube tv or sling. they offer free trials and cancellation is painless.
  6. C47

    Midfield Logo Watch

  7. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Madrid have finally signed a backup striker!!! Expected to sign Mariano Diaz from Lyon for 20 million Euros. People will laugh, but it's the exact type of rotational striker Madrid needs. He's pacy, good aerial threat, and can finish reasonably well. He had 25 goal contributions last year, so at 20 millions Euros that's decent business. He's also a former Castilla player, and spent a season on the senior team, so he knows the rigors of playing in Madrid. Still hoping they sign a rotational CB, and a Midfielder for depth, but we'll see.
  8. C47

    New Team President Tom Glick

    lame soccer jokes by losers aside, this is a great hire. glick was part of a team that turned city football group, and manchester city into one of the most recognizable brands globally. he helped expand the brand, and was part of the expansion of city's stadium, and the birth of the city football academy as part of the etihad campus. for anyone who hasn't heard of the cfa, it's a state of the art training facility and academy school. with tepper being adamant about needing a new practice facility, this is a really smart hire. i would expect glick to work from day one on getting the practice facility that tepper wants. here's some stuff on the cfa... http://www.footballtraininggrounds.com/manchester-city.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2862377/Manchester-City-new-Football-Academy-numbers-200m-8-1m-litre-water-tank-more.html
  9. why? he trashed the panthers quarterback.
  10. that's why i said there are a lot of great national and local podcasts to get your sports fix in. i personally don't need panthers 24/7. there are a lot of interesting storylines around the league if you're just a fan of the sport. but there are some very good panthers pods out there.
  11. listen to podcasts people.... seriously, there are a lot of really great national and local podcasts to get your sports fix in. then put on spotify or something, and listen to some tunes.
  12. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    nah, it's definitely not that high... that's what ramos makes, and he's the second highest in the club behind bale now. real madrid actually has a really tight wage structure, believe it or not. i would bet he's getting more like 5-6 million a season.
  13. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    They’re not getting rid of Navas. At least they don’t appear to be. Likely going to rate keepers between league and UCL/Cup. My guess is Keylor gets the league, and Courtois gets UCL and Copa games. Keylor basically said last night on Spanish radio that he “had as much desire to leave Madrid, as he did dying”. Bit over dramatic sure, but Keylor is a king in Madrid. The fans absolutely love him. Don’t think Florentino and Sanchez are dumb enough to ship him out.
  14. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    my biggest concern with courtois is i think you need to have a keeper that is aggressive coming out, and that can play with the ball at his feet in tight spaces. courtois is going to be asked to do that a lot, and i think the way madrid's back line plays he's going to be put under much higher pressure than he was regularly at chelsea. i agree he's world class in a structured defense, but madrid is anything but that. hope i'm wrong, and it's just that he wasn't asked to perform in those situations as much that made him look uncomfortable there. honestly wish that zidane wouldn't have took a blowtorch to the kepa deal in january when it was all but done.
  15. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    don't really rate courtois higher than navas, but i guess in this market you couldn't pass on the value of that deal. losing kovacic this year sucks, but there's no purchase option so it's whatever. modric and/or kroos will probably be sold next summer, and kovacic will have the starting spot he covets.