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  1. Ha yeah...In the last 24 hours or so we’ve went from there’s no way Sweat will make it to us, to then he likely will, to now he may fall out of the 1st, we might trade up for a tackle because there’s only 3 we’d see as first rd tackles(Hurney said there’s 4-5), we’re open to taking the Clemson DTs at 16, and now a trade back scenario. I think the Panthers love it being all over the place. Why would they want to show their hand? Them going kinda quiet the last couple days about edge rushers and lots of tackle rumors could be because they don’t want teams jumping them for one , could be legit, could be trade bait. I like us being right in front of the giants...especially if they pass on a QB at 6 cause there’s a good chance some QB hungry will want to jump them
  2. Right plus us could be talking up tackles so Houston( or whomever) thinks we’ll take one if they don’t make a good enough offer. So much misinformation being thrown around so who knows wtf is going to happen Thursday. That extra 2nd would be nice, I’d take that over any of those tackles. I don’t see much difference in any of them and that next group of ford, mcgary, risner , Wisconsin OT. Tell you what though if we could still get Sweat(if the slide talk is legit) or Ferrell at 23 and a FS and a tackle/guard all before we even get to our 2 3rd rders that’d be sweet... or hold off for mr Bobby Evans and get you a highly graded dB or DT to boot
  3. You’re the one overblowing things man...even the post of mine you quoted said “SOME” of the depth chart moves. Show one post where I’ve ever called myself an expert. I never condemned every decision Ron or the staff has made. I think he’s a great defensive coach and it’s a good thing he’s more hands on with the defense now. The team would not just hire a coach specifically to aid with clock management if they didn’t look back over games and realize it was a problem. Tepper would not have created an analytics department if he didn’t think the team could use some help there. They’re self diagnosing and that’s a good thing show me one post I’ve declared myself an expert? I’ve discussed other’s points of view with MY opinion. It’s a forum...that’s the whole point right? You’re claiming common sense but you’re overblowing a lot of things yourself, and having a huge, unnecessary attitude about it to boot. Did you have an oops I crapped my pants moment or what? That’ll piss on anyone’s parade but have a beer, smoke a bowl, sip some chamomile tea, jerk off or something Adolf cause the whole Mein fuhrer thing is overboard
  4. So you’re saying every in game decision, depth chart, roster decision is completely infallible and how dare I as a mere fan question any decision or choice Ron makes? That’s a very black and white view of things. “You’re either with us or against us”. My bad man...Coach Rivera and staff make the right call...every time...it’s just the stupid players not capitalizing on opportunities or executing. I never said I thought Ron was a horrible coach or we should fire him, or that being a head coach was an easy job. I saw an interview with him where he said he did some self scouting after the season and saw things that he needed to correct. How come he can say that but if I do I have uninformed opinions from watching every game for the past 20+ years? Are you at practice everyday? Don’t get the hostility. Norv made better in game adjustments this year than Shula ever did, I think it was obvious to everyone that change was an upgrade. The team created an analytics team and hired a coach specifically to help with clock management...and Ron is staying in charge of the defense now. Why’d they make those changes if everything they do is correct and beyond question?
  5. Right us picking just in front of the giants could help us with that. If they pass on QB at 6 other QBS needy teams we’ll see us as the spot to grab their guy before the giants can.
  6. Right...I’ll never understand some of the depth chart moves this team makes. Or how they’ll talk about someone “flashing” repeatedly but keep playing someone they're outperforming ahead of them. I throw that in with the clock management and in game adjustments bin for things that hold this team back
  7. I simply pointed out that you put the question out there in an arrogant manner. Then I quoted another post of yours and agreed with some of the logic in it. If you’re going to keep calling another grown man stupid you really shouldn’t cry victim and someone needs their meds when they say you’re being an asshole. But keep spinning it man keep on spinning
  8. You expecting Ron and company not to make really questionable roster and depth chart decisions after years of watching them do it, again and again is the definition of illogical. But keep spouting out that what you say is gospel and anyone else’s take is foolish. I’m about to get off my sofa and take my daughters to an Easter Parade. So I’ll leave you to it. Maybe you can pull your “I know I’m smarter than everyone, I just know it” tidy whiteys up even tighter so your head feels like it’s it has proper neck support while it’s up your own ass.. douche·bag /ˈdo͞oSHbaɡ/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a small syringe for douching the vagina, especially as a contraceptive measure. 2. INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN an obnoxious or contemptible person (typically used of a man). im more the informal type but feel free to choose
  9. You also asked why Moton didn’t beat out Matt kalil...cause the team handed his dumbass a huge contract. If you think on the field solely makes all these decisions you’re being naive
  10. Adversaries really? ...seriously dude you need to take yourself a whole lot less seriously. It’s a fan forum, we all have opinions.
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