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  1. The Giants Oline was bad even before he got there.
  2. I thought the contract was structured to get rid of him after 3 years?
  3. How did Nathan Peterman look out there Kelvin? LOL. Still don't want Cam?
  4. Darknight

    The refs?!

    Those two RTP on us was complete and utter bullshit
  5. Darknight

    Huddle fantasy football

    Is their a fee for joining or no? I'm just asking. Thanks!
  6. Darknight

    The refs?!

    That wasn't RTP. It was called unnecessary roughness. If you look at the replay, you can see Allen give himself and take a knee and the defender came and hit him anyway.
  7. It was Butler that was injured
  8. He has good hands.
  9. Darknight

    One Carolina

    I live in Kinston and was pissed when the Indians left years ago. We are supposed to be getting a new team here either this year or next year.
  10. Darknight

    Vikings @ Cardinals TNF Thread

    For everyone blaming Teddy, blame fuging Matt Kalil for being put on his ass and letting his QB down. If roles were reversed and we still had Byron Bell at tackle, you guys would be poo posting Bell right now for being put on his ass. I don't blame Teddy one bit.
  11. Darknight

    Final Panthers Cuts

    Fozzy Whitaker has shown me nothing this pre-season to be kept over Wegher.
  12. If I'm Tampa, I'd still draft home. It doesn't hurt financially like it use to because of the rookie wage scale.
  13. Darknight

    Bargain Free Agent: WR Denarius Moore

    I would say that Moore is a slightly better receiver than Ginn just by looking at the numbers and I believe that Moore will produce in this season. Only thing that Ginn does that Moore doesn't really do and that is return kicks.