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  1. I know, just stating there is a difference between a felon and not a felon!
  2. Yep, definitely a difference between a convicted felon and not a convicted felon!
  3. He will now have more time to shoot the Hey look at ME...ME....ME...videos!
  4. Me....me.....me....me.......me...that’s what it “appears” to always be about! Maybe a part of the reason why he hasn’t been signed yet!
  5. Great pickup! I'm liking what I have seen so far with our additions!!
  6. It's all about COACHING...glad RR has moved on...I give him 3 years or under in Washington b/c that Owner will get antsy and fire RR for underperforming!
  7. OMG...everytime Panthers are on the clock there is a commercial...am I losing my mind here?!?!
  8. They need to throw some Luke COMBS on there!
  9. Loving Panther's Draft Lounge on Panthers.com!
  10. I predict it now there will be a Huddle implosion! Oh I know for a fact when I post on here on draft night the Boss lady will ask...”What are you doing? Talking to your girlfriend!”
  11. He's been glued to CNN watching the Breaking New about COVID-19!!!
  12. I agree...if Cam was lazy then I would say the situation may end up the same. But Cam isn't lazy!!
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