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  1. Would love the trade back with the Raiders, but also like the selection at 7 if a couple QB's are already gone. Honestly, could see a scenario where Burrow goes #1, Miami panics that someone will jump up and goes to #3/4 to get Tua, and then either the Raiders jump up or the Chargers grab Herbert at #6.
  2. Already said, but CMC is the rare RB in the modern game I have no problem extending. Done as a RB? Cool, go excel as a slot WR or front load the money to make him an easy cut later on.
  3. Don't sign anyone. Let Kyle/Grier suck it up, but pray they show flashes to fool someone into trading for one of them. After we bring in Lawrence/Fields and probably have to trade assets to obtain them, we'll need whatever excess draft capital we can scrounge up.
  4. Giving Robby Anderson anything over 10 million unless for 1-2 years seems unwise to me. Which will be the bare minimum he signs for I would think. He's an exciting guy with some potential, but he's a #2 at best. I can't get down with signing a #2 WR to 8 figures per year when you have Moore, Samuel, CMC, and a deep WR class to draft from. If any money gets spent this offseason, it's on Bradberry or building the lines. This team can't make luxury signings at areas that aren't drastic needs.
  5. Without question. Needs to happen ASAP, but also selfishly want it to be when we're good again and not a reason to put butts in seats next season for instance. A good Panthers team, a big primetime game, retiring Smitty's jersey? Would be a great atmosphere.
  6. Need as many smart guys in the room, especially when it comes to the cap and Hurney. Tepper is slowly but surely rebuilding the room with (seemingly) a lot of talented guys. If Marty can essentially be demoted to a figurehead role with these new hires, would be a big win.
  7. Also, this. If teams think we're going QB, they've gotta jump us to get their guy. And push a top talent right on down the board.
  8. Tua is the only (risky) option where we sit. As of now, the 2nd round guys to me aren't worth it. So...no thanks.
  9. 1. OT 2. DT 3. Simmons My current wish list, but like others have said, beggars can't be choosers. Give me a freak athlete like Simmons who can play multiples positions and be a game changer and I'm not mad.
  10. Serious question and not a troll, but how in the hell are the Saints planning on bringing back even 2 of the 3 QBs? Like 11-12 million in space, all three need new contracts I think? Don't fully understand the void years in the contracts, but Brees/Bridgewater already carry cap hits next year (around 20 million I think), while needing new contracts? I get kicking the can down the road and cap magic seemingly happens every year, but Brees/Bridgewater best case scenario would be a combined 30 million I would think. Doesn't include Taysom Hill in this scenario, and can't imagine Payton is willing to give him up. So Teddy leaves this year, but still best case is 30 million+ in QB's?
  11. Will never forget watching that game and that concussion, that word choice only darkens it even more. Obviously concussions have been a topic in the league for years, but that game drove it home to me how scary and real the issue is. Seeing a super human All-Pro hero figure sobbing and looking lost, man that poo was rough.
  12. Hating on Burrow for talking poo and celebrating? I mean...we have Cam. Who at his greatest, talks pure poo and celebrates nonstop and we love it.
  13. To paraphrase the great Marshawn Lynch, take care of your bread, take care of your mentals, take care of your chicken. Sucks to see him go, but it's great to see football players make their money, be an all-time great, and get out while they still have their health.
  14. Would hate the cost of the trade up, but obviously would be exciting. And for all the analytics and risk/reward takes on Tepper, like Mr. Scot said he's kind of a wild card here. It's a huge risk/huge reward scenario, but my god the risk would be insane. Not willing to take that if it were my decision. Cam* if healthy is the QB, and if that's not the answer you build the lines, suck next year, pull the Hurney special and IR key guys, and then trade the farm (hopefully a little less if moving from say #4-5 to #1-2) if you want to for a 2021 guy. Still feel like you have to see what Cam has before making a decision this year on a QB.
  15. Brenston Buckner fired as Raiders DL coach after improving them quite a bit. Would love to see him back here.
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