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Jeremy Igo

Dear New England, Thank You

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He's obsessed with football. Every indication from coaches and teammates is that he basically has no life away from the field.


Don't let the stories surrounding Cam fool you, he's just as fanatical. Every offseason he comes to the stadium and continues his routine of watching film and preparing for teams even if his season is over all the way through Super Bowl week. He says he does it because as long as football is being played his season is not over.



glad to hear both young studs are footballaholics.   i kinda figured kuechly to be a footballholic.  but didn't really think cam was one too.  


yes, it's unfortunate, but my perception does get altered a bit because of what media is feeding me. media has a way of making somebody and then totally jumps ship to another one.  BSPN really is an evil.  lol.  


2 years ago when cam was  sorta struggling, they jumped to RGIII bandwagon and never looked back.  and right now media definitely crowned andrew luck to be the next great one - which is probably a right decision.  i think luck will be great, but it almost seems like media is already anointing luck to be peyton/brady level.  i was listening to this radio show guy, colin cowherd - he believes Luck is better and bigger aaron rodgers - but he thinks Cam is just a hype.  


 Cam is equally talented and even more gifted physically. and if he really does study football like peyton/brady, then why not cam?  and now that cam has a legit #1 guy in benjamin, i'm very curious to see how his game will develop. maybe next year is the cam's 'coming out year' since benjamin will have some rookie growing pains.

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