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  1. Perfect example of the kind of game Cam never got enough credit for. Fall behind 21-6 on the road in NO, with no ground game beyond an over the hill JStew and never used CMC, with Funch, Clay, and Bersin the top 3 WRs against a good Saints D. CMC had his huge catch and run and Olsen was his usual self, but Cam damn near willed the team to the win and arguably out-dueled Brees in his house in the playoffs. Not to mention the shoulder was becoming a potential issue by this point. A legit WR on the team that year and competent offensive coaching could've led to great things.
  2. If only Funchess could time a jump or didn't "lose the ball in the lights", 2017 might've ended so much better.
  3. If we hit on a QB in next year's draft, we "should" be able to control the division for the immediate future from 2022 on. TB has a 2 year max window. NO might just be this year. ATL has 2-3 max, but cap issues could derail them. IF Covid messes with the cap for next year, a lot of teams are screwed, and we could be poised to be helped out more than anyone while teams like NO and ATL will have to make tough cuts. Draft one of the big 3 QBs in 2021, and we could be playoff bound in their 2nd year I would think. SB, 3-5 years before we can actually be a contender.
  4. People can't be happy for Cam these days? Sheesh, no issue hoping he balls out in a year we don't play them. He plays well, helps his legacy and he's still a starter. He doesn't, he at least had his shot and the Panthers can claim they were "right". Nothing wrong with hoping Cam does well for himself, while we're in a rebuild hoping to come away with Lance/Fields/Lawrence. If people are pulling for Cam over the Panthers in a potential SB a few years down the line then there's an issue, but right now, being happy for the dude? Yeah notta thing wrong with that.
  5. I don't hate the Pats like I used to, and now with Brady gone and Cam in? Hope they dominate the AFC
  6. About right, but with any minimal improvement in Washington or Miami they're probably better. Washington's defense has the potential to make a big jump, and Miami has some talent there as well. Whether it be Haskins or Tua coming in eventually, they're both average QB play away from being better than us, if they're not already. My hope is Jacksonville catching fire for a month for Minshew mania part deux. They have Miami, Cincy, Houston, and Detroit in a 4 week span. If they can somehow pull 2 wins there, and find 1-2 more throughout the season they could play themselves out of the #1 pick.
  7. Honestly, will probably be the same story as usual for me. Watch a few games opening week, and then highlights and boxscore checking until the playoffs start. Baseball has royally screwed themselves and the game is dying beyond just the 'rona impact. They can't market for dick, block highlights on Twitter, and game length is insanity. Let players start juicing again and maybe some magic will come back.
  8. The original thread was made with no regard for the supposed teams Adams said he wanted to play for (not us), and the thought that the cap very well may go down next year. The latter, could lead to some kind of purge of talent from all over the league to get under the cap. The next couple of months could force teams to rethink A LOT about the next few years, and trading draft capital AND big money for a guy who may not re-sign here? When there's still a chance this season doesn't happen? Dumb.
  9. Would be nice, but not sure he leaves just yet. As others have said, the price may be more than that as well. Need our ammo to potentially move up for Lance/Lawrence/Fields
  10. Yeahhh, when having GOAT debates and calling someone the best of all-time, they might want to have some rings or awards. Even Josh Gordon put up 87 catches, 1646 yards, and 9 TDs in the QB and coaching mecca of Cleveland his 2nd year. Imagine if he had Peyton Manning instead of those stats he put up with Jason Campbell/Brandon Weeden. He'd win the triple crown every year. Smitty is (better than), but in the same level as guys like Andre Johnson and Larry Fitz. Largely bad or mediocre QB play for much of their careers, smaller market or less prestigious teams, blah blah. Again, my whole point here is never to discredit Smitty as a Panther. But the fact you think he's the GOAT WR when Rice, Moss, Calvin Johnson, TO, Fitz, Carter, Irvin and even newer guys like Julio exist who could end up with better careers. Not even getting into guys from the 70's/early 80's who I'd discredit a little compared to the more modern era. You talked about homer goggles in this thread earlier, while with a straight face thinking Smitty is the best WR of all-time despite there being zeroooo evidence of that beyond the wet dream of what if's in your head.
  11. And for the record, Pep probably has the best career overall. But, he was only a Panther for half of that. Can't really be the Panthers GOAT to me if you played half your snaps somewhere else.
  12. My first post in this thread put them on the same tier, and gave Smitty more of the nod as better Panther, but Luke the better player. Steve Smith - "Best WR of ALL TIME" - 16 seasons One 1st team All-Pro as a WR, one 2nd team (made 1st team in 2001 as a returner) Lead the league in catches, yards, and TD's one time - 2005 Modern era, maybe/probably a Top 10 WR Luke Kuechly - 8 seasons 5x 1st team All-Pro, 2x 2nd team All-Pro DPOY, DROY, NFL All-Decade team Modern era, maybe/probably a Top 3 LB
  13. Sure, but those things didn't happen. Playing the same what if game as you discredit Luke above, well if he was still playing blah blah blah he could've done blah blah blah. Well, he didn't, so you can only judge the body of work. Love that the triple crown every year just gets assumed as well, despite it hardly ever being done. At the same time, you could easily say teams stacked the box to stop the run against us, giving him open space in the secondary. Or that Smitty was basically the only passing option some years, putting up a ton of stats that he wouldn't have on a good team. Or you can say teams focused on him more. You can play all sorts of what ifs, but again...you have what happened in front of you, not what you think could've happened. If you want to argue Smitty as a Top 10 WR, sure. Top 5 is pushing it. The best? Insane.
  14. I love them both....but, wut? Smitty's triple crown was insane, he's feared, if he played for the Cowboys he would've been more known, etc., but on what planet is he the best WR of all time? That's absolutely insane, and whatever your reply might be go for it because I'm assuming you're not changing your mind despite being maybe the only person on the planet with that take. Pep would have a better case at DE, but also no. He's maybe the most talented and you could easily argue Top 3, but those LB years aren't helping his case either if we're talking DE in history. Reggie White, convo over.
  15. The real answer choice wasn't included, but from those given... 1A. Luke - Better player 1B. Smitty - More memorable Panther 3. Pep
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