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  1. Marty Hurney is one of the best recognizers of college talent in the nation. Period, OK,” Tepper said. “I don’t want to lose that. And he’s also not a bad manager.” Does that sound smart after looking at this roster?Or remembering signing 2rb to massvie deals. Or trading away future picks for some people that would have most likely been there later.
  2. I pulled for Smith ans TD when they left, I'll pull for Cam if he leaves. I only pull for the panthers as a team. Don't see what the big deal is other then pulling for Dwill that I can't understand. I have like others gave grief to Cam but I still have a lot of memories of the great things he did for this team and the area.
  3. So this week this place thinks Quinn is a good coach. And atl has culture of winning....
  4. Tua isn't happening. He is another injury bug waiting to happen.
  5. Help wanted Left tackle QB positions available flexible hours.
  6. Why feel bad. The man got paid still gonna get paid and will most likely have another job next year. Was some good times was some bad. Hoping a new GM comes with it.
  7. Wouldn't hold your breath on that. A lot of built in excuses.
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