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  1. Why feel bad. The man got paid still gonna get paid and will most likely have another job next year. Was some good times was some bad. Hoping a new GM comes with it.
  2. Wouldn't hold your breath on that. A lot of built in excuses.
  3. No it wouldn't he would either over throw everyone get sacked behind this line or get hurt.
  4. Kinda crazy. 1st quarter offense line was actually playing now they can't stop a wet bag.you are acting like coach is calling running plays every down of something. And Samuel still has Ginn hands.
  5. Well he can't say the truth so just coach speak. Missed opportunity.
  6. Reid good run stoper just sucks in coverage. Kinda like Harper
  7. I said lb they sure don't exclude Luke who has been over playing his gaps all year.
  8. Only person bringing up politics is you. People have been calling out oline and dline and others. Reid sucks get over it. Lb can't stay in their gaps dl can't get pressure.
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