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  1. CarolinaNCSU

    So when we line up in the 3-4...

    Really don't think it'll look that different personnel wise, except potentially lining up some of our smaller DE's at OLB more often (Haynes, Addison even). DL - Addison, Poe, KK - - 2 draft picks here LBs - Irvin, Zach Brown (?), Luke, Shaq - Draft pick here (Andre & Carter as depth) Numbers game gets a little funky with how we identify some guys, but could be some interesting cuts depending on how big of a switch we're making
  2. CarolinaNCSU

    Shedding $85 Million

    The Hornets are hands down in the worst situation in the league, and of course in a year to truly tank, they decided to suck just a little less than 7-8 other teams to cycle the mediocrity and prevent themselves from helping themselves. The Hornets should've traded Kemba last year, and stopped pretending this team was ever any good. Even people on this board, for years, have thought the Hornets could be a Top 4 seed in the East. They were never that good when the East was pure dogshit. So, admit your mistake and sadly you have to let Kemba walk. Hit the nuclear option, and blow this poo up. Pray the Lakers or Knicks miss out on some targets, get desperate, and have to sign and trade for Kemba. Though a sign and trade may not even be possible. Batum and Zeller can't be moved for another year at least. The Hornets should pray Marvin retires, but he won't. Biz can't be moved until next year. To move any of these guys, draft picks or Monk/Bridges would have to be involved (NO.) So...you let Kemba walk...and you tank. For 2 years. Stop pretending this team was ever good. Stop pretending an 8 seed and overpaid role players is better than hope. Draft Coby White this year and hope UNC fans show up. Trade expiring contracts as you can over the next two years for draft capital. Acquire as many picks as possible and pray you draft a super star. Go into the 2021-2022 season with Monk, Bridges, Coby White, a Top 3 pick in 2019-2020, and another Top 3 pick in 2020-2021 plus a crap ton of cap space to entice guys to hopefully play with the next Zion level prospect. By this point, LBJ, the Warriors, Durant, etc. are all done or starting the back nine of their careers. But, but, they'll move the team to Seattle. New Orleans, Memphis, Phoenix, and others could relocate before the Hornets. Doubt they'd move the Hornets...again...especially with the GOAT as owner. The Hornets are already bottom 10 in the league in attendance, maybe playing Malik Monk and Coby White instead of Marvin Williams and MKG might entice fans to buy a ticket. ***Or just tank the rest of this season, and pray an 8% chance or so at Zion cashes in. Then ignore the above, re-sign Kemba, and in 2 years with some contracts expiring destroy the league.
  3. CarolinaNCSU

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Truth. fug R+L=J, Tony Soprano is the reason Jon Snow exists.
  4. CarolinaNCSU

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    Love me some GoT, but with the above...so what? Doesn't mean it's great. Keeping up with the Kardashians is a cultural phenomenon. The Walking Dead started out looking like it could be one of the best shows ever, and was a cultural phenomenon, only to turn to hot dogshit with a quickness. GoT will go down as one of my all time favs, but it's maybe Top 3 HBO shows.
  5. CarolinaNCSU

    Golf Clubs

    Buy a used set from a friend, one with irons that are forgiving. Get a 3 wood and a rescue that are easy to hit. - - Love both of my options here, and honestly use them for all kinds of shots from punching out of the woods, to anything in the 175-225 range and teeing off. Leave the driver in the bag most of the time. Learn to putt and chip - - short game is everything. Get drunk because you're still going to suck most of the time.
  6. CarolinaNCSU

    Which do you prefer??

    I don't know why, but Gary just seems like a bust to me. If Sweat goes to the right team, he's going to be a monster. Wrong team scares me. Ferrell will be consistently good, but never DPOY great - - Charles Johson type. Burns scares me a bit...but Bruce Irvin could be a helluva teacher for him. Also think he could be the guy with the 3-4 smoke.
  7. Seems apparent CB will be on the short list of positions. I feel like the beat writers have hinted at Mark Fields, and the hints usually mean something. Even if it's not Fields, a Day 2 or without question a Day 3 CB will get thrown into the mix.
  8. CarolinaNCSU

    Panthers Currently At 6.73M Cap Space

    Not worried about the cap, especially when moves can be made NOW to free up space for this season either through cuts or extensions like Shaq. In 2020, little over 47 million in space as of now. Not including, a potential cut of KK, Poe, Olsen (retire), Trai. Could easily get up to 75 million or so in space. If a true rebuild is in need after this season, it won't be that hard to hit the reset button, while still having Cam, Luke, Moore, Samuel, Jackson, etc. Another good draft and continued production from the young guys to go with that cap space? Quick rebuild.
  9. CarolinaNCSU

    We Traded Tobias Harris for Bismack Biyombo on Draft Day

    Only thing that will change Charlotte around is to truly tank and get lucky, or to swing for the fences and draft high potential prospects in the mold of Giannis. Kid was drafted 15th in arguably the worst draft...ever? Prospects oozing potential, and not the Frank Kaminskys of the world, turn franchises around.
  10. CarolinaNCSU

    Donald Penn anybody?

    Can't get younger everywhere, though. And OL is one place I don't mind having vets. Also think it's pretty clear we'll be drafting an OT. The potential future would still be...Daryl Williams (26), Taylor Moton (24), Draft Pick (22ish). Very young all things considered.
  11. CarolinaNCSU

    Rodrigue's Offseason Primer

    So...pray a healthy shouldered Cam can carry the team and stay healthy? Using the ol' Rivera "bend don't break" defense? Never seen that game plan before.
  12. CarolinaNCSU

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

    Good for Fun Fun, get paid while you can. Good for us, for not signing that bum, and hopefully netting a decent lil comp pick in the process.
  13. CarolinaNCSU

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    And this is why Kemba should've been traded last year if they weren't going to try putting a team around him. Best case is a rare sign and trade with the Knicks or Lakers so Kemba can get max money, and either welcoming team has to ship some salaries out.
  14. CarolinaNCSU

    Cam is working out

    More muscles in that one pic than I've ever had in my entire life on my entire body.
  15. CarolinaNCSU

    Antonio Brown traded to Oakland

    Also if HBO doesn't get the Raiders on Hard Knocks they're failures