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  1. https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2020/06/24/fired-wilmington-cop-we-are-just-going-to-go-out-and-start-slaughtering-them-f-ni-i-cant-wait-god-i-cant-wait-free-read/?fbclid=IwAR0y5lFz9SiSp4kO_B_2QIz4-Gx463tHBtkJU4xM28KK8QNjkZy4oU2hCOQ
  2. yeah not gonna watch a pedophile's video (judging by the 3 star emojis, the universal symbol of pedophiles) report the channel to youtube so that they can get taken down and arrested hopefully
  3. I'm doing my part by posting in the tinderbox and quote replying jim bob cooter
  4. Just wait for the debates we'll see who's sleee...
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