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  1. I really don't know why we seem to hate bootlegs, rollouts and the hurry up offense so much... Rivera needs to go into riverboat mode and stay there
  2. He dropped a poo ton last year with no gruden he was on my Fantasy team so I cussed him out all season ha
  3. Cooper has 14 drops on the season (2nd most in the league) and he just got taken out for a concussion...I'd pass on that bro
  4. poorboysrev

    Lighten Up....

    Exactly, it's easy for people to forget, we just remember 15-1 and taking Arizona's soul in the playoffs... we won a lot of close and ugly games before we really went on a tear... I actually think winning these early games before we're fully clicking and while facing adversity helps the team down the road. We're going to have to win some ugly dogfights to get where we want to go
  5. You really don't see a difference between cmac and fozzy?
  6. Yeah it's funny...because mcaffery running a lot better with a much better run scheme, oline play and a year of experience and hard work in the offseason is somehow a knock on him even though that's true for almost every successful running back ever.....and him stiffarming and running through a linebacker in the middle of the hole and gaining yards after contact repeatedly in that video is somehow all an illusion...the panthers should turn him into Julian Edelman and make cj Anderson the bellcow back so he still feels right about his opinion on hating the pick. I mean who cares if Cmac being better than he expected and you know actually helping us win is great for the team. His "expert" draft analysis is what's most important... I don't get some of our "fans"
  7. Ha right! I don't really get why people care so much whether he's getting the yards/off of runs vs passes...or what the perfect ratio is in their minds. The end result is what matters not how it looked getting there
  8. It's almost like they're going to use him differently based upon the opponent/matchup and keep the other defense on their heels trying to figure out how we're going to use him the week they play us. As if that gives us some kind of advantage...using his versatility to our benefit...what are these bastards thinking?!
  9. Hell yeah...I like that they've shown how versatile they can be week to week. We're a second half of the season team anyways so us starting to click this early is a great sign
  10. Yeah I'm hoping samuels or Byrd can be that guy. I haven't seen anything from smith that'd scare an NFL defense. Nothing can be done about it but every time I see ginn scoring a td I get pissed ha
  11. Exaclty...the more he becomes a headache for the defense to gameplan for and focus on the more it opens up things for other guys..we're watching norv setting the other teams up and using different game plans. The offense has gotten better each week...they keep improving like this and by the time we're midway into the season we are going to be really scary
  12. Huh??! You don't think having a healthy offseason for the first time since the super bowl year and a good oc are having an affect? Dude didn't score 45 touchdowns in a season because he wasn't applying himself. The glaring, obvious changes are 1) training camp and start of the season health and 2) Norv. Coaching and play calling matter. Just look at our piecemeal olines blocking and wr route running... night and day with norv... that's not a coincidence