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  1. Usually the week of the beat writers will start dropping hints and basically telling you who the pick is. Barring craziness, it's Brown, Okudah, or Simmons I would think and that's probably the case until draft night.
  2. Who's willing to cut Hurney's wifi off after the 1st round?
  3. Understandable for sure, and also buying a little of the "convenient" conspiracy note there as well. A reality show that "baited" a lot of people into thinking Cam was staying, the ensuing release and drama, etc.? Basically opening yourself up to all of the hate no matter what direction the show took next because you can't ignore the elephant in the room, but there's also no good way to film the next couple of episodes while ignoring it. The show was a good idea and I loved the All or Nothing season that Amazon did...but let's just worry about getting the football team in order before we start tossing our Kardashian style TV shows. All for expanding the brand and being behind the scenes, but this is also the worst possible time to pull back the curtain with the loss of all of these guys, and a team that was tanking but not really but still kind of but nope we're mediocre again.
  4. They're not tanking, they're half-ass doing it. If we weren't tanking, we wouldn't be eating all of that dead cap right now. And they're locking in years of "hustle" and mediocrity again. Even if Teddy is good here...does anyone here actually, with a straight face, think Teddy Bridgewater is going to win a Super Bowl or even NFC Championship? Going to have to trade the farm to get our QB in next year's draft and we're doing nothing but harming that right now. The benefits of winning 5-6 games this year is...building confidence to raise our ceiling to 7 wins the next year? And 8 after that? Teddy B has a ceiling, and it's not the level Tepper has preached about.
  5. We wait until Cam is gone to sign a decent WR, go figure. Good signing, but like a lot in this thread I just don't get what direction this team is going. Hurney thinks we can rebuild on the fly...but we still may top out as the 3rd best team in the NFC South WITH a great draft. Consistently mediocre has turned into a coke-induced roller coaster.
  6. Hurney/Gettleman/Rivera get the most blame Tepper some Cam a little (the hiding injuries, etc.) It's been a clusterfug ever since the Chargers interception and Kelvin Benjamin's lazy ass.
  7. They'd never do it, but honestly that one is the most intriguing to me. Allen has some similarities to Cam already, the Panthers connections, etc., but I also don't think Cam is willing to sign to be a backup. Unless he goes to NE, LA, or Jax...I honestly don't know if Cam signs with anyone to start the season. He waits for an injury and gets a call a few weeks into the season.
  8. Seriously think the black helmets that were for sale on the team website last year were a little test market. New uniforms/logos are coming for sure I would think....but are we really going to do it next year when we suck? Maybe that's Tepper's move to make money on merch with all of 1 marketable star on the team now?
  9. The long game is the smart play for sure...I just don't have faith for now in us pulling it off. We need to go in full blown asset collection mode if that's the case. Signing Teddy is the big problem though, unless it's to somehow someway help the young guys learn the offense quicker, it doesn't make much sense. If we truly want Lawrence/Fields - - winning 4 or 5 games isn't helping that. So say we're picking in the 4-7 range next year, only to trade the farm of future draft picks to move up and get the guy we could've gotten for "free" or less capital by trotting out Allen/Grier. Not to mention our best trade asset in CMC probably isn't going anywhere, because Tepper still has to market somebody and sell jerseys. Also for the record, I don't want CMC traded at all. Shedding bad contracts is smart, take the dead hit this year, sure...but if we're truly rebuilding/tanking, go all out and don't half ass it.
  10. Can we build a time machine and never let Beane get on a plane to Buffalo? Please?
  11. So it would make sense to draft a guy like Herbert at 7, even if you love him as a prospect......to have him sit behind Bridgewater for 2 years (at least)? Wasting half of his rookie deal? Sure, sounds smart.
  12. If we draft a QB at 7 I may actually just stop watching the Panthers next year and enjoy the NFL as a fan of the league instead of a fan of a team.
  13. 90% of the time I don't care about position, just get the best player. Always remember the old philosophy of not taking a Guard Top 10, etc.....yeah I'd happily trade #7 for Quenton Nelson. If the player is good and worth the pick, give him to me, position be damned.
  14. IIRC the Vikings were in absolute cap hell, so some big names had to go to make it work.
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