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Boston at Charlotte

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This will be my 4th time attending a game this year.  And we are 3-0 upon attendance.  So here goes nothing!!

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18 minutes ago, Shocker said:

I don’t know what a Beal trade looks like but I’d look into it.  But...is he redundant with Monk?  Do not trade Monk!

I would trade those two straight up in a heartbeat 

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Lol at anyone who ever wanted to trade Kemba. fug you.

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Wahoo!!  Just returned from the hive....now 4=0 for games I've attended.

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14 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:


Monk, Lamb, Biz +1st round pick = Morris + Beal

Nice salary dump especially after this year.  Don’t want to see Monk traded but good effort on the trade.

How bout this one?  http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y76pc6kf

Beal for MKG, Lamb and unprotected first rounder - plus Wash cuts salary in the deal.  This pipe dream would be amazing.

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    • It's not that we drafted him. It's that everyone knew when he was going to be drafted weeks before the draft. Hurney had locked eyes on him and was taking him no matter what. I'm not complaining we took a backup and that he shouldn't have time to develop. What worries me is that our 3rd round pick couldn't beat out an UDFA. It's the NFL, you don't always get time to develop a project. Granted it's a busted season, so there isn't really a high priority now to get him game time, but sometimes guys do better in a game than in practice. Neither here nor there really at this point.  I had big concerns about Paradis and DWill prior to the draft coming off major injury. Big men with leg injuries and they are rarely like new. GVR was always just a JAG, and Turner hasn't played up to his contract. Moton was really the only guy I had any confidence in going into the draft. It just seems like all the worries I had on draft day have come to fruition. I guess I'm more upset that we placed all our chips on 2 guys coming off leg injuries and it turned into a complete catastrophe. 
    • A system doesn't make you a better passer. Dude just has gotten better and is still learning. 
    • I dont recall you ever really supporting cam, opposite really. This is his first season even being legitimately a threat as a passer. Yes he is having an amazing season. Yes he is very good. But it's basically his first glimpse at being good. Year two. Better than Cam ever was...humm your reaching. He could break his leg later tonight then we never know. Slow down let's see some dominance. Cam showed dominance this is Lamar's first go at this.  What your doing is basically like saying after last year Patrick Mahommes is better than Tom Brady or peyton manning some guys who have proven it. Let these guys have some career before saying crap like this. Unless u just want to bash cam because u dislike him which from what I have seen you do.
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