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  1. First thing that crossed my mind!
  2. Well the Carolina Panthers are trending on TWITTER for lots of reasons tonight!! Mind blown!
  4. Wow, does blow my mind!! Love LUKE!! Definitely going to be different...he's a smart man...I am sure he will step away and I am sure he will enter coaching at some point!
  5. Refs blew that fumble call!! What a joke!
  6. I will be curious to see how Jackson holds up over the years with all this running...
  7. I know! But he’s not living up to the hype in the playoffs!
  8. Yahoo sports is free..can watch it on your phone!
  9. Jackson for MVP..I think not...second year in a row he can’t get it done in the playoffs!!!
  10. I know right! This are kickin butt!!
  11. TN is running the ball and owning the line of scrimmage!
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