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  1. 27-24 Eagles Ron gets out coached but the game is kept alive by Cam heroics, only for Elliot to hit a late 30-40 yard field goal to win it.
  2. PanthersFanNY

    Rivera Monday presser

    Ron has never had back to back winning seasons in seven years, so it's at least a decent bet that he doesn't hit 9-7. We have no reason to believe Tepper is attached to Ron, so that seat should be on fire. I can't blame the entire game on him because the three turnovers weren't his fault, but his coaching ability has been lacking for a long time. Best QB panthers have ever had and this boob can't manage back to back winning seasons. Generational talent at QB and MLB and this buffoon just bumbles his way through a season hoping Cam carries him. I've wanted him fired for a long time. Anyone watching that Giants game two weeks ago knew that they would get back in it because that's just how Ron coaches. Get a lead, sit, let other team come back, hope to get bailed out by Cam (or in this case Gano).
  3. Ron and John Fox come from the same school of thought. Play the vets and don't use your brain. I swear NFL coaches do the dumbest poo sometimes. They need just an average football fan on their staff who, during games, will say "Hey coach, this is a little stupid, maybe try this." Whether it's not running it in the Super Bowl when you have Marshawn Lynch on the goal line, not designing plays to get David Johnson the ball, or trotting out mediocre talent like Funchess and Torrey Smith instead of playing DJ Moore. We can all see that Moore needs more play time but for some reason Ron can't see it (or doesn't want to).
  4. I've said before that Ron has been absolutely carried by Cam Newton his entire time with the Panthers. Any success they have is in spite of having Ron as the HC. He's been riding coat tails for a while now. His old ass philosophy doesn't work anymore. If he was the coach of the Chargers yesterday he would have stopped trying to score at 14-0 and would just have them run it three times and punt until the Bills came back, then hope Cam bails him out at the end. His game plans consist of letting Cam and McCaffrey do everything and hope it works out. And anyone saying we shouldn't take a chance with Josh Gordon is insane. Cam hasn't had a real WR1 since Steve Smith. We can keep trotting out Funchess for a decade but he'll never be a WR1 and Torrey Smith hasn't been good in like four years. We know Ron will never play DJ Moore because he's a clone of John Fox. Josh Gordon will only cost anything if he plays because any compensation in a trade will be a conditional pick. There's no risk. His contract is cheap and if he plays you get a bargain for a mid round pick and if not cut your losses and it doesn't cost you anything. What the hell? Why would you say no to that?
  5. PanthersFanNY

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    He also would have had a long TD pass after he had a step on the DB if Tyrod didn't horrendously under throw it for the INT. All it probably will take is a conditional pick. Send them a conditional pick if he plays X% of snaps this season. If he comes through you got a deal. Minimal risk. Would step in immediately and be the best receiver Cam has ever had not named Greg Olsen or Steve Smith.
  6. Maybe I'm crazy, but why do we need cheerleaders at all, male or female? With the lawsuits and talk about being paid less than minimum wage, is it worth it? I've been to games live and don't feel like it added anything to the experience, on TV they just cut to the cheerleaders before commercials. I feel like we live in an age where we don't need to see cheerleaders during football. If I wanna see a hot girl dance around I have the internet. Am I alone?
  7. If we run it on first down again this game my brain will fuging explode.
  8. Defense really needs to force a punt here. If Denver gets even a fg, it'll be a problem.
  9. Take a lead before halftime and don't look back, come on cam.
  10. If this isn't ruled a sack Rivera might actually kill someone.
  11. These tiptoe catches are absurd. Seattle always seems to get those against us. Infuriating.
  12. He also blames Obama, in part, but I see you chose to only use an interview that makes a republican WH look bad while ignoring another interview that makes a democrat WH look bad. http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/01/obamas-former-dia-director-admin-dismissed-isis-warnings-because-it-didnt-fit-the-narrative-video/ http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/01/politics/michael-flynn-obama-isis/index.html The invasion was undoubtedly short sighted, but the current administration isn't without fault when it comes to the rise of ISIS.
  13. In regards to the post above: I don't think that the Three Eyed Crow would betray Dany. Most agree that he's Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven who is half Targaryen and was always a staunch Targaryen supporter. He also lives and works with the Children of the Forest, who have been enemies with the Others for thousands of years.
  14. PanthersFanNY

    Looks like Cincinnati is next

    The victim acted inappropriately, but I don't see how anyone at all can defend the police officer here. Literally the second the car moved he pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. No warning, no "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT." Just murder. It's like an officer telling you to stop jaywalking, you take another step and get shot in the head. He'll be in prison for a long, long time.
  15. PanthersFanNY

    After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?

    The way you used it is pure applesauce.