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Best Holiday Gift I've Ever Given

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So, my wife's Trumper parents, uncle and brother; all of whom lived most of their lives in the shadow of Manhattan and who, up until a couple years ago all thought Trump was a POS.....

Well, they're all coming to Christmas at our house.

My wife obviously got them gifts and I did as well. Mine? I made donations to the DNC in their honor, made copies of the donation receipts, folded them and put them into those holiday money envelopes and put them in a card. The note I've written inside each card says:

"Thanks very much for allowing me to make a donation in your honor to the Democratic National Committee. Merry Christmas!"

Wife knows nothing about it.

Can't wait for the hilarity to ensue!!!

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8 hours ago, lightsout said:

Wait, you're serious?


7 hours ago, Still Brooklyn said:

If it's all in good humor, and everyone will get a laugh ... cool.

If you're dead serious and want to piss them off ... may I suggest getting a life.

For 18 months leading up to the election all we heard about was Benghazi, emails, put her in jail- you know, all the standard Trump campaign lines. Her family got visibly angry with their own flesh & blood- my wife, their daughter/sister/niece because she is a Hillary fan. We always took the high road and didn't engage in the hyperbole; we sat back, endured while they took their shots, even beyond the election. It fractured the family dynamic to the point I don't speak to her uncle anymore- a guy a few months younger than I whom I used to play golf with regularly for years, stayed at his house, traveled to the Caribbean with- when he, without any provocation, launched into a Benghazi tirade and started screaming at me during a Thanksgiving dinner, no less.

My wife's family has ostracized and made my wife the black sheep- the first woman in her family to graduate from college, went on to get her graduate degree, has financially supported and been there for her family every step of the way. Mom had breast cancer- Michele was driving every weekend. Mom had knee replacement- Michele arranged for in home rehab and a house cleaner above and beyond the insurance. Uncle and aunt upside down on a bad mortgage and debt out the wazoo- Michele gave them money knowing she'd never see a dime. Both of us have been there at the drop of a hat for the entire family. We've been there- unconditionally and without fanfare.

But the minute it was known she was a Hillary fan- those same people wasted no time in espousing their Fox News talking points. Been listening to it for 3 years now. They decided to put their politics ahead of the family, not us.

So yeah, I signed the cards, not her. She knows nothing about it and I'll say it was totally me. I'm not going to comment on it, I'm not going to rub anyone's face in it. Just another gift- no different than the ugly sweater, the stupid "World's Best Dad" coffee mug, the Amazon gift cards.... and you know what? If they're smart, they won't say a fugging word beyond, "thank you."

Last year, we spent the holidays in Mexico. That was when Michele finally told her family she was tired of all the crap and having to listen to their poo. They've dialed it back in the last several months now that we just don't get together early as much. You want to do a story on how differing family politics can drive a wedge between family members? Look no further than how my wife has been treated by her own family.

8 hours ago, Porn Shop Clerk said:

I would have chosen a charity that would infuriate them, like housing for immigrant LGBTQ.

I also donate to the Southern Environmental Law Center, but I keep that personal. Besides, I doubt they'd get it- far too subtle for them.

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