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  1. We'll come out, win, look good doing it for most of the game...and then be lulled into belief once again before coming back down to Earth in a few weeks. Or Rivera pulls the usual when coaching for his job and gets us back to average. Which hopefully Tepper finds unacceptable.
  2. A homer take, but there have been positives and trends I like for sure. Similarities to 2013, Cam looked mildly similar in 2017 coming off surgery before getting back in shape, playing like dog ass and still being in or should have won both games, etc. But of course we also can't deny the things that could also be true. The main one being, we're still the same old team with inconsistencies galore, missed opportunities, and a coach who has never changed. Everyone crawled a little back onto the Rivera bandwagon after watching All or Nothing this Summer. But the only thing he's consistently shown is inconsistent and unprepared play, questionable decisions, and trust in the wrong players far too often.
  3. That many passing attempts is never a recipe for success for us, especially with a poo OL and a recovering Cam. I get the run game was also almost nonexistent...but gotta try something. It's not like we were playing 2-3 scores down, yet we kept dialing up 3 passes and hoping one would work it felt like. Cam wasn't good...but I can't think of a worse position to put him in coaching wise than the other night.
  4. They're good...but to be great they have to more consistently get sacks and force some turnovers. Winston holding onto the ball for 5 or 6 seconds and gifting us a sack is great for our secondary, but this vaunted front 7 needs to wreak havoc. If the offense can sustain a couple drives, put up 3 TDs a game with ease, and let the defense rest? Could be really good.
  5. Mind-boggling we moved away from trying this. Cam was a master during the 2015 season with it. But then again, we still haven't learned that Cam is best in the hurry up (giving him extra time to do this), we still struggle with play calling/getting them in on time, and even getting to the line without wasting time or time outs. The offense (and Cam even) have always seemed lackadaisical more often than not during drives and it drives me insane. I get wanting to be controlled and run some clock, but there's a line. When Rivera, Shula, and Norv have been setting the tone though, makes sense we move away from creativity.
  6. At this point do it. I'm tired of watching Darryl Williams get beat like the Keep Pounding drum tonight.
  7. Worrying or critiquing things from today is fine and should happen. The people posting chicken little poo already should be banned for stupidity. The reactionary mess from trolls and idiots has ruined most of the board.
  8. We were helped with the TB & Atlanta losses for sure. If Houston can help us out, the division is all square. Also, the Saints have a hellish start to the season schedule wise. Their first four games are against possibly all playoff teams. If we can take advantage of our lighter schedule the next few weeks, we'll be in good position. Beat TB & Arizona to get to 2-1 Houston will be tough The Jags just lost Foles Then TB and San Fran.... That's 5-2 to 4-3 at worst. Anything less than that and Rivera will be getting canned.
  9. Officially in nervous/please be good mode. Come out, make a statement in this game, and put the rest of the league on notice.
  10. Don't even know how the cap number will be spread out for Julio, and they were already over the cap, but the Falcons have thrown some money around this offseason damn. They're going to be losing a few key people or restructuring every year ala the Saints. When Brees and Ryan retire, holy poo both teams are going to get REAL ugly for a few years.
  11. We're seeing how the OL looks tomorrow/the first few weeks. If it's bad, we trade for Trent Williams. If it looks okay, we stand pat with rollover money. I've been against the Trent Williams trade at the reported price, but if you can get him for a 3rd rounder or so if the Redskins get realistic, you do it yesterday.
  12. Would love play action, with CMC leaking out, Moore coming across the middle, Olsen as the safety net for a few yards, and Samuel testing deep. Fully expect a slow developing dive up the middle for 2 yards.
  13. Shocked, but the right move even after the paycut.
  14. With the news the Texans are paying half the salary, does feel like more teams would've been in on that if they knew maybe. Nice in hindsight, but also possibly unrealistic to re-sign him anyway.. Plus the injury history would scare me, and maybe other teams felt the same.
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