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  1. I agree...Moton. I don’t even see why it’s a hard choice. Daryl Williamscan play Right Tackle or Little can learn there if he can’t ...one move and boom instantly better
  2. Right on! Unless my understanding is wrong the. Once the ball was tipped, touched by the opposing team it could not be ruled a fumble regardless of where it fell after. BS...but like you said we played a really good team and the officiating and barely lost that game. I disagree with the sky is falling crowd too
  3. Thank you for posting this!!! I was so pissed that not one of the announcers( or even dean blandino )said one word about it. Hopefully they use yesterdays officiating to create an us vs the world mentality. I saw so many positives from this team. The buccaneers are in for a long night Thursday
  4. Ha no. We’re a good team, at home. Playing a west coast team at 1. That’s not fluffy, pipedream , homer logic it’s numbers and data. Go check the stats on those odds and outcomes. #MATH ha Panthers 30 Rams 23
  5. They’ll be fine once they slide moton over to left tackle, Williams to right and stop trying to force players to play out of position. Matsko is great at his job...we have more talent they just have to gel. we still beating the rams week 1 like a Salvation Army drum
  6. Haha right! I’m sure impressing the bills beat writer or being week one real season ready are not really major concerns. Slow is smooth smooth is fast
  7. That’s what I thought of immediately upon opening the thread. It was pretty apparent that he was never back to his usual arm strength that obviously was still there in the 2015. That game 1 vs Denver that the refs allowed the broncos to treat him like a piñata is where it all started to me...then wasn’t that the season he tried to make a tackle off an interception and landed all awkward? I know it’s early but his arm strength is looking great, mix that with norv, working on mechanics with Scott and all. I feel really good about it. Of course anything could happen but he’s obviously done everything possible to get back to 100%, shown great leadership etc. However this goes that’s all you can ask for from him. I hope he’s able to remind the league who the fug he is because he’s worked as hard as anyone possibly could.. cheers
  8. Curtis is going to breakout. That man’s been working hard on his game and seems to have great chemistry with Cam. He’s going to be a better version of Ted Ginn at his best for us and right on time cause Cam and this offense need that ability to go over the top
  9. Good!!!!! Better to be smart about it! Cams got plenty of time between now and when we shock the NFL and kick the poo out of the Rams week 1 to build chemistry without unnecessary risk!
  10. IF Williams and Little show they’re not ready I have full confidence Moton can slide over. He’s just the one guy on that line that looks like he will get the job done wherever they put him regardless of circumstance and the whole ideal position thing. That kid works his tail off
  11. Oh yeah..how about all the personal foul /roughing the passer calls that weren’t called on the saints for hammering Brett Favre and obviously targeting his leg...if just a couple more of those were called Minnesota wins that NFC championship game. Reminded me of our super bowl and our rematch with Denver where the refs apparently just forgot their are strict rules about hitting the QB...for certain teams at least. #gatorfugers ..!..
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