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  1. CarolinaNCSU

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    The Leftovers is weird. You either love it or you don't, so not liking season 1 I doubt you'll be able to do it. A few of my friends thought I was crazy for liking it, but there's just something there that I couldn't get enough of.
  2. Not even going to lie...with the direction the Lions are going, I'd be "angry" with a 35-31 win. If the defense gives up more than 20-25 this week, people need to lose jobs.
  3. CarolinaNCSU

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    Yeah don't exactly know what Cam would bounce back from. He had one bad play....literally one.
  4. I'd be all for it. Youth movement has started with Donte (and Bradberry) in the secondary, let's see what Corn has. Captain's ass is getting cut this offseason anyway, we need to see what Corn can do to see how badly we need CB help with Cockrell coming back, too.
  5. Good for Marshall finally playing in an eventual playoff game, that he hopefully will lose.
  6. A competent football team...whatever that means at this point. 9/10 times pointing at the defense there because the offense has been great. Even against the Steelers, we're on pace to score around 30 with ease if we don't call off the dogs, too. If the even year curse is coming for us, let's just go ahead and show our hand now because I'm not trying to get excited only to finish 9-7 and miss the playoffs.
  7. CarolinaNCSU

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    He's been getting a little harsher treatment lately, but KK Short. If his current performance holds up, he's showing how dependent he was on Star to make him look good. He's also living on the hype of one All=Pro season where he flashed in a huge way, and people started to think he was a top 3 DT in the league. He's good...but he's more Top 10. Bradberry is the popular answer, and I get some of it....but he's also in year 3, often put in shitty positions, and better suited for being a #2 CB who's drawing everyone's best WR. He's solid.
  8. CarolinaNCSU

    Black helmetz for realz?

    Yeah most teams only swap the decals and facemasks, but it's been done before (no clue how). Tampa Bay's throwbacks changed primary colors, Eagles have done it, Falcons wore red helmets before. Maybe other examples as well. Rare...but can be done.
  9. CarolinaNCSU

    Black helmetz for realz?

    You're not allowed to change shells. You can change the look of the helmets. Aka, how teams do "throwback" helmets and such. Granted, a longshot we do it...but with our roulette of uniform combos this year, I could see it.
  10. CarolinaNCSU

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    I spent all day finding a perfect fuging beaver pelt. I love this game so much.
  11. Just get in. The 6 seed Falcons were almost in the SB again last year.
  12. CarolinaNCSU

    Black helmetz for realz?

    It's coming at some point, maybe Tepper is holding it until NO at home. That white facemask is trash though.
  13. CarolinaNCSU

    Ross Cockrell - Difference Maker?

    Cockrell would've been at least solid here, and his stats showed that he thrived in zone schemes more. BUT, not going to help when our DL is garbage 90% of the time and we're rushing 2.
  14. CarolinaNCSU

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    We HAVE to go at least 3-1 in the next 4 (three of those on the road). The road games worry me, but we're better than any team we're going to face in the next four weeks. Put up or shut up time, especially for Rivera who's teams historically get better in November/December. If we can go 3-1... That get us to 9-4. with ATL, NO, and @NO left... If Rivera doesn't make the playoffs with that set-up, fire him as soon as Week 17 is over.
  15. Feel like he's going to go into this offseason and Tepper is going to give RR a choice. New DC, and Rivera stays. Or Rivera can continue to be loyal, and the house is cleaned. Sucks if we lose Norv that way (can't imagine he'd stay), but every...single....year....we have this talk about Rivera. He's forced into making better calls with players, he's forced into making better calls with staff. At some point he's going to be forced out the door.