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  1. Draft Walker Little, tank with Grier, draft Lawrence. Winning!
  2. This is an admittedly bias endorsement but Graham Harrell. Bet he looks for NFL jobs after this year. In line with offensive minded/QB whisperer.
  3. I luckily benched Cam for Dak this week. Can't play Cam until he shows me something. This offense is just too brutal.
  4. UW Cal had way more lightning give us more than two angles! https://twitter.com/PrestonTVNews/status/1171146606801874944?s=2
  5. This is fkn garbage. The Washington-Cal game last Saturday had wayyy more lightning and a 3 hour delay, yet Pac 12 network had every camera angle. NFLN blowing it. Cam totally had that first too but these trash af camera angles make it "inconclusive" fk this.
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