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  1. 7. Andrew Thomas 39. Best G/C avail 71. Michael Pittman Jr. after I typed this in I realized how many needs this team has...sigh.
  2. Using a keyboard to complain about people complaining and who use keyboards to look tough, nice.
  3. I'm terrified we kick a FG and Hopkins catches an 80 yard bomb to win it lol
  4. "Kyle Allen doing his best Deshaun Watson impersonation" wtf some respect for Cam please...
  5. several drives stalling out at midfield and 3 strip sacks. Relying way too much on the D to bail us out. Not feeeling great about this. Hopkins is due.
  6. Penalty and being afraid to catch the ball has cost us two drives with potentially really good field position. Need to help the D out
  7. Someone may have said this (didn't read through all the pages) but Michael Sam was technically the star of the Missouri line and Ealy looks promising!
  8. how about you try scoring earlier so this situation never happens? what a fuging concept uggghh
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