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  1. Its no need for Ron to look at game film. He should just stick to his usual and watch the food network for his holiday feast.
  2. Have you seen our defense get gashed on sundays? I don't think Ron Rivera will be a DC again.... Maybe in the CFL
  3. And don't forget about the 2 ass-beatings we took from the steelers last year, and the 49ers this year. Thank you Ron Rivera you should stay another year to add to the list...
  4. Please make this happen. There has got to be a way to get this message to David Tepper. Ron Rivera and his s h i t eating grin has got to go right now!!!
  5. I love it. We need a higher draft pick next season.
  6. F u c k everything that's football related to Ron 1985 Rivera. He is the main builder of this s h i t show.
  7. Even if the Panthers make it to the playoffs Ron Rivera is gone next season. Look for somebody out of the steelers organization to take over...
  8. The kid has a bright future. He only 23 yrs old. He's going to get better. Shore up the offensive line we're good.
  9. They can keep Trubisky but a 2nd, 3rd and maybe a 4th would be great. Championship teams are built through the draft.
  10. When will anybody understand that if a team has a shitty offensive line it doesn't matter who your quarterback is. An all-pro line can make a mediocre QB look like a hall or famer....
  11. Exactly. I can't see this being football related.
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