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  1. Right I mean you don’t get any of that wonderful music and the camera shows more than a 10 ft bubble around Cam ha, much better. Yeah I saw a couple overthrows from Grier but like you said , dude’s a rookie. Main thing I took is that throwing motion and that it looked natural to Cam...was expecting check down style passes from him, 10 yarders and such. Exciting as hell to see him look that far along
  2. Could see much better views and angles on the Panthers Instagram feed...was throwing 25 yard passes just like the other QBs and it looked effortless and smooth. Stationary and then to the receivers running routes. Can definitely see that shorter throwing motion...he looked good to me and a lot further along than I expected.
  3. The Panthers Instagram feed is showing a much wider camera view....Cam throwing what looks to be like 25 yd passes or so just like the other QBs and it looked smooth and effortless for him. Then some more team drills throwing to wrs and such. He looks a lot farther along than what I was expecting. Every pass I could see looked right on the money. No over or under throws like a couple of the other QBs throws. Obviously it’s very early on but everything I could see was very encouraging. That new throwing motion seemed pretty natural to him... pretty cool to see
  4. https://youtu.be/M9FW7XCjKNs that’s december 2016 Cam before his shoulder surgery that for some reason didn’t happen until wayyy too late into the offseason. And after still playing in meaningless games after the injury for some reason. Both of which resulted in him not having enough recovery time before the 2017 season and everyone could see it that season. Everyone should be able to understand that rushing back without proper recovery time is going to cause issues. Seems like we have good chance of this last surgery/rehab with proper recovery time correcting those. Bringing up arm strength issues since that first surgery is one thing...trying to deny that he ever had one of the strongest arms and hit a ton of deep passes prior to that and discounting his MVP season and deep passes makes it sound like those opinions aren’t based upon reality..and fact. Kinda like flat earthers get THEIR panties in a bunch when someone tells them umm yeah unless every satellite photo we’ve ever seen is government propaganda then you sound kind of moronic here on this point. If I said Steve Smith was too short to win jump ball contests after watching him do it for years it’d be kinda silly to cry foul when someone pointed out I said something stupid ha. Anywho I do agree that I don’t think it’s banworthy and I do agree that people go to that response way too easily on here. Cheers gents go Panthers
  5. Yep! Those allstars carried Cam to the playoffs that year...people always talk about how the great QBs elevate lesser players ala brady but when our guy does it doesn’t count for some reason
  6. Yeah that may be the most asinine comment of the year. Me thinks the Imperial Grand Wizard protests too much ha
  7. Huh...so Ginn was throwing the ball 50+ yds to himself? Pull those tds up...they were not the 10 us pass 60 yard RAC to the end zone type. They were bombs. Dude got injured playing behind a shitty offensive line...it happens. Happened to drew Brees , took time but he came back after surgery, happened to Luck, he came back after surgery. Hammering a guy that’s obviously trying as hard as he can to get back to form that’s the QB for your team is mind boggling. Cam revitalized Ted Ginn’s career and that’s obvious to anyone that watched without the haterade sunglasses on.
  8. Idk man I really haven’t seen Hurney hand out any kind of stupid jake Delhomme post Az playoff game, making dwill and stew both franchise rb type same time type of moves. Becoming more and more apparent some/a lot of that was JR saying I love these guys take of them. If your boss that is the owner tells you to do something what you going to do? Don’t see the comparison here
  9. One thing I would point out is that we are getting really close to new CBA renegotiation time. The players union is advising all the players to stack their money back and prepare for a hold out. All the non QB players and teams have reason to either figure out some kind of cap flexibility QB contracts or a luxury tax or something because it’ll only push non QB salaries down and since most of the players aren’t QBs I can’t see how they’re ok with that. Also they’ll be pushing for more guaranteed contracts...higher cap/share of the profits etc. Main point being that everyone is making very premature assumptions about what we will or won’t be able to pay when cap could and probably will go up significantly or their could be major changes in the system. Kinda hard to have a serious debate over what we could/should/ or will be able to do when we get to Cam’s contract when a lot of the cap limits/rules people are basing their arguments on are just about to change...and expire after the 2020 season. Anywho..I don’t even care cause I fully believe we’re going to bust some ass this year..cheers
  10. Ha no worries once I saw the pie I understood it better
  11. Oh yeah man was just talking hypotheticals...their’s a long time before the season starts
  12. With all the high grade safeties that were drafted this year their are going to be vet safeties cut between now and the regular season, maybe cole Luke and gaulden will show one of them is the guy but I’d love some vet insurance at the very least
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