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  1. If its free Heinicke beer night...
  2. 10-6, but if the Eagles can win in NOLA today and we take of business and end up 7-3 just one game back of the 8-2 Saints...we may have a blueprint to beat the Saints at home and a renewed sense of confidence and end up 12-4...
  3. AviationMX

    can we have half time PIE?

    this was an was an easy call at half time, we are a ready now... either you believe or you rack your rat brains for sh#t posts.
  4. AviationMX

    can we have half time PIE?

    its just cool to see some real Panthers football...We are ready now.
  5. Oh yeah,,, #1 NFC defense ? So sweet.
  6. AviationMX

    Torrey Smith OUT Sunday

    As much as want to see more speed, this is one game that ball security is going to paramount. Let's hope Funchess has a good game and the burners are smart when gang tackled.
  7. I had no idea, what a freak show this forum is becoming. I'm not even sure how to respond to that except that the Panthers, no matter how " Cucked" they are, had a chance to win each loss. The offense is still adapting to new scheme and will get traction and I don't care if we win 20-10 or 35-24...in fact, I think we will get at least 320 yards passing today...and that's my Conservative estimate.
  8. What is "cucked" ? and then the we are "exposed"... it's October, do you not think we can adjust or is the season over for you now?
  9. AviationMX

    Eric Reid

    here's the thing, he's a Panther.... so he's part of the family. but I expect to see some real results...by the Steelers game, for sure...or he is gone, but really let's give this guy a chance to learn the defense and then be critical. we need a spark in our defense and I really don't care who that is, if by chance it's Reid... fine with me. Just tighten up the D...
  10. 24-17 Panthers Smith gets two TDs to leads the team with 4 and Moore gets 120 yards in his biggest game to date. Defense is stout and Reid gets an INT and the line gets three sacks. This is how we start our run....yep, we win on the road and then take out the Bucs and Ravens out at home and under the lights, beat the crap out the Steelers.
  11. Dab that Dub Our D stops the run but gives up some deep passes, O scores their first 3Q TD putting us ahead for the win. 24- 13 Cats
  12. The good news is we're getting down field separation...finally. It's possible Cam wanted to run and thought the middle was going to clear out. This season there's only few good defenses and our offense will start clicking soon, it's our defense that needs to improve or its going to be a shoot out every week which would be a challenge for us. Funny. there aren't as many posts about Luke ( or the defense in general) not playing well...
  13. AviationMX

    Niki Haley out

    I'm guessing the Governor would appoint Haley to replace Graham...that explains his departure from reason and his old friend JMC..
  14. AviationMX

    Did we win a football game?

    Here's my take on why this feels different Giants had the institutional knowledge of our players ability and used it well against us-something I didn't consider but is a valid point in hindsight Norv got stuck on running CMC... Our secondary is still rebuilding- for the third year Our Special Teams was the difference- something new to the Huddle We got some breaks in officiating- also new Our DL had no pressure on the QB- again, surprising Poor clock management- that's on Rivera and needs to be fixed My theory is it wasn't out typical game for us and has many on tilt. what we should do well, we didn't and it was our special teams that won the day. And I'll add, Cam tried to will a win but they were ready for him to run. It wasn't pretty but we aren't a pretty team and I'm fine with that...we are in a good position with a single loss and have a key players returning. In fact, this was an unusually tough win which we may have needed to make key changes this early in the season because we will have more close games in this division. and Gano? classic team player, glad he had the chance to shine, he showed a lot of class after the game...and that Spanish language call is for the ages.
  15. AviationMX

    Its time to fire Rivera

    the only coachable thing that concerns me today the clock management-again. I'm not sure what the issue is but we waste time outs and run the clock down way to much. I'll assume the sloppy route running and the lack of a pass rush will be fixed by the half way mark.