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Dorian Gray

CBS Sports: What can the Hornets do at #9?

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players do not need to stay in college. 


they either are skilled or should have potential. 


you will develop more when basketball is your full time job with the best coaches going against the best competition compared to college. 


do you think there's any merit at all in high school players going to college if their intention is to enter the NBA then? i can understand the argument for someone like wiggins or parker jumping straight to the nba, but these (in my eyes) are the few elite athletes who also have a refined skill set - and even now i think wiggins will struggle in the first couple of years to cope with the physicality of the game (at least on the defensive end).


would you be more in favour of expanding the development league so that high school players can use it a vehicle to work full time on their game rather than also have to bother academically? 


personally i think its great for players to get at least a couple of years of college basketball before entering the NBA. i think it appeals to me due to its history and think provides players with a little more time to develop physically without being pushed to play through injuries - for instance would tracey mcgrady have had a less injury plagued career if he had had a couple of years at kentucky first? clearly this is hypothetical, but would be interested to see if there correlation between direct high school to nba players and frequent injury issues - sorry,how boring do i sound!!!  

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