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  1. Truth. Manhertz the blocking "specialist", sucks at his specialty. Ian at least gives you a receiving threat to go with bad blocking.
  2. Made it a few pages before it got derailed at least. LinvilleG would be a good choice if he wants it. Also made me miss KT on the Hornets forum. And venom's weirdness in the Tinderbox.
  3. Saw on Twitter a few "Teddy" chants broke out in the crowd. Please let the Brees collapse begin* *As Matt Ryan throws a pick.
  4. Rivera's old school mentality hurts here. On some levels, yes football is still very much won in the trenches, stronger/tougher guy wins, etc. But run games and blocking schemes have advanced and gotten more creative with more opened up and spread out offenses. Not exactly Ron's strong suit to scheme to stop creativity when our offense's version of creative is a reverse every now and then.
  5. And the Pats sleep walk to the SB yet again unless Houston pulls a rabbit out of their ass. I hate the AFC.
  6. He's on IR for now If we come out of the BYE and beat the 49ers, could be worth exploring a deadline trade. Weird combination of wanting to see what Samuel and Moore can do and give them room to grow, while also knowing a "name" WR could be great for us, while also realizing CMC is going to eat most of the touches anyway so I wouldn't want to give up much.
  7. Saw it opening night and loved it. Good points above that encapsulate a lot of my thoughts, but the movie made me "cheer" for the Joker almost and sympathize with him in a lot of ways which is a "cool" difference from the norm. A lot of emotions fighting against each other watching it for me. Even though some points were meant to be obvious, finding out he laughs a lot of the time because he's sad or hurting or just can't control it (not just a sick twisted laugh), the all too real portrayal of mental health and lack of funding & being cast aside, the role of the media and TV turning the Joker into an almost demigod figure...awesome stuff. Can agree the climax wasn't a huge thing and overall as a movie it's weaker because of it...but as a character study, social commentary, or whatever else, it was really good for me.
  8. Gotta protect Kyle and let him make some plays. Also their run game (until yesterday) was pathetic. Fournette broke one good run Week 3 to save his stats where he was literally averaging negative yards a carry, and then went off against a terrible Broncos team with Chubb and his torn ACL. Not saying he can't go off against us, but we should be able to stop their run game.
  9. Abuse the bad OL and lack of run game. Don't get beat over the top by Stills and Fuller. Hope Bradberry balls out against Nuk.
  10. By 6 points, with two special teams/defensive TDs, yes. Do you really think they're going to go say 5-1 or 6-0 like they could've with Brees over this coming stretch? Or more likely to go say 3-3? Not like their offense was great, just efficient, and they tried to blow it. Convincing would've been a great way to describe it if you take out the fourth quarter, sure.
  11. Tampa Bay gonna Tampa Bay Atlanta is their usual inconsistent self, with injuries today New Orleans is without Brees for a couple of months - - and we can control our destiny there once his old ass is back Take back this fuging division
  12. If only. Hurney kicking the can down the road changed KK's numbers. He's not going anywhere... Cap number next year is 20 million, dead number is 17 Year after, 21 million cap hit, 10 million dead. Could make some sense in the 2021 season, but he's safe in 2020 now.
  13. Williams will be the starter until he gets hurt, or Little "has had a few really good weeks of practice" and "we want to see what we have in him"...in like Week 12.
  14. This season has made me miss the dab even. Bring back the dab, times were so good then.
  15. I'm optimistic, and Will Brinson had a nice point on Twitter the other night that Cam looked similar coming back from surgery at the start of 2017. His lines the first few weeks... Sun 9/24 vsNO L 34-13 17 26 167 65.4 6.4 0 3 37 4 43.8 7.7 3 16 5.3 1 10 Sun 9/17 vsBUF W 9-3 20 32 228 62.5 7.1 0 0 24 6 83.9 52.1 5 27 5.4 0 15 Sun 9/10 @SF W 23-3 14 25 171 56.0 6.8 2 1 40 0 87.3 30.0 6 3 0.5 0 5 Cam had some rough games that year, with plenty of great ones too. If Funchess could catch and time a jump, we beat the Saints in the Dome in the playoffs that year. Numbers at the end above show his (lack of) rushing as well (14 attempts in 3 games, 46 yards). Seems every time Cam comes back from injury, there's an adjustment period. Hoping this is the same.
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