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  1. We have 2 winnable games over the next 6 weeks. This ain't one of 'em.
  2. Looking like a great signing. Hoping he's learned from some past issues and realizes his potential in the league, because he's got a ton of it. Whatever money we may plan on giving Samuel, should go directly to an Anderson extension if yesterday is an indicator.
  3. Agreed on next week and just needing to see him more, but the Raiders starting RT left in the 1st quarter. Then, the backup got hurt. We couldn't get pressure against the 3rd string, a backup guard who kicked over to RT. Not...good.
  4. This. Jacobs had a great fantasy day, but averaged 3.7 YPC. Ruggs was potentially hobbled, and their leading WR at 55 yards. Waller didn't do much. David Carr and a bad offense put up 34 points on bad ground and pound and meh offense at best. The Raiders had a meh day, are a bottom 5 offense we'll face, and still hung 34 on us. We now get Godwin, Evans, & Co. with Brady, in Tampa. Something tells me even an old Brady will be able to pick on our secondary a little easier than Carr. If our offense were to turn the ball over Sunday, it's getting ugly ugly.
  5. Offense is going to be really good once they get more reps and work out some kinks. Teddy is what he is, a game manager. Teddy is going to get the ball to playmakers and let them work, and it will work to an extent. Not exactly like the Raiders have defensive talent across the board, or much at all honestly outside of a couple spots. We still lost a home game to the Raiders, who aren't exactly busting at the seems with talent overall. They're a bottom 10 team, with decent young pieces, led by Derek Carr (Insert Spiderman meme here). A lot of positives to today IMO though, and I'm happy with the result right now to be honest. This season to me is all about finding young guys who are legit, seeing what we have on offense, and playing fun games that result in losses for the immediate future. I have no interest in going 6-10 or 7-9. A fun team with bright spots that lands us our future franchise QB? That's what I'm here for right now.
  6. Halftime thoughts. Defense is bad, but some of the young guys have obvious potential. Brown is a monster, Chinn with a nice play or two. Even the TD over Pride, pretty good coverage just needs to see the ball. A real, actual NFL offense will torch us. Offensive playcalling is pretty good. Teddy is what we thought. Checkdowns and short passes? On point mostly. Want to stretch the field and test the CBs? Ehhhhh no. As Teddy almost throws another INT on this drive.
  7. I think we only have about a 1% chance at Lawrence. Fields & Lance are the more obvious options, picking at our spot or trading up, but even they might go too high. That said, I think we take a QB in the first this year, either at our own pick or a trade up into the late 1st ala Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Grabbing Penei Sewell to anchor our LT spot for the next 15 years at our own pick, and then getting one of the "project" QBs like Jamie Newman to sit behind Teddy in 2021, could easily see that being the plan.
  8. The whole five years thing IMO means a SB contender in 5 years, not just a rebuilt team. This team could easily be rebuilt and in the playoffs in 2-3 years if Teddy is the answer, or we draft a QB who becomes one in 2021. If this team isn't in the playoffs in 2-3 years, especially with the incoming shape of our division, then whatever plan we had failed miserably.
  9. Doesn't look bad, just different. Don't think I'll ever prefer anything over the black end zones and old school "Panthers" font though.
  10. Didn't have high hopes for the new movie...and then the trailer dropped. Hopefully they can get back to schedule with filming ASAP and there's no delay to release.
  11. That may have been the best one ever. And now I'm sad.
  12. Cool, all we need to be good and prove the power rankings wrong is...*checks notes* Have Teddy magically become the MVP while also having a collective defense barely able to legally drink force 40 turnovers while being a top 5 unit overall. Oh yeah, and Donte Jackson to become Josh Norman in the process. See guys, Power Rankings mean nothing.
  13. Kinda refreshing going into a season expecting to lose for once. Typically, I've convinced myself (sometimes rightfully so) that we're a playoff team and contender. This year? I'll get drunk and watch the game/player progression with the future in mind. No more getting drunk and getting angry...yet. Only anger this year can come from a 5-11 type season putting us back into the ceiling of mediocre as we convince ourselves Teddy is the answer only to go 7-9 next year and 8-8 the next.
  14. A random person or two will step up every game, but honestly it's a safe bet. A lot of teams are going to be RUSTY after no preseason and limited practices/film, not have a crowd to feed off of, not in game shape, etc. Offenses are going to eventually feast on defenses this year IMO, but it might take a couple of weeks. Add in the fact that we have a young team, a lot of new/moving parts, new coaches, etc. and our offense might take a few weeks to resemble anything we want to get excited about.
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