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  1. For reference and more depressing math, Kemba made a (crazy low) 12 million to put up 25.6 PPG by himself. He was only paid $5,716 for every point scored. Our 6 scrubs - - 49.6 PPG, 82 Games = 4,067.2 points 104.7 Million / 4,067.2 points = $25, 742 per point scored. Simplistic and meaningless math, but I mean, can I get a free throw for a chance at that?
  2. To each their own and yes it's hindsight, but plenty on this board on draft night couldn't believe we didn't make the trade. Also doesn't excuse the other two franchise's mistake to an offer that Ainge even admitted was "probably too much". Not to mention, the article linked in the OP makes it even worse. Bill Simmons says essentially the same pick wise, Zach Lowe says the below... Yes, the Pistons - - in love with Stanley Johnson said no. You're correct there. They were idiots in hindsight, yes. Yes, the Heat - - in love with Justise Winslow said no. They were idiots, again in hindsight. And the Hornets thought about but turned down, per the above... #15, #16 in 2015, unprotected Brooklyn pick (2016 - #3), and a future Grizz or TWolves pick. The Grizzles pick was the 2019 1st, but protected so it hasn't been cashed yet. No clue on the TWolves pick. That would eventually cash in as Kelly Oubre, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and a soon to be unprotected 1st rounder. Why'd the turn it down? From the OP's article, Curtis Polk explaining the decision to Zach Lowe... One of our five decision makers is literally quoted as saying essentially "we weren't prepared to draft in that range", aka we didn't do our homework and our scouting department wouldn't have intel on guys only 6-7 spots below us. Probably also why we were scared to trade down from 9 the year before and took Vonleh with multiple 1st rounders offered to us. It's easy to see why Charlotte can't draft for dick when they don't even prepare for a majority of possibilities, so in a thread about hindsight? Yeah I'd say the trade is fair game to complain about.
  3. I'm not the one saying Ainge maybe didn't make the same offer...the article is questioning it while also saying apparently they also had the offer. Everything surrounding the trade was pure speculation with nothing concrete ever confirmed. As for what picks were included, I'd also be inclined to believe Bill Simmons, who's probably more in tune with the Celtics than all but a few people on Earth. Not to mention, your entire argument basis of "GM's laughed at it" so we shouldn't bring it up...is based on the Bill Simmons quote. So, we're not believing the other part of his quote about the picks and who they eventually turned out to be? Detroit wanted Stanley Johnson, they didn't want the trade. Miami wanted Winslow, Riley didn't want it. Jordan, allegedly thought it out but balked due to the time constraints. In the end, Charlotte turned down an offer for #9 that was at least #16, and a few others picks. Potentially Brooklyn's 1st rounder, potentially protected 1st rounders, but the rumor was always 4 picks. So #16, plus even a few heavily protected 1st rounders at worst. But no...Frank Kaminsky. It's continually brought up because it was a dumb deal to pass on, as the article you brought into this thread reinforces. The article literally ends with...
  4. Did you even read the article? Literally counters your entire post, only one GM laughed it off (Riley), and the quote below (Ainge's admission) shows the offers may not have even been the same for Riley to laugh off... "But Danny Ainge admitted after the draft he might have gotten carried away. It seemed possible he didn’t go that far with Detroit on the clock and came to his senses with Miami picking. Alas." To me, sure sounds like Detroit didn't get the same offer, so Ainge started to panic and offer more to ensure they jumped Miami. Ainge comes to his senses, dilutes the offer to Miami, Riley hangs up because he loves Winslow. Not going to quote the entire article but again, really don't see how you read an opinion piece hating on all three teams NOT ACCEPTING the trade offer, and at minimum even the 2 best picks of the lot, would've netted us (in their future selections) Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. That's without any other potential picks of the rumored 6 that were offered, protections be damned. So....Frank Kaminsky > Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown? No.
  5. Thinking more about this, the ONLY way it works to me is to add a BYE week and reduce preseason games. Something like... Three preseason games - Added roster spots/cap space, less cuts to make 19 Week regular season - - 17 regular season games (meet in the middle), 2 BYEs, with each team getting one during Weeks 4-10, and one during Weeks 11-16 or so. Owners get a couple extra weeks of revenue, TV deal goes up, cap goes up, etc. If there are rules in place to rest players, can't see QB's and specialists being included. They're officiated differently, take less hits, etc. (unless you're Cam), and a 2nd string QB or K are going to lose you a lot more games than a 2nd string DT.
  6. I've never really liked any of the moves these last few years, but a few of them (MKG, Monk) are somewhat defensible and made sense. MKG was the consensus #2. Sadly, people thought he would develop on offense. It was kind of a shock that Monk fell that draft....which turned out bad for us. We liked Mitchell IIRC, but Monk falling made us bite. The two moves that will always haunt me, was first the turned down Boston trade. Frank Kaminsky. Even if you want to turn down the trade...Justise Winslow is staring you in the face. And you pick a guy who's potential is Ryan Andersen on a great day. Use those picks as trade bait for help. Package them, whatever. And you take goofy peaked in college Kaminsky. The second, is not trading Kemba two years ago. Everyone outside of blind homers have seen this team's ceiling was at best a first round exit from the playoffs. We've been stale, we've known a doomsday/luxury tax scenario was coming...and we sat there. We "couldn't" trade Kemba last year since the All-Star game was in town, which is dumb...but we should've never carried Kemba into this season anyway. The play should've ALWAYS been to sell high on Kemba in 2017-18, tank 2018-19 for the pick, and blow it up. Instead, they decided fighting for the 8 seed was worth it.
  7. Imagine a team closing in on an undefeated season (or just a playoff spot) and having to turn to a backup QB or rest their studs. It's the NFL almost taking a "load management" NBA style approach with just one big problem...essentially every NFL game matters. You can lose 30 games in the NBA and be fine. 16 game season is perfect, reduce preseason if nothing else. The NFL should (sadly) be looking at reducing the number of games for health concerns going forward, not adding more to have unprepared 3rd stringers or practice squad level guys not making much money getting injured or diluting the games.
  8. Love Zion, but even he cannot bring me down that far.
  9. I'd do unspeakable things for the Pelicans draft class
  10. Rozier might end up being decent, but are people serious about him as anything other than average at best? Average is even pushing it so far. As a 3rd to 4th option at best he was... A 38% shooter. 35% from 3. He gets to the line a whopping ONCE per game. 12.9 PER, 3.2 Win Shares. 19 mil. Compare that to a perfectly average guys from last year... Darren Collison (10 million per year) 47% FG, 40% from 3. 2.5 FT attempts per game. 16.7 PER, 6.8 Win Shares. D.J. Augustin (7.25 million) 47% FG, 42% from 3. 2.6 FTA/Game. 15.7 PER, 6.9 WS. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Hornet for 5 minutes, our PG if Kemba were trade, Rookie Deal) 47% FG, 36.7% from 3. 2.4 FTA/Game. 13.4 PER, 3.3 WS. Dennis Schroder (15.5 million - - a bad contract) 41% FG, 34% from 3. 2.9 FTA/Game. 12.7 PER, 2.9 WS. Rozier was worse (and twice as expensive) as career average player Darren Collison. Three times the cost, for maybe half the production of DJ freaking Augustin. Outplayed by rookie SGA. And a somewhat decent comp in Dennis Schroder, yeah he's giving you about the same production, at a higher cost, than a guy already on a bad contract. Rozier's signing may work out, sure. But for the same money you could've had Danny Green AND Rodney Hood. Or grab Seth Curry and Kevon Looney. Or hell, Tyus Jones, Seth Curry, and Rodney Hood for the Duke trifecta. This contract has been the butt of jokes since it was offered, and just another means of the Hornets blowing money on average at best guys.
  11. I like all of our uniforms honestly. Least favorite was last year's black pants/white top I think. White on white doesn't really get me excited either, but it's not a bad look and seems to have been a playoff standard. Black, Blue, White in that order for tops, though.
  12. In fairness...even while battling some injuries this year, Paul George finished 3rd in MVP voting. On a team with Westbrook doing Westbrook things. He was DAMN good last year and every bit of a Top 10-15 guy. Can't argue too much with the list of players above (except Russell has no business being anywhere near the Top 10 yet), but PG is up there. **I took "Russell" as D'Angelo Russell so changes my post a little....might've meant Russell Westbrook, but PG (and maybe a couple others) would belong in the Top 10 over him after last year IMO.
  13. And they'd want 3 years of Rozier at 19 million...why? They have Shai now
  14. I don't take those quotes as anti-tank at all. I mean, not like he's going to say "we're going to suck this year, let's see what the young kids have got" - - but he did kind of say that. Couple quotes more specific to potential acquisitions and anti-tank... MJ is willing to pay the tax...if there's a playoff caliber team that can advance No, no he's not. He would've kept Kemba if so. Also, a big "IF" there's a playoff caliber team, capable of advancing. Cool..because there won't be. We have to inject this team with young players AND develop them. Aka...NOT trade them away. So...there's no chance they would have a trade package for capable players to make this a playoff team. As for free agents, yeah, there's no sign again this is a playoff team, AND there's nobody really worth a crap left plus the cap ramifications. The Rozier love fest, he "would be a lottery pick", etc. Cool. He was basically a lotto pick when he came out, in what's turning out to be a decent draft class. Not exactly sure what he was going for with that comment other than hey, he's got 12th pick in the draft value to us. Jordan's ego and feeling like he has to do something post-Kemba after catching heat can't be ruled out...but a lot of quotes just saying the basics to me.
  15. Would take a couple players out of the Monk, Bacon, Bridges, Washington group, probably expiring deals to make the cap work (two of MKG, Marvin, Biyombo), and probably 2 first rounders. For a 31 year old. Who would be the primary ball handler after you blindly threw 19 million a year at Rozier. Would be an incredibly idiotic move...so stay tuned.
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