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  1. Like the first half, Dany's death, etc. 2nd half was....yeesh.
  2. Also...people just stop caring who's Jon's parents are? Not gonna talk that through again? Seasons upon seasons seem wasted on a Bran story line that really doesn't mean anything, and R+L=J which served...as the reason Dany maybe goes crazy but not really? Meh
  3. Bran is the worst character in the history of good TV shows
  4. Part of me does kinda wish the NK would've just rolled through and won
  5. Makes sense...and about the only thing he could do at this point to somewhat redeem his story
  6. Torn. A lot I like, but just the gripes... HATE what they did to Jamie. Why have this redemptive arc at all? HATE how they kill Cersei Episode had A LOT of Arya - - why? ...unless she kills Dany Where'd Tyrion go during that? And as usual...Bran. What is even the point of that bastard unless he Professor X's a team of mutants in the next episode to take down Dany and her somehow heavily remaining Dothraki army.
  7. Also someone smarter than me, scared for my girl Arya here. Has she not essentially broken a lot of her training and all things Faceless Men by essentially becoming Arya Stark again? Just feel like her series may end with her finishing her list and Jaqen popping out of an alley and shanking her in the kidney for playing by her own rules.
  8. Yeah I get the relationship and it's Dany's people...but on the grand scheme of things, Grey Worm and Missandei are C-List characters here. 3 episodes left, they're not in my Top 20 of giving a poo about. Outside of the mental games and politics, a lot of tonight played like a soap opera for me. Also unless Bran absolutely does something insane in the last two episodes, wtf was even the point of him and that entire story line.
  9. Meh. Like the politics, Mad Queen coming, etc....but also couldn't give two shits about Missandei, Dany sucks controlling the dragons, Brienne up and decides to go from bad ass warrior to lifetime character, lose Tormund, etc. Need Tyrion, Varys, Sansa, Arya, and the Hound to save the next couple episodes for me.
  10. Was thinking maybe 3 in the inaugural class, but now thinking it's going to be more like 5-7. Pep and Smitty are locks. After that, who knows. Kind of hoping they keep it low and don't just induct "anyone", though. I mean, I love Moose for instance...but he doesn't belong in the Hall of Honor with three 1,000 yard seasons and 2 Pro Bowls in 11 years with us.
  11. It's a small thing and probably done on purpose most of the time, but seeing your insanely rich NFL owner wear t-shirts, jeans or shorts, and a pair of Nike's most of the time is pretty cool. Whether it's an act or not,, Tepper can play relatable really, really well.
  12. Honestly could've been the best thing for him to drop. Maybe made him realize all 32 teams saw him as a freak athlete, not necessarily a WR. If he'll put the work in he's a steal, if not he's gone from the league in 3-4 years.
  13. On paper, we could be really good at WR with development. However, we also can look at the pessimistic view. We have a few journeymen (one that is expensive) who are average at best, a dynamic young guy in Samuel who was also a college HB with a heart condition and stayed hurt much of his first two years, and a promising rookie who had a fumbling problem. Taking off the homer glasses and not knowing as much as we know about Samuel & Moore's potential, iWR is need. I still think it's a need if they reach their potential, solely from a future standpoint as well, as in the 2020 season.
  14. The Russo's have said before they wanted to do Secret Wars. Could be one helluva way to introduce all the "new" characters for Marvel. But also don't think I can see them just throwing characters out without origin stories first.
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