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  1. If we don't have Cam, we don't win. I'd argue there are only a few QBs (like 3 or 4) who would win more games than Cam in this system anyway.
  2. Really feel like the Eagles game is as "must" win as we can be at this point. If we win, that's a helluva win and bounce back game for all. If we lose, especially in bad fashion, I could see things starting to get dicey as the blame game continues and seats get hotter.
  3. Gotta blitz more. Wilks blitzed too much, Washington not enough. The difference this year being though, hopefully we now have two reliable corners to cover for the 2-3 seconds necessary in Bradberry and Jackson opposed to last year's mess of bad Bradberry and rotating players at CB2. Screw the zone. If our CBs can't cover for 3 seconds while we bring 5 after the QB, doesn't matter. Not to mention playing 5-10 yards off the WR allows short passes to pick us apart every...single...year.
  4. CarolinaNCSU

    Rivera Monday presser

    I think anything less than 9-7 or 10-6 and Rivera's ass is on fire. Tepper has spoken about continuity, but he's also seemingly a very forward thinking dude. I doubt he likes watching 1970s football all that much coming from the Steelers offense of late.
  5. CarolinaNCSU

    Rivera Monday presser

    Only reason I'm lenient with the players is I don't feel like they suddenly forget how to play. Maybe it's Luke's calls, or maybe it is poor preparation on the players' part...but there was one play yesterday where TD and someone else were yelling at the sideline. Kinda reminded me of the time's Cam and the offense would yell at the sideline. I'd say there's a disconnect between the defense and the calls at minimum, or at least getting them in quick enough.
  6. CarolinaNCSU

    Rivera Monday presser

    Also maybe I'm misremembering, but AP has never really ran that well against us. He did yesterday because our defense, with seven former Pro Bowl players, either forgot how to play or the coaching flat out sucks. I'm betting on the latter.
  7. CarolinaNCSU

    Rivera Monday presser

    "Inclement weather" the last few weeks? GTFO That's one of two things: 1. A coach searching for excuses 2. A coach refusing to blame piss poor decision making Either one at this point is ridiculous
  8. Washington is going to have to realize we have to blitz. The DL "almost" continually getting there by rushing 3 or 4 isn't going to cut it. If our secondary can't hold up for 2 seconds, we don't deserve to win anyway.
  9. CarolinaNCSU

    Playing scared

    Take chances? Gasp. We'd never do that. We dialed up a couple of blitzes to end the first half and magically....it worked. Crazy.
  10. Yeahhhh unless I missed something, his arm wasn't hit at all. He was pressured and off balance, but nobody hit his arm. Also, I said not the best play, but Voth, Gantt, etc. aren't all wrong here.
  11. And this, which people continue to deny...yes he was rushed, but Cam's long ball accuracy is gone ...please reverse jinx and make me look like an idiot.
  12. We're not built to win when we lose the turnover battle. So. Yeah.
  13. Tepper is going to be hiring his own coaches a lot sooner than some think if this bullshit continues
  14. CarolinaNCSU

    Kelvin keeps doing Kelvin like things.

    Happy to be so wrong about KB and the trade. Was PISSED the day we traded him, now...thank you Hurney for being so wise.
  15. Contract isn't crazy...11-12 million a year for an elite guy. Minimal dead cap concerns if you needed to cut him. Would be a great addition, but I'd be shopping for help in the trenches first. Only rationale for this I would think is if we wanted to make Donte a Nickel because that's where he'd be the next couple of years. I don't know how much I like doing that with the swag he's bringing, and play that backs it up. As much as Captain sucks, I think that's more just an issue of how Corn should be playing more.