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  1. Rivera and Hurney failing to evaluate talent? Say it ain't so.
  2. CarolinaNCSU

    LMAO... Suck it Saints

    A 2nd, a 4th, and a 5th round pick...with little cap space as usual and some core guys to re-sign. Have fun, Saints.
  3. CarolinaNCSU

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

    Back to somewhat of the original post...I'll be taking my group of 8th graders to D.C. in 2 months. It's a nightmare and this has given me anxiety just imagining this year's group.
  4. CarolinaNCSU

    Possible Soon To Be Speedy WR FA...

    A couple years ago, would be all over it. The questions surrounding Cam's shoulder, and our improved young WRs? Not seeing the fit.
  5. Notta huge fan. Also have heard he's a bit of a prick, but don't know for sure there or not. Any of the State OL guys or Harmon at WR? Sign me up.
  6. CarolinaNCSU

    Gerald McCoy

    He's 30, and used to or was expected to make 10-13 million over the next few years. I'd imagine he's going to look for 10+. You know, just a little over what we gave Dontari Poe's bum ass.
  7. CarolinaNCSU


    Duke's shooting issues are still going to haunt them, but with a healthy Tre they're hands down the favorite and best team in the country. If Tre can't come back, or comes back hindered? Sweet Sixteen and maybe Elite Eight is the ceiling on a good day. Tre's defense is that good, and they need a PG to run the show like all good teams.
  8. CarolinaNCSU

    Should have tanked

    The Hornets haven't had a single season where they shouldn't have tanked honestly. I mean really, when their best year of the past decade has resulted in maybe hopes of the 2nd round of the playoffs...in the Eastern Conference? They're average at best, with a ceiling of average. That's about the worst position to be in in the NBA, especially in a market that won't ever attract a big FA. It sucks, but the only way the Hornets win in the current system is to get lucky once in the lottery, and then draft well for a couple of years in a row.
  9. CarolinaNCSU

    The answer is on the roster

    To be honest...if this (seemingly) obvious thing isn't done, my apathy will grow even more in this team next year. I get if somebody throws a ton of money at Daryl, but our OT situation looks to be "solved" if DW comes back from injury well. If Hurney and Rivera screw this up? Yikes.
  10. CarolinaNCSU

    Antonio Brown to Falcons?

    Would be all for it. Ignore the guys on defense who need to get paid and cripple the cap with a QB and 2 WRs.
  11. As long as the money is spent (wisely) on the lines, I won't complain. Have my homer side wanting to draft Bradbury from State at Center...but just get me better guys.
  12. CarolinaNCSU

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Three Stark kids in the tombs...one missing until winter rushes in...Bran the Night King confirmed.
  13. Never made sense. Anderson is the typical Rivera back, grind down defenses, get tough yards, etc. Norv underused him, and Rivera didn't have the balls to question Norv I would think.
  14. Makes no sense with the holes on this team. REALLY makes no sense with the info coming out about AB's diva tendencies and how problematic that could be around our young weapons. REALLY REALLY makes no sense until we know how Cam's shoulder is. Trading for AB, only for Cam's shoulder to still be hamstrung? Yeah let's get a Ferrari and only be allowed to drive it in a 35 MPH zone.
  15. Doesn't make sense if it's coming from Rivera. His ass is on the line, so he creates an entirely new defense? So if it's an idea coming from Tepper, maybe it was part of the agreement Ron stays?...which I also don't like if Tepper is deciding on what base defense to play. Could be exciting, but I don't buy it