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  1. Not saying Joe Brady won't ever get a head coaching job. I just think Eric Bienemy will become a head coach in the NFL before he does. But who knows the falcons are a dumb organization.
  2. I'm implying that Teddy will be ok. It actually was not all his fault that we lost. There was a ton of mistakes made. We still could've won this game. It never was out of reach and they will learn from this game.
  3. Meanwhile Cam continued to get owned by the Denver Broncos. TB will be o.k.
  4. Yeah I don't get the hate. My friend who is a Panthers fan also said last week "he ok but I want a stud QB." I like dude he is playing like one of the QBs in the NFL right now. I don't get it
  5. If we get another monster DT in next year's draft, we in there
  6. It's down across the board because believe or not the fans presence at games makes a difference. All games seem more exciting when you have a massive amount of fans in the stands. It has nothing to do with politics. Look at hockey which is by and large non political and the interest level is down in that sport also.
  7. I think we keep Ginn because he is also decent at returning punts. It's going to be interesting which is a good thing.
  8. Mount Vernon I like the nickname. Make me think of the Heavy D song "Money Earning Mt. Vernon."
  9. No pictures of Shaq Thompson. Did he show up? Just wondering his condition after the accident.
  10. Hunter Henry would be a better pick and fit than Derrick Henry for us. He give us the option to run 2 TE sets. And he can help out on blocking speed rushers off the edge.
  11. Greg Hardy in my opinion is a unstable cokehead who needs help. With that being said good ridden I'm glad he is no longer with the Carolina Panthers.
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