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  1. Lakers vs Clippers is going to be really fun to watch. Lakers have signed 7 guys since Kawhi announcement. Some good depth.
  2. We don't want Russell anymore. He's the consolation prize. Kawhi/Kyrie/Jimmy coming on up.
  3. $32m max space achieved. Come on down Kawhi what it do babyyy. Then use the minimum league exception and vet min contracts/ring chasers after that.
  4. Wow and has niners 3-13 lol. That's awful. Front 7- Buckner, Armstead, Bosa, Ford, Warner, Alexander, Smith. Jimmy G back. Breida/Coleman/Mckinnon. Kittle. Added Debo Samuel and Pettis will improve going into year 2. That makes no sense to me.
  5. Probably in the conversation. In that top tier. Off top of my head, 49ers are going to be pretty loaded with Buckner, Bosa, and Ford. Bears with Goldman and Hicks (also hard to ignore Mack/Smith/Floyd/Trevathan behind them...lol). Our depth is going to make a huge difference, very deep this year with Love and Butler rotating in.
  6. Looking at the rest of these rankings is pretty alarming haha. Rams 14?? Packers 4 and Steelers 5? Yikes.
  7. Full rankings here: http://walterfootball.com/nflpowerrankings.php
  8. Walterfootball released his latest power rankings today. The fact we have ranged from 26 to 7 on different sites tells you have much Cam's health means to this team (not that that's news to anyone here). 7. Carolina Panthers (7-9) - Previously: 12. The Panthers are the most difficult team to rank at the moment because we don't know what Cam Newton's status is going to be. There's some long-term concerns with Newton's shoulder, so there's a chance he may not be 100 percent in 2019. If Newton is healthy, the team could win the Super Bowl next year, thanks to the upgrade the front office made at center. Conversely, the Panthers will be locked into a losing record again if Newton is banged up. Update: I've heard that Cam Newton is healthy, so I was already willing to bump up the Panthers. Then, they signed Gerald McCoy. Carolina deserves to be a top-10 team, and it certainly is worth the 60/1 Super Bowl odds.
  9. I just think Gano over Butker was frustrating because we drafted him, signed him, and kept him on the week 1 roster. All things equal, you have to take the 21 year old draft pick and the 600k contract. If you're giving a rookie kicker a week 1 roster spot, you can't be that sure of your vet in the first place (I would think). Oh well.
  10. You started a thread asking for opinions, and now you got them. You aren't going to force people to agree with you.
  11. Porter Gustin to the Saints. ugh. Bet he plays on Sundays for them too.
  12. I'm thinking Porter Gustin's failed PED test must have been more than just adderall. This is just bizarre that he went undrafted and hasn't been scooped up right away by someone.
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