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  1. Double Trouble

    Some Free Agents That Could Fill Our Needs

    We have around 2.5 in cap, overthecap isn't including Bruce Irvin.
  2. Double Trouble

    2019 Challenge

    Yep. This team basically lives and dies by Cam's health. Healthy Cam = 11+ wins, injured Cam = < 8 wins.
  3. Double Trouble

    Where does our O-Line go from here?

    This is how I look at it too. Just get a talented lineman. If Williams struggles kick him inside and put prospect at RT. If Williams has a strong year at RT the prospect excels in a guard capacity. And if Williams in fact has a big year, we very well could have trouble retaining him, so we then have our replacement, without having to spend 4/40 in free agency for a legitimate replacement. Obviously it'd be ideal to get a true LT, but I wouldn't let that persuade us into drafting say Dillard if we are feeling iffy about him, over a guy like Cody Ford who supposedly is a certified mauler lol.
  4. Double Trouble

    Draft Network mocks

    I like this site thanks for sharing! I definitely wish I went DE earlier in this one, but this is who I got. 1. Jonah Williams - OT Alabama 2. Noah Fant - TE Iowa 3. Rock Ya Sin - CB Temple 3. Joe Jackson - Edge Miami 4. Porter Gustin - Edge USC 5. Myles Gaskin - RB Washington 6. Marvell Tell - S USC
  5. Double Trouble

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    I missed the CBS report earlier...DG is seeking a trade for Rosen. Interesting. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-giants-will-explore-a-trade-for-josh-rosen-if-available/
  6. Double Trouble

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    I really hope they're not paying him that to give Eli weapons lol. They need to get Haskins. Saquon, Shepard, Engram and Tate is still a decent surrounding cast for a rookie.
  7. Double Trouble

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    Not a bad gig lol.
  8. Double Trouble


    haha yeah i was refreshing because i thought surely i'd get beat....sure enough.
  9. Double Trouble

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    you beat me lol. anyways, good stuff.
  10. Double Trouble


    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowingFollowing @RapSheet More #Panthers veteran LT Matt Kalil has been released, source said.
  11. He just restructured to stay w/ Vikings, per Schefter. Edit- Per Rapoport
  12. Double Trouble

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    Giants could have 21 year old Darnold (who finished the season strong) paired a trio of young weapons (OBJ, Engram and Shepard). Instead they have an elite RB with a 38 year old QB (with a 2019 cap hit of 23m) who can't extend plays and fully utilize any of the young weapons.
  13. Double Trouble


    They should have drafted Darnold. Saquon is a beast and will get his #'s but what NYG is trying to do makes no sense to me.
  14. Double Trouble

    Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Someone may have said this (didn't read through all the pages) but Michael Sam was technically the star of the Missouri line and Ealy looks promising!