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  1. Smith was already gone man,...hey maybe you're right and he's the worst thing to happen to us since Clausen...it just seems too early for that and I have a hard time believing Gettleman whiffed that bad seeing as he was a scout for decades..we shall see
  2. Not at all... there's at least 2 of us, I really like Philly. We only had 1 fast receiver last year...at worst case we have 2 this year
  3. IF he's even close to Jimmy Graham or Alshon Jeffery then yes he is. Gettleman hates trading picks...the fact that he did means something. We all know he is not a knee jerk reaction or panic move guy....he must love this kid ALOT. I'm sorry but I trust him over Kiper,McShay, and Mayock...all of whom hated us picking Cam and even our whole draft last year...which in hindsight was one of the best in the league. Just maybe DG knows his poo. Here's to hoping so...cheers boys!
  4. It seems a bit early to make that conclusion just because he wasn't drafted...Don't get me wrong I think and hope we draft a receiver too...but I just think when Philly got the chance last year he performed. He's got speed and hands, no telling what another offseason with Proehl can get out of him
  5. As we sit right now I hope and think Philly takes that number 2 spot...I'm hoping that being year 2 and not having to worry about being a returner he can take a big step up...We shall see
  6. Nothing that Gettleman stated said that we wouldn't draft a tackle early....Do you think he's going to come out and say "Hey we're taking the best tackle on the board?" of course not...We brought in Cotchery and Avant last year and still drafted KBB...Honestly what other tackle was available in FA? Jake Long can't stay on the field, that's why the Rams dropped him......Gettie says relax
  7. That's an awesome point. So he was averaging over 4 yds a carry his first 7 and at 10 carries he had 67 yards so 6.7 per carry. Imagine if he was better than just ok?
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