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  1. Who's to say we are going to suck. Not expecting a superbowl winning season. But its possible to make the playoffs. Those guys play to win.
  2. If they are clicking. The Chiefs should smoke the the 49ers..
  3. He is not. That's why the Chiefs are the Superbowl Champions. Not a fan of the Chiefs but I see it like I see it...
  4. That's over the average person's head. Music for the elite..Lol take care bro
  5. Never heard of Bobby Axelrod. But David Axelrod music has been sampled for some of the greatest hip-hop classics. His music is fire.. And I'm being serious about to listen to his s h i t right now.
  6. Never tank that's a losers mentality like the browns or dolphins. Pick up some FA's and draft well. Play hard, kick ass and try to win a superbowl.
  7. It's a new era the past is in the past. I'm alittle down but it a new day tomorrow. I'm very optimistic for the future of The Carolina Panthers football.
  8. A secret little boy. Cam been laying pipe like no other lately.
  9. I agree with you on Wade Phillips being the DC. But who would be your first choice for OC?
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