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College Football Playoff Discussion

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Wanted to start this discussion about the CFP.  I will try to pick my top 4 for discussion and hope for some chatter...

This week...

1.  Clemson - my top team in the playoff right now.  Truly believe the Tigers are the most talented team man for man.  Just need to mature on offense but Clemson is the most talented team.

2.  Alabama - this is a very good Bama squad.  Not drinking the tonic that they are an amazing team yet.  They haven’t played a great schedule at all.  LSU will be a test and is amazing on defense but LSU is very average on offense.  Hope Bama sees Georgia in the SEC CG.

3.  Michigan - putting them above #4 for now.  Their defense is great and I like Patterson and the way they can dominate TOP.   Ohio State might be a little better but I think Mich could steal that game.

4.  Notre Dame -  great defense and really underrated offense.  Really well coached and I would be surprised if they don’t win out before the playoff.  If it is close ND will get in no doubt.


Georgia has amazing talent but lacking some leaders on both sides of the ball...young on offense as well.

Ohio State great talent with major flaws due to underclassmen moving on so early.  Just not ready to contend.

Oklahoma - definitely one of the most explosive offenses.  Not as physical and that might be their downfall but they are a serious problem for anyone if they get into the mix.  

LSU - if they beat Bama they move way up this list.  That defense is littered with NFL talent and they could definitely contend.  Talent on offense but unproven everywhere.  Love that defense.


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