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  1. sorry i just accidentally linked a tweet from a neoliberal dumbfug and now i wanna kms
  2. both her and amy iirc didn't mean to downplay a real issue, but I'm already seeing this poo take from the bad faith actors that use every analogue to rape/abuse when talking about him
  3. she’s obviously internalizing her misogyny, I bet she even apologized even though bernie is the one that’s (((lying))) based on his (((body language)))
  4. oh yea for sure js it's so presumptuous and embarrassing
  5. anyone besides me think there's like zero chance biden picks liz to be his vp?
  6. to be clear: I thought it was the case that bernie's campaign was going to recruit warren as vp; obviously I was wrong in the sense that it wasn't a totally mutual agreement, but the desire was there on his side I edited to include that snippet at the end. I think it's damage control by warren's people and it was an intentional leak. Between the volunteer memo, the sexism charge, and the debate encounter- you have a clear pattern that shows that this was a gambit
  7. *checks the latest post-debate polls* Bernie's gotta be MORE sexist
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